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[ Solved ] Unable To Authenticate Pokémon Go

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Right from the day one of  Pokémon Go launch to until now, there are many pokemon go players around the world who are reporting the error “Unable to authenticate”. This error makes the legit players go frustrated with the game itself. But if you have been playing this game in a legit way, you don’t need to worry about this glitch or error. Because, here we have compiled all possible fixes ( Taken from the Niantic labs, forums, discussion boards and redditors) for the error unable to authenticate Pokemon Go.  You may use PTC account or Google or facebook account to sign in and you may use IOS or Android phone, your all possible solutions are packed here.

According to the July 2018 update, few other tweaks are added. 

Thinks You Should Know Before Trying Any Solutions

Check Your Server Status

Nowadays server issues do not happen like in the earlier days of pokemon go launch. Anyhow, if you get “unable to authenticate or failed to login”, you need to check the server status prior to do anything. Because 36% of pokemon go players report this error because of server issues.

so here is what you can do.

Check the status of Pokémon go server for your country. You can check the server status for all released countries from the Official Pokémon Go troubleshooting website.

Url to check: http://www.mmoserverstatus.com/pokemon_go

 If the server is stated to be down, there is nothing much you can do rather than waiting for the server to be up again.

Check Whether Any New Game Version Is Released

Whenever a new version of this game get released, people might find and report this error more frequently. If the problem relates to this one, Niantic will solve your issue very soon. So stay relaxed.

Check Your Phone’s Compatibility

Before moving into solutions, check your device’s compatibility to play the Pokemon Go. According to the support’s page, they will support the app only with the following configuration. If your phone lacks any one of these features you might get a bug “Unable to authenticate”.


  • If you have android phone make sure to update the OS to be 4.4 or above
  • Required resolution to run the game: 720×1280 pixels


  • iPhone, that is lower than the model 5s will not be supported. You should use iPhone 5s or above.
  • Make sure to update the iPhone to be iOS 9 or above

Either its android or iOS, having a strong internet connection with 3G or 4G or Wifi is required. To play the game, GPS and location services must be on.

Pokemon Go Do Not Support The Rooted Or Jailbroken Devices

Pokemon Go wants to keep the game apart from bots and scarpers. These all require the root to be manipulated. If they allow legit players to be played on rooted and jailbroken devices, they may lend a path to hackers. It’s the reason why it bans the rooted or Jailbroken devices.

However, there is another way to get around this problem. Not everyone who has rooted the devices is cheating the game. They may have rooted the device for some other reasons too.

How To Play The Pokemon Go On a Rooted and Jailbroken Device?

If you have rooted android device then running Magisk (with root turned off ) on it will help you to pass the SafetyNet API’s test. (Pokemon Go uses Google’s SafetyNet API test to find out the rooted users).

If you have both Xposed framework and Magisk installed on your Phone, Chances are you may get a message “payload validation failed” from SafetyNet. If this is the case, try disabling the Xposed and reboot the phone. It will pass the SafetyNet. If it fails again, then this video tutorial may help you further.

For the iPhone, apps like Xcon or Masterball intelligently hide the jailbreak detection.

Possible Fixes For The Error Unable To Authenticate Pokemon Go

So you are having a compatible phone supported by Pokemon Go and any new game version is not released and your server is up. But still, you receive the bug unable to authenticate. If this is your case, go through the following tricks. In these, some or the other might help you sure.

1) Force Stop Pokemon Go And Re-Launch Again

According to Niantic Labs, if you receive “Unable to authenticate” or “Failed to login”, the chances are you might stuck up with a temporary server issue. To Fix this error, you may need to close the app and reopen again.


Go to Settings –> Apps –>Pokemon Go –> Force Stop


1. Double click the home button to see the most recently used apps

2.Navigate to Pokemongo app

3. Swipe up Pokemon go to close it.

pokemon go unable to authenticate

2) Uninstall The Pokemon Go App & Install Through Airplane Mode

The following workaround applies to both Android and iOS.

Unable to authenticate Pokémon Go

  • Uninstall the Pokémon App from your device.
  • Download and install the recently updated version of Pokémon Go app from your respective App Store (iOS or Android).
  • Go to settings and turn on Airplane Mode

unable to authenticate

  • Launch Pokémon Go. Now you can see the progress bar of Niantic Labs.
  • Make sure to keep your phone in Airplane mode until you get the Google Sign in Screen.
  • You will get an error message stating that You don’t have an internet connectivity. Now you are on airplane mode so you don’t need to worry about it.
  • Once the progress bar is loaded completely, you will be prompted with a login of either Google or Facebook or Pokémon Trainer Club account to sign in.
  • Now Go back to the quick setting of your phone and turn off the Airplane mode.

Authenticate Error Fix Pokemon Go

  • Wait until the data connectivity error message on the top of Pokémon go screen disappear.
  • Once it goes off, you can sign in to your Google account or Facebook account or PTC without any issue.

3) Clear Your Device Cache

Clearing your device cache ( For Android and iOS) might also help to tackle the error.


  • Exit Pokémon Go app.
  • Go to general settings of your phone and navigate to the Apps section
  • unable-to-authenticate-pokemon-go
  • Choose Pokémon Go app and open its info screen
  • pokemon Go unable to authenticateClear the cache

(If you want all data to be wiped up, press clear data too).

  • Launch the app again.
  • It will prompt you to provide the required permissions. After this screen, you should be able to gain access to your Pokémon Go server using your PTC account credentials or Google account.


To clean the cache memory in iOS, you have to delete Pokemon go app and then restart the phone and install the app once again.

4) Problem With The Saved Passwords

If you use multiple Google accounts on your phone, the chances are the game might take the different one on your phone to login Pokemon Go. Thus it causes the error unable to authenticate. To fix this issue, remove all other Google accounts and keep the one you used to play the Pokemon Go.

5) Remove The Other Device If Any From Google Setting

This fix is used for Android devices. If you use another device to log in your Pokemon go or some other app, the device will be added to your main Google account. So if you receive the login error, you can fix it via deleting another device id from your account. It should be done through accessing the Google setting on your android.

1) Open Settings –>Google–>Sign-in & Security

2) Under Device Activity & Notification, choose Recently Used Devices.

3)It will show the list of recently used devices. Review those ones by one and remove.

After completing all these steps, try to login to your Pokemon Go app through Google login and start playing the game.

6) Problem With PTC account? Link Google or Facebook Account

Majority of users who play Pokémon Go have registered their accounts using their Pokémon Trainer Club account. As several thousands of players playing this game online, the server load of PTC website always seems to be high. It’s the reason why PTC website dies more frequently than the one that handles the Google accounts during the peak hours. Hence it’s completely logical to get the error.

You can check your PTC Server Status by clicking here.

To get rid of these login errors, link your PTC account with Google or Facebook. Linking Google account or Facebook account will carry all your data as in PTC account. Nothing will be changed except your errors!

8) Are You On iOS 9 or iOS 10?

For those players who use iOS 9 or iOS 10 with pokemon go version of 1.73.3, seeing the login issues is the common one. As a solution, if you use iOS 9 you need to upgrade to iOS 10. According to Niantic labs using subsequent sign-in attempts will lead you to enter into the game. The working on this issue by Niantic labs is still on the process.

7) Check Whether You Got A Ban

After checking all the tweaks and tricks given here and still you receive the unable to authenticate, the chances are you may get banned.

Niantic Labs bans the players who seem to cheat the game using bots, GPS spoofers and third-party software that worked with a Pokemon Go backend. Your account might also be flagged for deletion if you ever used falsifying locations and emulators. Users who get the permaban will receive a mail stating the deletion of an account.

If you haven’t violated any of the Pokemon Go TOS and you think this ban has happened mistakenly, you can submit an appeal form by clicking here. Once you submit the form, you will get an auto-generated message confirming the ban. Wait for them to reply.

Hope our workarounds are able to help you to resume your gameplay today. Tell us which of our tricks did the magic? Do you know any other trick that solves this particular issue? Leave your comments in the comment section. We are waiting to hear from you.



  1. Jennie ANTONELLI June 13, 2017

    I tried what you told me and I Still get the unable to authenticate error message I want to be able to play this game so bad as it is my favorite game I have written to niantic and did everything they told me and nothing worked either I just want to play

  2. Kerim October 16, 2017

    One other thing that can block Pokémon from authenticating is when you have restricted data usage of Googe Play Store in Settings -> Data usage -> Google Play Store. If “Restrict app background data” is on, you cannot log in to Pokémon Go without WiFi.

    I am also experiencing problems on a phone that I have on lend, because my own phone broke. This phone somehow shows “uncertified” in Google Play Store (the app itself) -> Settings, under “Device certification”. So far I have not been able to solve this issue, but I suspect that this is what is preventing Pokémon Go to continue on this particular phone.

  3. Lisa Williams July 31, 2018

    Sorry for the very late reply. “uncertified phone”. Does this phone is rooted?

  4. Sukanya Roy September 18, 2018

    Yes my phone is uncertified….. Pls help me

  5. Coyote October 11, 2019

    This also happens when you (accidentally) left your VPN running!

  6. Jessica strong October 24, 2019

    Be that as it may, here and there they see “Pokémon Go unable to authenticate” error while login Pokémon Go Trainer Club.

  7. Robert October 24, 2019

    OK, I struggled with this error for a couple weeks. Nothing I tried seemed to work. Then I came across an article about changing your IP address and it struck me. I started having this issue after turning on a VPN app on my iphone. Sure enough, after turning the VPN off I was able to connect and open Pokemon Go.


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