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Top 100 Unusual Male Dog Names To Call Your Unique Naughty Pup

unique dog names
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By nature, we humans love the center of attraction. From simple everyday scents to fancy cars, we want to show uniqueness in everything we own. If we enjoy uniqueness in all those lifeless things, why don’t we give such an honor to our new family member? The benefit of giving an unusual name to your boy dog is actually two folded. Reason number 1, He will stand out from the crowd with his unique name. Reason number 2, people will get a glimpse of your taste whenever you call him out in the dog park. So, if you are all after finding the unique male dog names to choose one for your boy pup, stop looking any further. We have got everything you would need. You are not going to exit this page without choosing a name for your boy. That’s a promise!.

You can name your dog in whichever way you like. But remember the 2 golden rules.

  1. Choose a name that is made only of one or two syllables. It will be easier for him to recognize.
  2. Don’t choose a name that sounds something like a common voice command. For example, if you are naming him Bo, chances are he may confuse it with the command No.

Keep these things in mind before you choose a name.

Here is the list of cute names for your new pup with a little description explaining what it means. Just go through the list and pick a unique name for your naughty boy. There is no dog without naughtiness. You can also come up with your own name. But always have some reason behind that name.

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Top 100 Unique Male Dog Names List

Cartoon-Inspired Unique Dog Names

Cartoons are an integral part of everyone’s childhood. We still love them true to our heart. Memories of growing with dogs have the same impact as these evergreen cartoons. So why don’t you honor each other by naming your dog with a unique cartoon character name? By eliminating the odd to call names and more syllable names, we have presented a handpicked list of cute names for your dogs. Enjoy!

cool male dog names

Pokee – Short of Pokemon

Astro – It’s the Name of “The Jetsons” family dog. The Jetsons is an American Comic science fiction

Goofy – Best buddy of Micky Mouse and Donald Duck

Scooby – First name of Super cool adventurous scooby doobie doo

Pluto – Name of a bloodhound dog who served as the best companion for Mickey Mouse

Dino – It is the name of “The Flintstones” family dog

Bamm Bamm – “The Flintstones” family’s powerful toddler names. This fun unique name is best for large dog breeds

Charlie – Name of a German shepherd featured in the movie “All dogs go to heaven”.

Snuffles – Name of a bloodhound dog who appeared in the popular cartoon movie Quick Draw McGraw

Droopy  – This name is fit for the dog with sagging skin. Droopy character was first produced by “Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon studio”

Spyke – He is a tough guy with self-repairing powers seen in the X-men series

Snoopy/ Snoopie! – Name of a cute beagle often featuring in the peanut shots. If your dog loves peanut crazily, call him snoopy

Media Inspired Top Male Dog Names

There is a long list of character names that often creates a craze among the children and adults alike. When we are a die-hard fan of something, sometimes we even choose the nicknames for ourselves and change that name to our social media accounts like Instagram, WhatsApp,  and Tinder. If you ever do that, now you have a chance to give that name to your little pub. The name you choose is going to be echoed around your home at least 50 times a day in every tone. Keeping this fact in mind, choose any best evergreen and never boring name for your pet from the below list.

unique dog names

Kai – Name of a powerful villain in “Kung Fu Panda”

Harry – If you are a big fan of harry potter “the boy lived”, honor your pet with this most liked name on the planet

Yoda – Perfect name for the intelligent dog breeds. Don’t you think that your dog deserves the name of the wizened Jadi master Yoda?

Rogue – If your dog is a fearless fighter. Rogues are the silent stalkers in the world of Warcraft game. This name is best for the big/large dog breeds

Neo – Neo (Mythical man) is a popular book character featured “Wachowski brothers Matrix trilogy”

Gryff – One another great pet name from the harry potter series. Honor the house Gryffindor and your pet by giving this unique name

Snow – After the brave warrior John snow from GOT (game of thrones)

Enkitu – Perfectly fits for a great Dane or any Japanese breed. It’s the name of dog featured in the epic novel Gilgamesh

Ben – For a dog that is super cool to be around. He is a great kisser

Casper – It’s one of the most unusual puppy names for boy dogs. Name your white dogs this way if he haunt you like a lovable ghost

Rino  – Name of a Good Dinosaur. If your dog is one of the biggest dog breeds, name him Rino

Ceaser – This unique name is for an honest friend like Julius Ceaser

Simba – Name of an adorable young lion cub from the movie Lion-King

Stuart – If he is as charming as Little Stuart

Thor  – Name of a fictional superhero from the movie Thor. He is the god of thunder and lightning

Obi-wan –  It’s the name of a legendary Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi

Marley – Name of a naughty & neurotic dog featured in the movie “Marley & Me”

Reno –  He is witty and clever. It’s the name of a character featured in the video game”Final Fantasy VII”

Toothless  – Name of a Dragon family bird that has appeared in the movie, “how to train your dragon”

Daffy – Name of a black duck featured in the movie “Bugs Bunny”. This name will suit the black dogs

Rambo – After the movie name Rambo

Sherlock – If your dog has a detective sleeping inside of him

Personality Based Unique Male Dog Names

Choosing a dog name based on his personality trait seems by far a best practice and it is going to e the same in all the years to come. However, if you want to go with the personality-based unusual boy names, once you bring a pet to your home, patiently wait for a week and observe his behavior. This time frame will help you understand him even better.

best dog names male

Scout – Unisex name.If he seems to be a good observer

Tonk/Tonks  – These are the top unusual male dog names for big dog breeds. You can call someone tonks if he is strong and big

Knuckles – For a pet that loves jump-walking! Originally it’s the name of a Popular Jumping game

Mojo  – If your dog boosts your confidence like a magician

Fleetly – If your dog is a great runner

Achilles – For a dog that shows his fearless attitude to the intruders no matter what the odds are

Ben – For a dog that is super cool to be around. He is a great kisser

Clifford – This name is for a super tall handsome dog. Yiu can count on him in all your ups and downs

Cop – For a dog that watches over you like a cop

Frankie – For a dog that acts like a gangster. He doesn’t need to be a big dog. Sometimes, he can even come in small sizes like cinhuha

Buck – This name will perfectly suit a boy who loves fighting.It will so opt for a dog that has the resemblance as deer.

Ajax – For the strongest dog with handsome looks

Buddy – Because he is!

Captain – For a male dog that loves to be independent and has take charge attitude

Wolf – Will perfectly suit the dog that looks like wolves

Cowboy – For a male dog that is true adventurous hero

Warlock – If you think him as a magician. Usually he is enormous in size (It’s future grown-up stage)

Pinto – For a dog that is marked with spots of white or black color

Choco/Cocoa – These are the sweetest unique dog names. I guess no further explanation is needed

Walnut – Call any brown dog with this name

Dojo – This name is for all the smart and intelligent dog breeds that are easily trainable like ninjas

Lucky – Self-explanatory

Maco – For a pup that always keen overhear your conversations

Carter – Best unique name for a dog that always seen moving the things here and there around your home

Ranger – For a powerful dog that guards your family like a good cop

Nano – Means Tiny. Perfect name for a teacup breed

Topper  – Because he is going to be your top priority

Lago – Best name for a pup that actually mimics everything you do. It’s originally taken from a Disney cartoon show

Raisin – For a pub that is being a therapy for your happiness 

Best Male Dog Names Inspired By Other Animals & Objects

Top 100 Unique Female Dog Names To Call Your New Pup

Believe it or not, there are dogs that hardly look like dogs. We have recently spotted few dogs that look exactly like lion, cola, deer, fox and the many. Don’t you think that adding the original names to those pubs that strive to live in that way will perfectly make sense? Apart from resemblances, there are the names of objects we often fall in love with. Let’s use those of your addictions and create cool unusual dog names to your pet.

unusual boys names

Ray – If he came into your life like light of your life

Jimmy Choo – Popular shoe brand name. It’s fun to call anyway right

Brook – Means a small stream of water. You can give this name for a cute dog that always seems as fresh as stream water

Bing – If he always seems to be searching something or the other

Laika – If your dog is a true adventurer. It’s the name of the first dog landed in space

Panda – For a big cuddly dog

Polo – If he is a brave wanderer and the best travel companion

Duke – Remember the talking dog, featuring in the ads of “Bush’s Baked Beans”?

Bon Bon – Name of the expensive delicious candy. Name your small, sweet dog breeds with this name

Pumpkin – If he is cute, bright and adorable like a pumpkin

Hachiko – Name of a Japanese dog which is known and appreciated worldwide for his faithfulness. You can see his statue built at Harajuku, Tokyo.

Blu  – For an indoor loving pup. This name is originally taken from the movie Rio

Nico – He is a friend of Blu. He is funny and makes you ROFL whenever he is around

Top Human Names For Male Dogs

Naming a pet with a human name has shown a dramatic increase of percentage in the reason years. You know what? Most of these people are doing it wrong in all the times. They give such a long human names to their dogs and do not even think about the basic pet naming rules. Remember that doing so, will make you look crazy on the experts and the vet’s view. Choosing a human name is not a wrong thing but cut short the full name and create one or two syllables unbiased name to your cool pet.

good male dog names

Einstein – Perfect name for a pup that knows few tricks to win over all the situations no matter what

Jimi – This name will perfectly suit the cool breed. Originally it’s a short name of the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix

Pablo – For a dog that is curious about turning things into another shape by biting or chewing. Because this name belongs to the world famous painter Pablo Picasso

Tito – This cute pet name is the last name of a 19th-century revolutionist Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia. Read about him. You would love for sure.

Fred – For a peace ruler. It’s a one syllable cute human name for a male pet

Finn – One of the cool dog names for males

Ringo – After the name of the Beatles best drummer

Linus – One of the unique and unusual puppy names for boys who are extremely sweet and royal

Rich – Because he is

Eric – Most common name used for the 10th century kings who ruled the countries like Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Erics are generally sweet and kind

Rallo – For a naughty dog that seems to be too attached with girls

Cooper – Generally it is used as a second name for humans

Funny And Unusual dog names For Boy Dogs

Some breeds are damn cute and damn funny. You will literally ROFL when you are around these breeds. Honor him in back by giving a funny yet adorable name to your male dog.

 Hong – For a dog that offers a wingman service to you

ROLF – This is actually a funny unique name for a boy dog. If he literally makes you Rolling on Laughing Floor, call him ROLF

Jet – Practically it’s a good name for a dog that is super fast in everything by nature

Kit-Kat – Dogs are the sweetest creatures on earth. Definitely, they deserve this sweet name

Other Language Names

Stealing the popular names from the foreign languages has become a trend nowadays because we are all taught to grab the good things from everyone. Given below is a list of unique dog names which we found distinctively unusual. Read the list and Help us to extend it by providing your valuable inputs.

Pet Name Language Meaning
Draco Latin Dragon, Also it’s the second popular character in Harry Potter Series
Zoe Japanese Uniquely Different
Le Chinese Happiness
Zeus Greek King of gods
Rex Latinn The King
Rico Spanish Wealthiness
Theo Greek Attractive amazing guy

You must have chosen a bunch of unique male dog names now. Which one do you like the most? Do you have any new cool and unusual male dog names that worth adding to this list? Please leave your feedback through our command section. We would like to hear from you.


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