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Top 10 Cars Every Guy Would Love To Drive

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Spoil a guy with choices to choose from a hot girlfriend and a pretty dream car, 9 out of 10 guys will prefer the later one. Guys have that much craze over the cars. They work hard, save every penny they can just to spend on one specific accessory that makes their car more gorgeous & stylish. For guys, their car is like the first love, exquisite and eternal.

There is always a good reason behind this craze. Here it is. Your flashy style may fail on you in the long run but your shiny car will always be there, adding a unique charm to your personality. Here we bring you the list of top 10 cars every guy dream to drive. Some of the cars are classy and the some are fiery and the rest are super exciting.

Dreams Cars That Guys Lust After 

No 10 #Nissan GTR

Dream Cars                                                                                          0-60 mph : 2.5 sec

Credit : gtrnissan.com

By offering unique style and astonishing performances, Nissan GTR blows every other exotic super-car in the world a little behind. It reaches 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. If you have drove Ferrari F40, I am sure you would feel the same with this car we talk about. We are not exaggerating things anyway. Its top notch performance, best handling and the sleek design make people fall in love with GTR in just one sight.

No 9 # Mercedes Benz S400 Hybrid

dream-car                                                                   0–60mph : 3.8 Sec
Credit : Carmag.co.za

 It is the latest addition to the S family of Mercedes Benz. This one amazing car is the perfect example of making environment friendly cars. Car guys around the world got impressed and the girls are falling for the unique class this amazing car offers. Guys are always been in love with the Mercedes brand but this one specific car has helped the enterprise in acquiring some brownie points from the opposite sex as well.

No 8 # Honda CR-Z

Dream Car                                                                       0-60mph : 6.1 sec

Credit : automobiles.honda.com

Contemporaries have failed to compete with this amazing car. A lot of people find this car as a perfect example of obnoxious because once you drive it there are very little chances that you will love to drive any other car ever. Simply it’s not only the most powerful car in the city but it’s also environment friendly.This statement will help you win over a lot of intelligent girls. The 6 manual transmissions help you enjoy a good speed when you travel out of the city.

No 7 # Land Rover L4 

Dream Car                                                                  0-60mph : 6.7 sec

Credit : landrover.ca

Want to impress the most stylish girl in your city ? Land Rover LR4 is all you need! This SUV is the perfect combination of style, class and power. The immaculate height and the exteriors make the beast like frontier. Its 4 wheel drive,descent control, 8 speed transmissions and terrain response system ensure a safe,guarantee ride even in the wilderness.

No 6 # Jaguar XKR 

Dream Car                                                                         0-60 mph : 4.5 Sec

Credit :  nfsworld.wikia.com

Jaguar has always been about the furious beauty. These amazing cars acquire their inspiration from the natural Jaguar. The new XKR mode is here to break the stereotypes. They have the top speed and they also posses the requisite style and class.

No 5 # BMW Z4 Roadster

dream-cars                                                            0-60 mph: 4.8 sec

Credit : bmw.com

Coming from the house of BMW , this car is born with class and it is more than a sports car. You can enjoy the fun of open roof while driving at the top speed. This car has leveraged the contemporaries with a challenge that is hard to beat. While automobile enterprises are fighting the race in the garages ,you can see the young guns with BMW Z4 enjoying the top speed on the roads.

No 4 # 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT8

dream cars                                                                   0 – 60 mph : 3.9 sec

Credit : dodge.com

They say, when it is about impressing women, laziness will not do. This car is one exquisite example of class and efforts. One look at the charming Dodge Challenger and the girls are going to lose their obnoxious attitude towards you  without taking any effort from your side. Every young guy would love to enjoy this combination of class, speed and innovation.

No 3 # 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

dream cars                                                                                        0 to 60 mph : 3.7 sec

Credit : chevrolet.com

Now we are talking about the America’s most iconic and sexy sports car. Be it about speed, charm or style, this one car tops them all. This one car will help guys enamor their dream girls. One can always experience the best of driving and travel with such an amazing car on side.

No 2 # Tesla Roadster-The Future Is Here 

dream car                                                                                   0 to 60 mph : 3.7 sec

Credit : telsamotors.com

 Tesla has always been the hub of innovation. With Tesla Roadster, they are going to push the envelope and rule the world with a completely new experience. This machine is no less than a beast but it is environment’s best friend at the same time. Girls are going to gaga the moment you tell them that this car runs on electricity inside of fossil fuel and can hit up to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds.

No 1 # Ford Shelby GT500 Convertible 

dreamcar                                                                             0 to 60 mph : 4.80 sec

Credit : ford.com

Three words that define this beast the best are outrageous, Ludacris and over-the-top. This beast is the second most powerful car in the United States of America. Driving this unique compatible car, one can enjoy the top speed while tasting the windy air. Its engine allows the driver to touch the top speed of 202mph by offering the 662 hp.

I would love to hear about your dream car and your opinion on this list.Do you mind dropping your comments below?


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