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[ Solved ] Unable To Authenticate Pokémon Go

The login error “Unable to authenticate to Pokémon Go” is one of the most common issues experienced by  many. After the iOS version update of 1.0.1, many iOS users have complained in the forums and discussion boards for receiving this error. It was thrown to most of the users who used Pokemon Trainer Club account to sign into Pokémon Go. At the time of this issue, servers in the US were actually down. However, developers of Niantic Labs has fixed this issue in the very next update 1.0.2.

Now, after the most recent update to iOS 1.5 and Android 0.35, people are again seem to complain about this issue. Unlike the last time, now this error is reported by those who use Google account to sign into Pokémon Go.

So regardless of whether you use Android or iOS device, PTC account or Google account, being an end user ,here is what you can do to fix this bug right now. (note : We have listed all the known solutions here). Check it out.

Unable To Authenticate Pokémon Go

Check The Server Status Before Trying Any Other Fix

It’s true that no Pokémon Go Player with game addiction would want to stuck up with the server issue and simply keep the fingers crossed until its fixed by Niantic again. However, millions of people from around the world want to play this game simultaneously during their lunch breaks, evenings and during the nights. These are the times when most of the server crashes do happen.

So if you get Authentication problems or server related issues chances are, your server might be capped off and it can’t handle anymore trainer account until someone else signs out.

Here is what you can do

Solution 1 : Check the status of Pokémon go server for your country. You can check the server status of Pokémon Go for all released countries from the Official Pokémon Go trouble shooting website.

Url to check : http://www.mmoserverstatus.com/pokemon_go

 If its stated as down, there is nothing much you can do than waiting for the server to be up again.

Server Is Up or It’s Just Unstable. So What’s The Solution

 If the server is up or it’s unstable but it’s not working in your device, you can try the following tweaks and fix the issue from your end.

Workaround To Fix Authentication Issues With PTC and Google Account

 If You Use Google Account To Sign In

The following workaround applies to both Android and iOS.

Unable to authenticate Pokémon Go

  • Uninstall the Pokémon App from your device.
  • Download and install the recent updated version of Pokémon Go app from your respective App Store (iOS or Android).
  • Go to settings and turn on Airplane Mode

unable to authenticate

  • Launch Pokémon Go. Now you can see the progress bar of Niantic Labs.
  • Make sure to keep your phone in Airplane mode until you get the Google Sign in Screen. Now you will see a pop up saying that you don’t have an internet connectivity or your GPS location can’t be found. You don’t need to worry about this error now as it is entirely associated with the Airplane mode.
  • Once the progress bar is loaded completely, you will be prompted with a login of either Google or Pokémon Trainer Club account to sign in.
  • Now Go back to the quick setting of your phone and turn off the Airplane mode.

Authenticate Error Fix Pokemon Go

  • Wait until the data connectivity error message on the top of Pokémon go screen disappear.
  • Once it goes off, you can sign in to your Google account associated with Pokémon Go.
  • When you do this, it is now going to allow you gain access to the servers without any issue.

As with the earlier bug fixing accomplished for Pokémon Trainer Club login, let’s hope to receive a quick bug fixing from Niantic developers in the future update.

If You Use PTC Account To Sign In

unable to authenticate

Majority of users who play Pokémon Go have registered their accounts using their Pokémon Trainer Club account. As several thousands of players playing this game online, the sever load of PTC website always seems to be high. It’s the reason why PTC website dies more frequently than the one that handles the Google accounts during the peak hours.

Hence it’s completely logical, if you are getting unable to authenticate error in Pokemon Go during the day time.

You can check the historical data and get more information on the peak hours by checking the server status here .

Option 1 : Sign In Manually After Few Minutes

When checking the server status, if all you see is just “Unstable Server “, wait for few minutes and try signing in to the server again periodically. In any chance when someone logs out, you can get into their slot. If it doesn’t work try the below trick.

Option 2 : Exit The App, Clear The Cache And Try Again

  • Exit Pokémon Go app.
  • Go to general settings of your phone and navigate to the Apps section
  • unable-to-authenticate-pokemon-go
  • Choose Pokémon Go app and open its info screen

pokemon Go unable to authenticate

  • Clear the cache and clear data
  • Launch the app again.
  • It will prompt you to provide the required permissions. After this screen, you should be able to gain access to your Pokémon Go server using your PTC account credentials.

If it doesn’t work, try Force Stop

Option 3 : Force Reboot The App

If clearing the cache doesn’t help you, try to force stop the application and re launch the app again.

  • Go to settings àApps
  • Click On Pokémon Go -> Click Force Stop

Now the force stop button will turn into grey. When it’s come back, launch the application again and try to sign in with your PTC account.

If everything else fails and you still want to play Pokémon Go, Sign up to the game with the Google Account. But remember, it is like building a new profile from the scratch. Your Pokémon Collection and all the collectibles will stuck up with your PTC account itself.

Option 4 : Write To Niantic

If you think that you can’t simply lose your Pokémon Go profile associated with the PTC account, write this “Unable to authenticate. Please try again later” error to Niantic. You would get a reply from them In the next 48 hours.

There’s a good reason for why most of the users want to stick with the PTC accounts instead of Google account. Poke club has the habit of running promotions to its subscribers on a monthly basis. You don’t wanna miss out these promotional codes too.

Option 5 : Sign Up With Google Account

If you don’t find luck with any of the tricks explained above, it’s good to sign up with Pokémon Go using your Google account. The reason is simple. The server that host the Google sign ups is less crowded than the PTC server. Hence it is less prone to cause any Authentication Issues.

What you need to do is, when next time you try to sign in to your Pokémon Go account, instead of Pokémon Go Trainer Club, choose Google. Complete the sign up process and Go ahead with your customizations. This time you wouldn’t have any of such login issues like unable to authenticate Pokemon Go.

Check Whether You Are Banned

Even with all the server issues, bug fixes and feature additions, Niantic Labs is strictly monitoring the accounts who seem to cheat the game using bots and GPS spoofers. They have already issued Perma ban to many users and some seemed to be flagged for deletion. Users who are informed of getting perma ban via mail also reports that they get this same error “Unable to Authenticate” while trying to sign in to their Pokémon Go account.

So if none of the tricks is seemed to be working and if you are ever used the bots or other third party applications, chances are your account might be marked for deletion. So submit a ban appeal to Pokémon Go and wait for them to reply.

Hope our workarounds are able to help you to resume your game play today. Tell us which of our tricks did the magic ? Do you know any other trick that solves this particular issue? Leave your comments in the comment section. We are waiting to hear from you.



  1. Jennie ANTONELLI June 13, 2017

    I tried what you told me and I Still get the unable to authenticate error message I want to be able to play this game so bad as it is my favorite game I have written to niantic and did everything they told me and nothing worked either I just want to play

  2. Kerim October 16, 2017

    One other thing that can block Pokémon from authenticating is when you have restricted data usage of Googe Play Store in Settings -> Data usage -> Google Play Store. If “Restrict app background data” is on, you cannot log in to Pokémon Go without WiFi.

    I am also experiencing problems on a phone that I have on lend, because my own phone broke. This phone somehow shows “uncertified” in Google Play Store (the app itself) -> Settings, under “Device certification”. So far I have not been able to solve this issue, but I suspect that this is what is preventing Pokémon Go to continue on this particular phone.


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