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Top 18 Biggest & Worst Car Accidents Ever Happened In History

worst car accidents ever
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11.Multi-Car Pile-Up Accident, Dubai-Abu Dhabi Highway

worst car accident ever

Another majorly devastating car accident of the century took place in the year 2008 when about 226 cars and 12 buses crashed into each other at the highway connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The gigantic crash resulted into a huge pile of burning metal, blocking a major roadway for hours at a stretch. Recorded as one of the worst car accident ever in the world, it is blamed on the heavy fog and the reckless driving on the wide freeway.

12.Dodge Viper, USA

worst car crashes

Losing control of a speeding vehicle is very common in cases of car crashes and this one is  definitely one of them. The incident occurred on an Arizona highway in the USA, in 1998. The driver of the Dodge Viper was pushing his car’s limit with 170 MPH speed when he lost his control over the motor. This caused the speeding car to flip multiple times before slamming its side into a nearby pole. This heavy collision caused the car to bend and break in places and it resulted in the death of a car driver.

13.Grand Prix Accident, San Marino

biggest car accident in history

Considered as one of the most successful racers of Formula One, Ayrton Senna met his end during the Grand Prix held at San Marino in 1994. Leading the race, Senna was all set to win but suddenly his car lost control and went off the track. It is believed that the cause of the accident was the unexpected breaking of the steering shaft. Post this tragic occurrence Formula One has adopted numerous safety standards that lead to zero deaths in the past 20 years of Formula One history.

14.BMW 528i Accident

worst car accident ever

This speeding BMW 5-series car met a tragic accident when its driver decided to take his car to a street race at a maddening speed of 135 MPH. While at such a high speed the tires of the car blew out in the air, it finally ended up crashing into an adjoining concrete pillar after taking few somersaults.. The car has broke down into pieces and scattered around the area which has claimed the life of the driver. However, no other casualties were reported.

15. Storm Led Pile-Up Car Accident, USA

biggest car accident in history

In the November 1991, California saw its one of worst car crashes ever. Nearly 104 vehicles piled up together to form an island of destruction. Approximately 100 cars and 4 tractor-tailors were collide in this massive accident which resulted in the miles of blockage. 17 people were killed and 150 people were injured in this accident. Cause of this car accident is believed to be the reduced visibility on the road due the massive dust storm caused by the uncultivated land along the highway. Process of clearing the wreckage took more than a day due to the adverse weather conditions.

16. Audi A6, Australia

worst car accident ever

Credit : wreckedexotics.com

One of the biggest car accident in history was recorded in Brisbane, Australia when a man seen driving his Audi at a speed of 100mph on a supposedly empty road. The car impacted heavily into a pole and concrete structure when the car increased its speed even more. The incident was reported to occur at the very early hour of the day. In this accident, the car has ended with crashing into a family’s bedroom located in the front of the house which has killed the driver instantly. However, there were no other cars in the vicinity and the road surface was also dry suggesting the high speed itself to be the cause of this car accident.

17.Acura Integra, Monaco

worst car accident ever

This accident took place in Monte Carlo in Monaco. The Integra was racing along a lonely highway in the countryside when an oncoming 2004 X-Terra staggered it and led it to deviate from its lane. The Integra tried to get back on its path but the driver of the car lost control and instead hit the Terra. Though he was killed instantly in the collision, other passengers of the Integra remained unharmed. The Passengers of the X-Terra were also reported to be safe except the one who received minor injuries.

18.Old Bridge Township Accident, USA

worst car accidents ever

Car racing has always been a dangerous sport because of the danger that comes associated with high-speed. Going by that parameter, drag racing is even more dangerous since it is the fastest of all racing sports ever. It is such a fast car race that it is the one and only sport where a parachute is required to slow down. Its risk was felt closely when in 2008 in New Jersey, USA saw the racer Scott Kalitta’s car engine exploded at the traversing speed of 300 MPH! Since the parachutes itself got damaged due to the explosion, it just became impossible to stop the car. The car smashed into a post, which ended the race, and so did Kalitta’s life.

So these are the biggest and the worst car accidents ever happened in the history. Though 1% of all these accidents happen out of nature’s play, in the remaining 99% of cases only the driver’s reckless driving and over speed need to be blamed. Whenever your inner reckless guy takes control of your mind, try to remember these pictures of worst car accidents and tell him that your life should have fun but it shouldn’t make your life extinct!.



  1. Matthew asher May 10, 2019

    My dad crashed a truck and trailer he went to go over dotted yellow to pass a semi and hit trailer almost yanked him in the gras he was only doing 60 and he wasnt driving bad the guy loaded the mowers in the truck wrong he locked up the trailer brakes and hit the gas a little which is what ur supposed to do to straighten ur trailer out but the brakes didnt work then he saw a car coming no place to go with the tractor trailer next to him and an on coming car so he had to go in the grass he hit some concrete sticking out of the ground and the truck and trailer of his flipped he walked away with no injuries and so did the either guy.

  2. Knows Stuff April 16, 2020

    Get your facts right. The Mercedes Le Mans accident did not make car racing illegal. Mercedes stopped racing but the rest of the racing world continued without interuption


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