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Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands Of 2019

Most expensive clothing brand
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Dress shabbily they remember the dress. Dress impeccably, they remember the woman, well, obviously Men too! Be it a casual hang out or meeting someone special, we all love to dress up, and it feels great. No matter whether it’s an elegant gown or our favorite pajamas, we love to dress up & it’s just as simple as that.At times when you feel down, just put on a good dress and look  yourself in the mirror, get yourself out, go to places & I’m sure you will feel better. Put on your favorite dress, you will love your self even more.

As you are here searching the most expensive clothing brands, you must be interested in seeing the most expensive clothes that are ever sold and worn. Open the accordion below (+ sign) and indulge into the world of luxury.These pictures are not definitely for the weak hearts. Be warned!
Top 20 Most Most Expensive Dresses That Are Ever Sold

1. USD $4 Million

Top 20 Most Expensive Clothes In The World

Jennifer Lawrence in her blush pink ball Dior haute couture gown at 2013 Oscars. It is the most expensive clothing ever designed for anyone till date.

2.Price : USD $2 Million

The Christian Dior Yellow Green Haute Couture gown - one of the most expensive clothes in the world

The Christian Dior Yellow Green Haute Couture gown ,Nicole Kidman wore to the 1997 Oscars was heated up the red carpet. This dress is claimed as one of the most iconic Oscar Gowns of all time.

3.Price : USD $1.5 Million

Top 20 Most Expensive Clothes In The World

If you have ever imagined a dress made of 24 karat GOLD, better cross check it with Zac Posen’s $1.5 haute couture gown. This ultimate glamour gown was made of 24 Karat liquid gold and made its debut in Tribeca Film Festival.

4.Price: USD $1 Million

Most expensive Fur Coat In the world. Can you guess the price?

Fendi haute fourrure collection featured the brand’s most expensive fur coat on the runway 2015. To get this million dollar look , this floor length fur coat was coated in pure silver.

5. Price: USD $ 923,187

Top 20 Most Expensive Clothes In The World

The 20th century, black Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the romantic comedy film Breakfast at Tiffany’s has set a trend for all LBD’s in the later years. In the year 2006, this dress was sold for $ 923,187 which is reportedly the highest auctioned price ever paid for a movie costume.

6. Price : USD $200,000

Top 20 Most Expensive Clothes In The World

The Armani metal gray Gown worn by Cate Blanchett to the 2007 Oscars was valued around $200,000. Swarovski crystals encrusted with this haute couture gown have reportedly increased its value.

7. Price : USD $140,240

Top 20 Most Expensive Clothes In The World

Would you spend $140,000 on a fur coat? The fur coat featured by Prada at 2013 fall fashion runway came with this lucrative price tag.

8. Price: USD $121,645

Burberry alligator wrap trench coat. Burberry's one of the most expensive item.Can .you guess its price?

If you are willing to spend $120k on a trench coat, try this Burberry alligator wrap trench coat.It’s worth the money. It is available online at Burberry (UK).

 9. Price: $105,383

Dress made of 6000 white pearls. Can you guess its price?

Lupita Nyong featuring Calvin Klein couture dress in 2015 Oscars. This dress is encrusted with 6,000 white pearls.

10.Price: USD $100,000

One of the most expensive clothes in the world. Can you guess its price?

Cate Blanchett featuring the nude Armani Prive Gown at  the 2014 Oscars. Swarovski crystals, encrusted with this creation made it receive the whopping $100,000

11.Price : $100,000

Jessica Biel radiated 2013's red carpet. Can you guess how much this look costed her?

Jessica Biel radiated 2013’s red carpet with a shimmer dress from Chanel. Not to mention, this USD $100k look, enriched her natural beauty shine throughout the entire Oscars.

12) Price: $100k

Charlize Theron in Christian Dior dress. One of the top 20 most expensive clothes in the world

Charlize Theron in Christian Dior dress and Harry Winston jewelry at the 2013 Oscars.  Net value of this white couture dress is estimated as $100k.

13.Price: UDS $100k  

Top 20 most expensive clothes in the world

Kate Winslet dressed up in valentino couture dress at 79th Academy Awards, 2007.

 14. Price: $91,500

Herms crocodile tshirt - One of the most expensive tshirt that are ever sold

Herms has sold this crocodile tshirt with a hefty price tag of  $91,500 in its 2013 spring/summer runway. Since every outfit from crocodile collection is made of real crocodile skin, its cost come in the range of $60,000 to $100,000. Tax alone on these tshirts comes around $8,000. It’s really rich.

15.Price: USD $80,000

Anne Hathaway's valentino silk gown. One of the most expensive gowns in the world

Anne Hathaway arriving at the 2011 Oscars in Valentino red silk gown and Tiffany & Co. ‘Lucinda’ necklace. This entire look is valued $10 million. Her couture dress is valued to be $80,000.

16. Price: USD $40,000

Top 20 most expensive clothes in the world

Sandra Bullock in a striking midnight blue Alexander McQueen gown at the 2014 Oscars.

17.Price : USD $30,000

Amy Adams in Gucci Premiere at the 2014 Oscars. You can't imagine its price.

Amy Adams in Gucci Premiere at the 2014 Oscars

18.Price: USD $33,000

Burberry possum peacock trench coat. One of the most expensive creations of Burberry.

Burberry possum peacock trench coat makes a new fashion statement with a staggering price of $33,000. To make these peacock trench coats, peacock feathers are reportedly ripped out of live peacocks. How do you see this act? Sound off.

19) Price: $10,000

Angelina Jolie in Versace Thigh high split Little Black Dress. Top 20 most expensive clothes in the world

Angelina Jolie in Versace Thigh high split Little Black Dress.

20) Price: USD $5,000

Elizabeth Hurley in Versace gold safety pin dress. "THAT DRESS". One of the most expensive dresses ever sold

Elizabeth Hurley in Versace gold safety pin dress. It is often referred as ” THAT Dress“. Though the cost of Safety pin dress is considerably low when compare to the JENNIFER LAWRENCE, $4 million Dior couture, the buzz it had created among the media is just enormous. In fact, this dress has changed the model LIZ an overnight fame.

You see your favorite stars & celebrities in their best dressings or you walk across brand clothing stores and you can’t help saying ‘I want one of those ‘or ‘I wish I wore something like that’. That’s the magic; the expensive brands sprinkle.

Believe it or not, when you put on an outfit & accessories from brands, you will feel special. To be honest, we love something special than usual.

The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive– coco Chanel.

How We Rank The Expensive Clothing Brands?

The list, “Top 10 Most expensive clothing brands” is compiled based on their brand values and reputation.Brands listed here are all renowned ones in the fashion Industry and are popular among the celebrities and common people alike. So unless otherwise, you have spent these long years in a dungeon with no media and internet access,  you must have heard of these luxury clothing brands in some way or the other. If you didn’t hear it yet, don’t worry. We tell you their story.

We keep this list up to date starting from the year 2015 and we will continue to update it whenever some new data is readily available. When comparing this list with last year, there are some position changes among all the competitors in our top 10 except the brand “Louis Vuitton” which continue to hold the top position even in this year. Congratulations Louis Vuitton ! We wish you to grow by leaps and bounds!.

Though some brands do not make it to the top 10 this year, leaving those will make this list incomplete. Such brands are presented under the “Other worth mentioning Iconic Brands” at the end of this post. Check it out!

Luxury brands listed here are all renowned for their brand strength, innovations, trust and salient creations. Each one of them is meaningfully different and exploit the market by offering high value for the money.  Damn the ranking. Anything from the List Below is a Fashion Rainbow.


Rank Clothing Brand Brand Value (In Billion)
1 Louis Vuitton 28.1
2 Guuci 12.4
3 Herms 10.6
4 Prada 7.3
5 Chanel 6.8
6 Ralph Lauren 6.6
7 Burberry 5.87
8 House Of Versace 5.6
9 Fendi 3.5
10 Armani 3.1


Brand Value: $ 3.1 Billion

Most expensive clothing brands

Elegance is not about being noticed; it’s about being remembered-Giorgio Armani

Armani, The Name says it all while the Power suit-clad of the Hollywood & the High Profile Clientele gives you a proof. Impeccable tailoring, Glamour & Power Dressing is what Armani excels in. The Brand exploded into scenes when Hollywood Star Richard Gere wore the Armani tailored power suit with padded shoulders in the 1980’s American Gigolo. Men and Women suit with a balance of luxury and a perfect tailoring muted colors, luxurious Fabric renders Armani, the most sought after brand whereas Armani’s haute-couture is an unrivaled elegance. Armani Prive, Emporio Armani, Armani Exchange, Armani Collezioni are brand labels of this most expensive clothing brand. Its kingdom has expanded into Perfumes, Leather bags, glasses, and even mainstream bars and hotels. If you are lucky enough to afford a suit from Armani clothing line, Suit Up with Armani suits at least once in your life.


Brand Value: $ 3.5 Billion

Most expensive clothing brands

Whatever Fendi does, it must be distinguishable, it must stand apart, it must have its own identity – Paola Fendi

When it comes to Fashion, ‘the Italian Show’ has always been a Block Buster. The ‘Fendi’, is another extravagance. It is the reason why it made the list of best luxury clothing brands. Began by Fendi Couple Eduardo & Adele in 1925, The Brand still creates the world’s most sought after and coveted Bags and Accessories. The Fendi gained the Cult Status, however in 1997, when they introduced a series of Handbags, which included the Fendi ‘Baguette’. Fendi is the only fashion house that owns its own fur atelier. Their capability of adopting innovative techniques has opened new ways to make fur lighter and modern. You are right. They are the pioneers of fur fashion! They developed different and creative ways to use fur that made the fur attires softer, modern and much more wearable. Every Woman has loved and still loves to have a Fendi, making the Brand an iconic Player. This most popular clothing brand is currently owned and operated by LVMH.


Brand Value: $ 5.5 Billion (As of 2013)

Revenue : $ 1 Billion

Most expensive clothing brands

Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas – Donatella Versace

Italian Fashion House established in 1978 by Gianni Versace branded by signature Medusa Motif is one among the world’s profitable lifestyle brand and a household name. The label’s aesthetic has been consistent with glamour, intricate embellishments, vivid prints, cocktail dresses and iconic gowns making exclusivity to their lot. Sexy, bit theatrical, glamour and impression defines Versace, and these features made this brand break into the top 10 best and most expensive clothing brands list. Elizabeth Hurley’s Black Gianni Versace gown held together with oversized, gold safety pins and Jennifer Lopez’s sensational green silk chiffon Versace see-through dress are some of the iconic creations of the house. Atelier Versace Spring collections are worth mentioning.


Brand Value: $5.87 Billion

Revenue : $4 Billion

Most expensive clothing brands

The Trench Coat! Has turned out to be a Game Changer, for the British Luxury Fashion House, Burberry. The 1961’s Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) style Burberry’s Wool Trench Coat is an iconic fashion sensation piece to date. What more is, Burberry’s never-ending infusion of unique styles has made it receive a royal warrant for clothing from the “Royal Majesty Elizabeth II (England) and Prince Charles (Wales). From this time, Burberry has become famous for innovation. Aggressive retail expansion in the ’70s & ’80s has spun Burberry into a household name with shops in every major US states. Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London, Burberry Brit is well-known fashion lines of the Brand and can’t be missed. Furthermore, the house launched Burberry BeSpoke, a customization program where clients can design and create their own Trench Coat line. This high-end clothing brand is set to launch its exclusive skincare range in the near future as well.


Brand Value: $ 6.6 Billion

Revenue : $ 7.1 Billion

Most expensive clothing brands

Personal Style is about having a sense of yourself and what you believe in everyday – RL

In our list of best expensive clothing brands, this one stands out from the rest. The reason is, It isn’t so much about the brand, but it’s about the man Ralph Lauren. When it comes to sporty & luxury classic dress up in America, Ralph Lauren is the one that Peaks and have been consistent, comprehensive and expressive. The Brand idea is to dress for the life you wanted & who you wanted to be. Synonymous with Luxury, the Brand has evolved with time & grace and still reminds the classic American styling. It’s fitting that Ralph Lauren was hired to dress up for ‘The Great Gatsby’ movie. Tags like Club Monaco, American Living, Polo, Purple Label, Lauren & Lauren Jeans, Co are few of Ralph Lauren’s branch outs.

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