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Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands Of 2019

Most expensive clothing brand
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Other Worth Mentioning Iconic Brands

As this list is all about the best most expensive clothing brands, it’s unfair to not mention the authentic brands Dior, DOLCE & GABBANA, SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, ROBERTO CAVALLI, LEVI STRAUSS in this list. If I do, it will make this list incomplete.


most expensive clothing brands

I hope the people remember Dolce & Gabbana for the sensuality, for the Mediterranean sense, for our honesty to the life.’ – Dominico Dolce

They got it right! D&G is a new luxury. Caught in the midst of elegance, glamour, creativity & their authentic Mediterranean roots and flavors, D&G gives us distinctive style every season. From this Italian Fashion brand Founded in 1982, Dominico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana made their Surnames an irreplaceable fashion identity worldwide. The strong identity of the Brand has evolved over the years with its fine lined creativity and content.


most expensive clothing brands

I created flower women with gentle shoulders and generous bosoms, with tiny waists like stems and skirts belling out like petals. – Christian Dior 

Jenifer Lawrence – USD $4 Million Dior Haute Couture Dress

Christian Dior, an Influential Designers of the 20th century, made everybody fall in love with a Dior Dress.

most expensive clothing brand

It all started on 12th February 1947 at around 10.30 AM, when Dior (aged 42) showcased his First major collection “the Corolle line” and the Iconic-One-Of-a-kind ‘The New Look’ (coined by the Editor of Harper’s Bazaar Carmel Snow) on the salons of 30 Avenue Montaigne. The Unique silhouettes and a fresh Feminine look was quite a revolution in the face of Fashion. Dior’s line of Haute Couture is a fashion Ultimatum. From Stunning Gowns or to Edgy looks, the Detailing, Style, Sheer Elegance of Dior is brilliance. Any ‘Best Dressed’ List, a Dior is a cherished entry, and it’s no wonder that Dior is sought after best luxury clothing brand in Hollywood.


most expensive clothing brands


Let me begin by saying that, a Ferregamo never misses the Oscars, the Golden Globe, A-List events and simply, all the Red carpets. The history of Shoes was marked by Salvatore Ferregamo creations, making them the First Footwear designer to win the Neiman Marcus Prize at Fashion Oscars. From Dream Girl Marilyn Monroe to Pop Sensation Lady Gaga, almost every Leading Hollywood Men & Women Sensation never overlooks a Ferregamo. ‘If you are a Celebrity, then never miss a Ferregamo in your wardrobe’. It is actually an Unprecedented Law. From using natural materials like cork, wood to synthetic resins, metals or even candy wrappers, Ferregamo expressed creativity. Originality, Glamour & Comfort, Beauty & Sophistication, Embellished textures, and luxury all expressed through the artistic craftsmanship makes Ferregamo, the better than the rest.


expensive clothing brands

With time, Fashion has become part of my DNA – Roberto Cavalli

Wholesome Glamour & Eccentricity, Strong & Bold approaches, Substance & Style, makes Roberto Cavalli, the King of Success in Fashion till today. The opening in 1990 of his first store in Madison Avenue, NY marked the beginning of Cavalli’s success across oceans. RC is one of a kind pioneer in mixing materials like Leather, Denim & Feathers making his creations highly distinctive. By being one of those best expensive clothing brands and so the status symbol, his creations have endeared him to Rock stars like Madonna, JLo, Shakira, Beyonce, Jon Bon Jovi, who are often seen in his creations. Just Cavalli (denim world 2000), Perfumes, Wines, Vodka (Snake Skin Covered), Wines, Clubs, Restaurants confirmed Cavalli as the Go-To-Fashion icon of the elite lifestyle.

Which of these most expensive brands stories have inspired you the most? What are your favorites? Hit your comments and let us know what you feel.

Disclaimer :
The resources we use to collect data are all legit and trust worthy. But still please expect simple adjustments in the brand value and revenue figures. The reason is, not all the companies disclose their financial info to the general public all the time.

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