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Tragus Piercing – Process, Pain, Infection, Cost And Healing Time

tragus piercing
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Inspired by the celebrities like Rihanna, Scarlett Johanssen and Jessica Biel, the craze on tragus piercing is trending  now than ever. Besides to the celebrity inspiration, we can say 3 good reasons for getting your tragus pierced. It’s more pleasing, super easy and less painful. When you adorned it with perfect accessory, it will show you stunning and you can let the star inside shine on you.

As you are considering to get your tragus pierced, you must have millions of questions running on your mind right now. From Tragus Jewelry ideas to actual piercing to after care, here you can find everything you want to know about tragus piercing. However, if there is any question that is still needs to be answered, feel free to drop your comments below. We are happy to answer your queries.

What Is Tragus Piercing?

Cute Ear PiercingsTragus piercing is named after the location of ear that is pierced. You can even hide this piercing easily either with your hair or with clothing like scarf if necessary. The small triangle part connecting your face with outer portion of cartilage is known as tragus. It is located in front of ear canal. This portion of ear helps us to hold ear phones and make it fit within.


Anti -Tragus Ear Piercing

Cute Ear PiercingsAnti-tragus is located on the elevated fold of the ear which is located just opposite the tragus .It’s the place where anti tragus is pierced. Though cost and care for both of these variations come close to the same, due to its risky location, I suggest you to check with the piercer’s portfolio before getting it done. Unlike other piercings, you don’t have lots of places to play around for anti tragus. Also bear it in mind that, Anti tragus piercing is widely known for its tough healing process.

Types Of Tragus Piercing

Both vertical and surface tragus piercings are known as double tragus piercing.

Vertical Tragus Piercing

Vertical tragus piercing runs vertically on your tragus from outside to inside and to the outside again. As you are creating 2 channels, it will create a little more pain as opposed to the plain tragus piercing. It is also known as sideburn piercing.

Surface Tragus Piercing

This piercing is very similar to the vertical tragus piercing except the fact that it traverses through the flesh of cartilage without making any hole. About the pain level, it’s needless to say that it is the most painful than all other piercings.

Tragus Piercing Ideas

Tragus Piercing: Gun vs. Needle

Tragus Piercing - always prefer Needle over the gun

One major question that is repeatedly asked in all forums is about the pain level of piercing tragus using gun Vs. Needle. To be frank, gun shots are less painful than the needle. But most of the professional piercers argue that Guns are not suitable and should not be used even for your earlobe.

It’s highly advisable to avoid guns for piercing any body part, as it poses high infection risks. In case of needles, it’s very easy to sterilize so the healing process will be smooth and speedy. If you want to use guns to avoid the minute of pain, you will be needed to endure the pain that lasts for 2 months (Without infection). Above all, some people claim that pain level of tragus piercing is the same in both Gun and Needle. So which one you prefer?

Tragus Piercing Step By Step Process

The piercing process of Tragus is quite different from many of the other piercings.

Source : Veggiechick18

Step 1:

To get the tragus or anti tragus piercing, one should lie on her back so the piercer can easily access and work at the piercing site.

Step 2:

Since tragus has thick cartilage, the piercer may need to apply more pressure than all other piercing while making a puncture. In order to avoid the accidental damages to ear, the piercer will place a cork inside the ear canal.

Step 3:

A straight or curved needle will be pushed through the skin (outside to inside). Once the necessary hole is made, the initial jewelry most preferably a barbell will be added to the piercing.

Step 4:

This Jewelry should not be changed until the tragus piercing completely heals.

Does Tragus Piercing Hurt? If So How Much?

When compare to other piercings, tragus piercings has very few nerve endings. That does not mean you wouldn’t feel any pain in tragus piercing. As the needle breaks the skin, there will be a little discomfort like “pain of sharp pinch” or “pain of a cut“. Usually this pain is bearable and last up to few minutes.

However, if you have a thicker cartilage, you might experience some more pain than the people with thinner cartilage.

Factors That Influence Tragus Piercing Pain Level

Different people have different level of pain endurance. Apart from the few factors like piercer skills and piercer experience, jewelry choice can influence the pain level one is about to experience.

Piercer skills

Since a skilled piercer can do his / her job in a precise manner, it plays a major in reducing the pain. It will also ensure safety and faster healing.

Piercer Experience

Experienced piercer knows the right way to handle your tragus no matter whether it is thick or thin. She knows to get the job done probably in just a single stroke. So the sharp pain will go off without even you realize it.

Tragus Jewelry Choice

No matter where you get your tragus pierced, your piercer will only recommend the long bar bell jewelry as an initial jewelry. It shouldn’t be taken out until the wound get completely heals. Some people have reported the increased pain after insertion of wrong Jewelry. To avoid these complications, always go with the noble metal or Titanium or hypo allergic Jewelry which will make your healing process smoother and faster.

Once it’s perfectly healed, you can use barbells, bead rings, studs or anything that suits your tragus.

What Can Be Expected After A Tragus Piercing?

Once you get your tragus pierced, you might expect a slight bleeding and a bearable pain for few minutes. The bleeding may be accompanied by Swelling around the pierced area. However, few people reported a Jaw pain soon after piercing. Under normal circumstances, it could even last for 2 to 3 days.

Technically, this jaw pain is a soar triggered by tragus piercing which gives a feel as if the jaw hurts. This pain will worse with your every smile. It should go on its own within few days. If that lasts beyond 3 days then it’s a red flag! Give some attention. Check with your piercer and treat the infection before it gets worse. 

Tragus Piercing Aftercare

Tragus piercing has higher rates of infection. But it is possible to avoid the infection with proper care. Sometimes even the extreme care will worsen the infection. Follow your piercing studio’s advice and stick to it thoroughly. With proper care, your tragus piercing would heal without any issues.

Do’s Don’ts
Clean the piercing site and the surrounding area twice a day with the saline solution. Use 3 to 4 Qtips or cotton balls to clean the piercing. You can also use sea salt water solution for cleaning. (Mix 1/4 tea spoon of sea salt with 1 cup of water). Never remove or change the Jewelry by yourself until the piercing heals completely. It may trap infection to other body parts.
Wash your hands using antibacterial solution or antiseptic soap before and after cleaning (touching) the piercing site. Do not use alcohol or any other dehydrating solutions to clean the piercing.
Tie your hair up and make sure your hair or any other products does not come in contact with the pierced site. Never touch the pierced area with your bare hands even if there is any irritation.
Change your pillow covers every day until few weeks. Avoid sleeping on the same side until the piercing heals.
Use separate personal belongings like comb, towel etc. Do not answer the phone call or hold the headset in the pierced ear. Use your other ear to carry out these tasks.

Signs That Indicate the Tragus Infection

Consult a dermatologist when you feel any of the following symptoms beyond 3 days.

  • Continued bleeding
  • soreness around the piercing site
  • jaw pain
  • yellow or green discharge
  • swelling
  • foul smell emerging from the pierced area

Do not panic, if you suspect that your piercing is infected.. Stay calm and fix an appointment with dermatologist. Never remove the Jewelry by yourself. It may make your infection even worse. 

When to See A Doctor?

Though experiencing the above symptoms are completely normal after piercing, if it continues beyond 3 days and it does not respond well to your home remedies, fix an appointment with a dermatologist immediately. You can also contact your piercing studio. They will help you to get a speedy recovery.

 Tragus Piercing Cost

Based on the location you live, tragus piercing may cost in the range $40 to $50. Check with the piercer skills and experience level before you opt in for piercing. Few places may charge extra few bucks depending on the initial Jewelry requirement.

Healing Time

In some individuals, it takes 2 months to heal while in others it takes even 6 months. Though there is no guaranteed time frame in which the tragus piercing heals completely, giving a proper aftercare would protect your ear from all infections which will speed up the recovery. The average healing time of tragus piercing is measured as 2 to 4 months.

Hope your queries are answered. If you have experience with tragus piercing, why don’t you share your thoughts with us?


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