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6 Reasons Why Crying Is Actually Good For You

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Regardless of whether your eyes tearing due to an emotional movie or due to chopping the onions, crying that comes in any form is actually good to you!. Tears can be classified into 3 types. Reflexive Tears (wash out the irritants), continuous tears ( helps our eyes to stay lubricated) and emotional tears (brings up the happy and sad response). As you might know, humans are the only animals who are bound to bring up the third type of tear. If you ever wondered, what could these emotional tears can offer, apart getting you the name “Emotional Idiot“, there’s a happy news awaiting in your way.

No matter who we are and what our status is, the people and situations we face in our day to day subject to bring  happiness and heart breaks to our life. When broken into pieces, few of us choose to stay strong and still while others choose to burst into tears. We humans need to embrace emotions be it a joy, romance, melancholy or solitude. Being emotionally driven is not that bad unless otherwise it gets into the level of developing mental illness. Here we tell you six reasons why crying is actually good for you

Why Crying Is Good For You ? 

1.Changes Your Mood For Better

Studies have shown that tearing up helps 88.8% of people to feel better. This quick medicine is free (excluding the cost of your costly makeup) and it’s available all the 24/7. So when next time someone break your heart into pieces, cry a river and let it go. You will start to feel better.

2.Crying Helps To Relieve Stress 

From a kid to the age old man or women, everyone experience stress to their level. We hear people constantly complaining on this stress felling. But it’s also a good thing as it signals our brain and body to be prepared for the upcoming challenge. May it be love or hate, happiness or heart break, every emotion we feel is nothing but a chemical reaction in our body. We can release the harmful chemicals with this free instant procedure, crying.

3.Tears Cleanse Our Eyes & Protects It  

When every time we chop onions, particular type of chemical from onion hits our eyeballs and it further creates sulphuric acid. To expel these chemicals, our eyes produce lots of tears. Besides to these cleansing, our tear drops are also enriched with antibacterial and antiviral properties which nourishes our eyes inside out. So never say no to get a shower of onion tears.

4.Crying Improves Vision

Apart from lubricating eyeballs, crying also prevents dehydration and provides eyeballs with enough liquid to keep the vision intact. The presence of aqueous and vitreous ensures that proper vision is maintained.

5.Crying Flushes Out The Harmful Toxins  

Polluted environment is not going to spare our eyes either. Crying helps to keeping our eyeballs moist and also flushes out all the toxins like Sulphur.

6.Crying Improves Immunity And Testosterone Level

From my view everyone should find time to sit and cry for good. Studies have proved that crying 5 to 7 times every month can improve your immunity and testosterone levels in the body. The increase in immunity results in the increased levels of efficiency and performance in various verticals of life.

The facts how crying helps us is bit bizarre but it’s true; Crying is not just essential but it’s beneficial as well. Our human body is made up of chemicals and there’s a well-defined mechanism for controlling each one of them. All we need to do is giving a proper care to our body and let it perform their well-defined duties as intended.

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