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Top 10 Best Innovative Business Ideas To Make You Rich In 2019

innovative business ideas
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If you are looking to find an opportunity to start an entrepreneurial venture, it is easy to feel confused by seeing the overwhelming opportunities that are available today. Anyhow, if you want to stand out the crowd by doing something creative and feel like you are running out of ideas, we help you spot the best ones. Go through the list. We wish you good luck!

Top 10 Innovative Business Ideas

1.Designer Flat Shoes

Most working women prefer wearing flat shoes to work and even at times for night outs and parties too. High heels can lead to a lot of health hazards and with every passing day, the working women and the present generation youngsters are becoming aware of this fact brilliantly. Most of the young women made a switch to flat designer shoes ditching their high heels. If you are looking for a great business opportunity, here is your sure shot way to success.  Design flat yet stylish shoes that are swanky and comfortable at the same time and you will have nice customers for those wonderful pairs easily and for sure.

2.Customized Eco Friendly Jewelry

You will hardly find any women who don’t like to deck themselves up with the latest fashionable accessories and jewelries. It is thus needless to say that starting a business with the customized eco friendly jewelries is a great idea and a sure shot way to succeed in business. You can start by either investing in a small jewelry making kit or simply start with something handmade like handmade earrings, paper made earrings and neck pieces that require little investment. Start creating innovative designs on the earrings and the bracelets, neck pieces and other forms of jewelries and keep them unique and one of its kinds. A good marketing campaign along with good doses of creativity can determine your success in this domain of business.

3.Fast Food Restaurant With Real Healthy Menu

If you are a foodie at heart, one of the best ways to suffice your gastronomical delights is to open a fast food restaurant or a take away centre. Try to offer tasty yet healthy recipes at your restaurant. You can utilize the search engines and youtube to find an inspiration. If you market your business by highlighting the healthy ingredients with its proportion, it would acquire the attention you need. Once you turn the visitors as your repeating customer, your business will get a sure success.

Most people have a wrong notion that a huge capital is needed to open a fast food chain. However the truth is, if you have a small space in your home backyard or garage, there is no need for huge investment at all. Simply turn the space into a canteen with some interior decoration changes. Invest in the regular ingredients that you need for cooking up the menus that you decide for each day and you are all set to rock the food domain of business.

4.Thrift Shops or Seconds Sale

This is one of the great innovative business ideas that you can be made more profitable depending on the efforts you in. There are several people who like to buy second hand items for their daily use. Second hand items are usually cheap and quite affordable and hence a great business opportunity for those who are looking for a business start up with least capital.

5.Interior Decorations

If you have the creative sparks in you, you can try your hands at interior decorations. Start by designing your own home and that of your friends and neighbors for a nominal charge. This will ensure your reputation which will gradually bring success and more orders for you. Remember, interior decoration is a high paying job that will pay you well when you let your creativity flow flawlessly.You can check out the best interior decoration websites like houzzicreatived etc to enrich your ideas.


Do you remember your childhood days when your school teacher would make you do hand crafts in class? If you enjoyed doing them in school, why don’t you turn your talent into a great business proposition? Start making stuff toys, plaster of Paris dolls, paintings, stone curving etc into a profitable and much sought after business products for yourself. They sell for pretty high prices and will fetch you a lot of profit for sure.

7.Manpower Supply

If you are looking for a business with no capital, you can start with a manpower supply agency. Simply ask the local youths who are looking for work to sign up with your agency and create a manpower bank for supplying at different offices and other areas for special skilled works and tasks. These people will work on contractual basis and you will be able to earn a handsome commission from them at the same time without any hassles or efforts at all.

8.Rental Cars And Other Services

If you have a vehicle that is left unused at home, you can always put them up for a rental service. Same holds true for an unused room at your home. If you have some extra space within your home campus, why don’t you share it with a fellow buddy and earn some money in the process? Rent out your room or the vehicle and that too without investing in the business. It can give you huge profits within a span of few years.

9.Digital Photography

You will hardly find anyone these days who doesn’t own a digital camera. If you have a knack for photography, you can easily turn it into a profitable start up business for your earnings. There are several such cases where people are in search of immediate photographs for their business or official usage. This is a great way to bank on your camera and make some quick earnings with it. All you need along with the camera is a photo editing software and some photo printers to print the photos and you are set for a greatly profitable business without huge investment.

10.School And Office Supplies

The school and office supplies and stationery are always in demand throughout the year. So once you start supplying such stationery, as an entrepreneur you will not need to worry about the rest of the business aspects like marketing and sales. Products like pens, pencils, papers and paper clips, notebooks and other items are always in demand with school goers and hence your business will be a great success as soon as you get set of loyal customers on your side.

What you think about the innovative business ideas discussed here ? Let us know in the comment section below. Your opinions are important to us.



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