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10 Things To Do After Your Flight Is Cancelled or Delayed

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What to do when flight is cancelled or delayed? Yeah i know it will like a bummer. Months of planning could have been involved for this trip. You must have laid out awesome vacation plans. Family and friends of yours would be expecting your arrival. But when the flights gets cancelled or delayed unexpectedly, the little joy bubble could burst just like that. Often times, you can go through this road smoother, but sometimes it can get rough. What can we do about it? Well, there are many productive ways to deal with flight delay, cancellation issues.  Let’s get to into it.

Do These 10 Things When A Flight Is Cancelled or Delayed

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1.Take a Moment

As soon as the sign of “Flights cancelled or delayed” goes up, you begin to panic and get in to lot of confusions. Take a moment here. Just settle. Calm down a little. After that, go through the next options. Think of the next right thing to do. On the contrary, if you start panicking and get in to a thinking-hassle, you might stress out. Confused or agitated mind will not allow you to think better.

2. Airlines Upon Flight Cancellations and Delay

Airlines are under no-obligation to compensate you. That’s Right. Based on federal regulations, the airlines are under no compulsion or obligation to reimburse flight delays or cancellation. Find out why your flights got delayed or cancelled. Customer-relationship, loyal customer-base and airline-image are what make most of the airlines take actions upon delays and cancellations of their flight. They know that it’s bad for their business to leave their customers hanging.

3. Know Your Air-Travel Rights Here

Now i can hear your voice inside the head.Are you asking, if an airline cancels a flight, what are my rights? Usually, upon flight delay, whatever may be reason for your flight cancellation, the airline carriers will book you a seat on their next flight. Most of the carriers will try to book another flight or rebook with no extra charge from the passengers. It applies to both non-refundable as well as refundable air fares. Sometimes the airline will try to book their passengers via another airline for the destination. Based on different airlines/carriers, the customer agreement and air travel rights can vary. The US and EU have their own set of regulation and policies with respect to flight cancellation and delay. Go through the respective guidelines. Make sure you read the concerned carrier’s air-travel and other related documents and policies regarding flight cancellation and delay. Know what their take is. It will be of help.

Most importantly, you should know about Air Passenger Rights.

4. In terms Of Flight Delays At Night

If the flight are cancelled for the night or delayed, passengers will be pushed to stay that night. They have to stay overnight till they get the next flights that are clear to take-off with a right departure time. Airlines will help you out in this use.

  • Airlines will try to book hotel or any other stay-arrangements for their passengers. It’s a good option to take in case you have to stay the night.
  • You don’t have to pay for the stay as airlines takes care of it.
  • Airlines provide the Hotel-stay facility only if the reason is from their side such as mechanical issues, crew-problems, fuel issues etc. to make use of this stay, you have to be a non-local.
  • Airlines don’t offer the hotel facility for local users. Keep note of it.
  • If passengers are not entitled for free-stay, certain airlines offer discounted hotel rates, or help passengers find good hotels nearby.
  • If the flights or cancelled due to natural disasters, or any such difficult issues, the airlines cannot ‘stay’ facilities. In terms of natural disasters, worse-weather, destination-airport problems, ATC’s decisions or severe weather, almost all airlines will be stopped from service. Accommodating hundreds or thousands of passengers will be difficult for the airlines.

This is why we like to emphasize on knowing air travel rights and other airline policies in order to make you flight delay/cancel problem resolve smoothly.

5.Seek Airline Staff Help

What happens when a flight is cancelled or delayed ? You will get an upset.  We understand the reason for you to get sad with your airline for the delay/cancellation. Well, it may not be the right time for it. Try to be polite in approaching the airline staff about the issue. Airline staffs are not the one’s causing your trouble. They are here to help you. So be polite and show courtesy.  Seek their assistance and explore the best options. See what looks good for you from their offers.

6.The Reasons That Will Not Allow Passenger Compensation

You should know about this. A Passenger should know about the reasons which will not allow for any compensation from the airlines or carriers upon flight delay/cancellation. United States regulations and European Union (EU) regulations have different policies regarding compensations.

In general,

  • If flights are cancelled or delayed due to bad weather, air traffic delays, ATC issues, mechanical issues, airlines are not required to compensate their passengers.
  • Airlines don’t have to give any compensation if they experience ‘Tarmac Delays’ for their domestic flights.
  • If flights are delayed or cancelled due to Safety or Security risks, the airlines don’t have to compensate their passengers.
  • Voluntary Bumping – If airlines ask passengers voluntarily to give up their seat for any genuine reasons, they have to compensate the passenger. The compensation should be on the likes of the passenger.
  • Involuntary Bumping –If the passengers are removed out of their will and yet the airlines will be willing to compensate it is called involuntary bumping. Airlines follow involuntary bumping for many reasons. This case will get compensation from the airlines.
  • If airlines in which you booked have informed about flight cancellation between 2 weeks or 7 days before the scheduled departure, you cannot claim compensation. The same goes with if your airlines informed your cancellation more than 14-20 days in advance.

By understanding these scenarios, you can better prepare your further options with respect to compensations if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

7. If You Have Air-Friendly Credit Cards

There are certain credit offers that offer good compensation facilities corresponding to flight delay or cancellation issues. The air-friendly credit cards could help you cover trip cancellations charges. They also tend to help with reimbursements in terms of non-refundable amount regarding your flights. In case you have any travel insurance, these types of credit cards will make things easier to access the insurance quickly. Trip-interruption charges and other reimbursements are offered by these types of credit cards. They can offer up to $500 provided you have booked the tickets via this credit card.  Not all credit cards offer facilities like this. Be on the look out and see if you could find any travel friendly credit cards if you are a frequent flight traveler. It could be useful.

8. The AirHelp Will Cover You Get The Compensation

One of the best ways to deal with flight cancellations, delays, over-bookings and compensations is with the AirHelp. The AirHelp has loads of happy customers who have claimed their refunds and other reimbursements without any hassle. It is claimed as the best flight delay compensation company too, according to the guardian.It gives you best in class flight data which is useful to check the flight refunds and other valid data.

How AirHelp Works?

  • All you have to do is submit your details. That’s it. AirHelp runs an efficient flight checks to see if you are entitled to compensation or to any reimbursements.
  • AirHelp score compares all major airlines and airports across globe. That’s why their flight-data is very much reliable and capable.
  • AirHelp Mobile App has a boarding-pass scanner to make your work easier. You have to scan your boarding pass. It automatically uploads all flight-data to file the compensation claim.
  • You can keep multiple boarding passes on file. It is convenient and effective for frequent flier miles, and especially during family trips.
  • AirHelp enforces EC 261 Regulations. The reason is, EC 261 is inclusive, efficient and protective regulations for passengers when compared with other laws on passenger-rights.
  • You can use their official website as well as Official App through Google Play and App Store. Benefits are ensured from the touch of your fingers.

AirHelp covers potential compensations such as; Delays, Cancellations, Overbooking, Denied Boarding, Delayed/Damaged Baggage, Airline Strikes, and Missed Connections. It’s a big advantage. Based on real passenger verdicts, AirHelp is the best and reliable platform to claim compensations in case of flight delays and cancellations.

9. Take Few Precautions From Your Side

Take few precautions from your side and you are good to go.

  • If you are entitled for compensation, don’t jump into offers and other fancy freebies. Don’t go for the discounts if you only want your actual compensation for your flight delay/cancel. By accepting so, you are decreasing your compensation money from the airlines.
  • Check the Flight or Airline statistics. You will know if the delay or cancellations is a frequent thing in this particular flight or airline. You will know which flights to avoid due to frequent inconsistencies.
  • Hub airports can be avoided unless you don’t have other options right now.
  • Check your air route’s arrival and departure times.
  • Try to take morning flights. By doing so, even due to delays or cancellations you have the full day to figure out options. It’s just an option for you to consider.

Little precautions from your side will help you go down the flight-delay route a bit smoother.

10. If Everything Else Fails, Rest In A Relaxation Room (Airport Gives You)

When all else fails, keep calm. Grab yourself some nice food. If you feel like the delay’s not going to be sorted soon, quickly book rooms. Find a good place in the airport for you to relax. Airports are starting to offer kid’s play areas, spa’s, relaxing rooms and such. Call the airline and sort things. Make sure you have your boarding pass and other travel documents. Airlines could reject even the legitimate claims if you don’t have travel documents and boarding passes. Don’t throw the boarding pass or any flight related documents till you have sorted the issue. These are some of the miscellaneous things you should look into.

Flight delays or cancellations are common. If you look around, you can see many grumpy faces dealing with the flight delay/cancellation problems like you. So without worrying much about what to do when flight is cancelled or delayed take these things in action. We are sure it’s going to be of much importance to you.