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Why Is My Hair Falling Out / Thinning – 23 Causes With Solutions

hair falling out women
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It might happen that someday, after a shower or while styling or combing your hair, you will suddenly realize the volume of your hair gone reduced to the level beyond imagination. That’s when you’re struck by a sudden shock and start wondering the reasons behind this drastic hair loss. Well, we surely have answer to this troubling question.

Here’s a complete list of all possible reasons and its solutions.Read every point and find out the causes of your hair loss.

Why Is My Hair Falling Out ?

Hair loss is something that we all experience. When every time our hair falls, it will be replaced with the new one. It’s the law of nature. You don’t need to worry about it until you experience an excessive hair loss that seems to result in hair thinning.

 1 : Physical Stress

Physical stress is one of the main reasons for hair loss. Sometimes when a physical damage (any accident, surgery, flu, etc.) happens, our body experiences extreme stress. As it gives shock to our hair cycle, hairs will start to fall out.Initially, the hair loss might seem in a negligible level but after three to five months of damage, it will start becoming visible.

How To Deal

 Work on recovering your body. The sooner your body gets healed, the better the hair growth you will obtain.

2. Hormonal Changes

Our body goes through various hormonal changes from time to time and this can cause hair loss in both men and women. Women experience hair loss after childbirth and even during menopause. Birth control can also cause hairs to fall out. Men can have hair loss due to changes in the hormones with growing age.

How To Deal

 This is a temporary hair loss. So, once your hormonal changes get settled, your hair should start growing back.Sit back and relax.

3.Excessive Hair Styling

hair falling out women

If you used to style your hair everyday or doing some or the other treatment every now and then, you’re sure to experience hair loss at certain stage, sooner or later. Styling like hair straightening, coloring, tight braids and ponytails can affect the roots of the hair and cause them to break. In most cases, damages done by styling leaves your hairs in a beyond repairable state.

How To Deal  

Try to avoid styling your hair too often. Use dermatologist recommended shampoos and conditioners. Do not blow-dry your hair. Avoid using hair sprays and gels frequently.

4.Child Birth

why is my hair falling out

It’s the most common cause for hair loss in women especially after delivering the baby. The extreme physical stress that women go through at this period will make the hairs fall out. Normally hair loss will happen only after the delivery not during the pregnancy.

How To Deal 

 Since hair growth is a continuous cycle, your hair will surely grow back after few months of delivery. Hold onto your hope Mommy!

5.Emotional Stress

Reasons for emotional stress are just countless. It includes death of a dear one, breakup, divorce, workload etc etc. Although emotional stress is not much probable to cause hair loss than physical stress, there are chances.

How To Deal 

 You can take measures to overcome stress by doing exercises, therapy, yoga or meditation. Once you learn to suppress your stress, your hair will start to grow again,.


Hair loss at the age of 50-60 years is very common and almost everyone suffer from this problem. This is a naturally occurring change and is sure to happen in the later stages of life. There’s no escape.

How To Deal 

 Since it’s a natural process, there isn’t any treatment truly available to reverse this type of hair loss. All you can do is, learning the ways to manage your hair style.Use wigs or scarves or style your hair in such a manner that it covers the hair loss.

7.Thyroid Disorders

When thyroid glands present in the neck, produce less thyroid hormone, this condition is called as hypothyroidism and the vice versa is called hyperthyroidism. The hormones produced by this gland are very crucial for the development and growth of the body. If sufficient hormones are not produced, then it will result in hair loss.

How To Deal 

 Synthetic medications for healing thyroid are available. So once your thyroid gets cured and is restored to the normal level, hair fall would eventually get reduced.

8.Male Pattern Bald Headedness

Male pattern bald headedness is one of the reasons of hair falling out in men and most of the men face this issue as they’re nearing 60. There is a particular pattern in this form of hair fall wherein hairs will start thinning around the temples, leaving a hairline of M-shape . The male hormones and combination of genes are the real culprits behind this baldness.

How To Deal 

There are creams and treatments available that can be used to stop the hair loss of this type. Hair transplantation is another option.


Chemotherapy is used as a drug to fight cancer, but it causes hair loss too. This therapy destroys the cancer causing cells in our body, but its effect badly affect our hair as it destroys the healthy hair cells.

How To Deal 

Once the chemo treatment gets stopped, you would notice your hair growing back again. Your hair might grow with some different color or texture, but that’s nothing to worry about. Stay relaxed.


When you go to a specialist and ask what causes hair to fall out, he / she will probably try figuring out whether your hair thinning comes from your heredity. Technically, hair loss due to genes is known as androgenetic alopecia. One can inherit such genes from either father’s or mother’s side of a family. Also, if both of your parents have had hair loss, then there are high possibilities for you to experience hair loss too.

How To Deal 

Various medications like minoxidil and finasteride are available to treat such hair loss problems. Talk with your doctor before start using any over the counter medications.


Anemia is caused due to the iron deficiency. This is a very common problem and most women in the age group of 20-50 suffer from anemia, which leads to hair loss. You need to get a blood test done to find out whether anemia is one of the reasons for your hair fall. If you are sure to know that you are affected by Anemia, you can stop asking why is my hair falling out and start to treat the underlying cause.

How To Deal 

 Take proper diet with sufficient amount of iron like green leafy vegetables, beans, fish, cereals, etc. Some iron supplements will also work.

12.Scalp Skin Conditions

Proper hair growth is extremely difficult on an unhealthy scalp because of inflammation. Certain skin conditions that cause hair loss are dandruff, fungal infections, etc.

How To Deal

 Consult your dermatologist and use prescribed or medicated shampoos and conditioners for treating your scalp.

13.Improper Diet and Nutrition

Not having a balanced diet can also be one of the major reasons for your hair loss. Fast food and junkies will increase the levels of fat and make our body deficient in healthy nutrients. Because of this, not much of energy and oxygen gets produced as required inside the body and in turn it causes our hair to fall out in both men and women.

How To Deal 

Give up on junk foods and include all the important nutrients like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber and protein to your daily diet. Eat loads of green vegetables, fruits, whole grains and pulses.

14.Environment Factors 

Pollution is getting increased day by day. We all have lot of exposure to harmful substances like metals and chlorine through air and water that cause imbalance in our hormones and that results in hair breakage. UV rays from the sun can also done a significant damage to your hair.

How to Stop Hair Loss ? 

 Avoid going out in the sun if it’s too scorching. Cover your head with a scarf or umbrella. Use hair products that repair dull and damaged hair so that you can reverse or suppress the harm done by the sun and environment to a decent level.

The above stated are all well known causes for hair thinning in both men and women. However, there exist some least known causes as too. If you haven’t figure out the causes for your hair fall yet, continue to read the next page. It may has the answer you are searching for.


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