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Which Is The Best Keylogger For Android And iPhone

what is the best keylogger for android
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What Is A Keylogger?

A Keylogger is an application that allows you to record and monitor the activities of the device where it’s installed. It actually gives a more sense when say it in the backwards. Keylogger – logger means recorder “Keys” means a “key strokes”.- So it means a recorder of keystrokes.  It records everything where it is installed. There are several types of keyloggers and each controlled differently. Usually, you get an online account with the application where you can login to monitor the device. The activities you can monitor with include social media applications, web history, calls, text messages, and location. Some good apps also take snapshots of the screen according to its settings. These recorded activities can be checked later wards or when it is necessary. We can install the keyloggger in Android or iPhone. Let’s see what is the best keylogger for android and iPhone.

Using The Keyloggers Are Ethical ?

These apps run discretely in the background without letting the user know of their presence. That’s why it can also be used for fowl intentions.

We believe that keyloggers are a necessity by taking care of things like taking care of kids or parents safety, Mobile safety, monitoring the employees, identified the unauthorized usage of device etc.

We strictly oppose its unethical or illegal use. Here we have shared how such apps can actually help you avoid many problems if used ethically.

What is The Best Keylogger For Android And iPhone?

There are many keylogger apps are available today for both Android and iPhone. In which we have to check certain things before deciding the best app.

What and all we discussed here up to now are just basic functionality of a keylogger. Few years back what we typed in our phone has completely changed today. We are no more typing the ‘James Bond’s Q’ or a series of text. Today our technology has tremendously shrink the world into a very small sphere. Now we can operate anything even we can bloom a bomb or operate your home appliances and many more using just a single key storke in apps.  So the need for keyloggers have became more important one.

Let’s see how should you choose a keylogger and what is the best keylogger for your phone. Actually this list is long but for our convenience it is shortened and all the importance points are given below.

Software Installation

The software should be very easy to install. It should be very easy to install from the place where you are to another phone. You can install it remotely and access the phone. Though it seems easy, we have heard lot of negative technological reviews in this prospect.So be careful while checking this point.

Runs Invisible In The Background

Once installed, the android keylogger or iPhone Keylogger will run invisible in the background without any issues. The user can’t able to track its performance using any tool. On target’s phone it will be like invisible but in your phone you can see all the activities of it.


  • It is where the list actually grows. Though keylogger can offer many things, how we are going to use this is the first question that comes to our mind.
  • The use of the keylogger now extends from reading facebook, watsapp, snapchat all the communication apps to track where your phone is being used. Using the location finder (GPS)  it can now report where the phone is and what and all are used in the phone.
  • With geo fencing you can block the person from accessing certain websites and you can check their browser history too. You can able to see their calendar entries, photos and videos, call logs too. These are used in the employment department and the kids phone.
  • By using geo fencing, you can restrict a phone used in certain areas or can track when the phone enters in particular area.
  • By using the call blocking, you can actually restrict the phone from receiving calls from a list of numbers. Or you can make only certain numbers can receive the calls from the target’s number.

Works Well In All Platforms

If we can access the keylogger report from any platform like iOS and Android, Windows and  Mac it would be nice. It should be able to track one’s performance live. That is the most important usage of keylogger.

So by keeping all these things in mind the best keylogger should be chosen.

Uses Of The Keyloggers

As I said, we can use the keylogger in many useful activities in ethical way. It’s completely useful if use in a such way.

Taking Care of Kids

Technology has eradicated any privacy we used to have and today’s kids don’t its significance. It’s effortless for predators to find and follow children using internet. They can act as a friend to trap kids and use them for their evil intentions. In addition to these vultures, online bullying is also more common than ever. Your kids wouldn’t allow you to watch their mobile phones. With a keylogger app, you can silently monitor what they are up to, who they are friends with, and if they are involved in any wrong activity.

Ensuring Partner’s Safety

It isn’t unnatural to be worried about your wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend when they go out of town or country. Many kidnappers take getup of cab drivers to take advantage of tourists or people who are new in the city. You can ensure they are always safe by tracking their location. However, it’s again insisted that this shouldn’t be done without the consent of the partner.

Monitoring Employees

Not all employees are grateful for the earning opportunity they are provided. They always take the salary on time but keep wasting the time they are paid for. If you believe that your employees aren’t performing because they are busy in other things, you can give them a mobile phone at the company’s cost with a keylogger installed in them. As mobile phones are company’s property, you have the right to monitor them. You can consult with an attorney to ensure you do everything under the law. This will show what employees do during the time they should be working for you.

Track Stolen Device

Many smart people install a keylogger application on their own mobile phone. It allows them to keep their device more secure, especially in case it gets stolen. You can track the location of your mobile from the account that comes with the app. You will also be able see the activities of the thief even if he/she changed the sim card. This also comes in handy for law enforcement services to track criminals. One thing for sure, you can stop worrying about your phone ever getting stolen because you can always find it.

Identify Unauthorized Use

In addition to unauthorized physical reach, a keylogger can also help you ensure no one has access to your mobile even remotely. It’s not very difficult for hackers to use someone’s smartphone from any part of the world using the internet. There might also be people trying to access data in your mobile when you are not around. Whatever the case, you can monitor the activities of your mobile phone using a keylogger. You would know the things that you didn’t do but were performed on your device.

By filtering all those things we chose the 3 best keylogger for android and  iPhone.