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This Is How I Made My First 10k Followers In Pinterest

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Hello Fellow Pinners,

For most of us, the day will not move without opening the Pinterest. For some of us it’s just a hobby but for some, it’s a serious marketing channel. Anyhow, Initially I have just started it as a hobby. Later on, I got an inspiration and became a full time pinner. Today, I have more than 1,50,000 followers in Pinterest. These all achieved in just 3 months. There is a dirty little secret behind this remarkable increase.

Below mentioned tips are based on my experiments and experiences on Pinterest.You can achieve even better. Follow these steps and gain as many followers as you want.

1.Give And Take Policy Will Definitely Work Here

This Screenshot is Taken at the day 2.


Start to follow the pinners as many as you can. Make sure, the Pinners you choose to have decent pins pinned on their boards. Pinterest is all about inspiring the people, If they find some offensive or nudity content pinned on your boards chances are, they will block you and even raise a red flag against you. It may lead to your account suspension. Maintain a trust worthy profile. Generally the number of followers you will receive back will be half the amount of people you supposed to follow. .


Keep your boards at its best. Try to pin the pins which already have hundreds of likes. This helps to pull the pinners towards your board.

3.Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth

Avoid pinning too much. Even existing followers may get irritated by your continues pins.Pin it twice a day one in the morning time and another one at the time where they will feel relaxed at the evening (Its very useful for your office goers) and final one during the bed time.

4.Increase The Engagement On Your Pins

Add pins to your boards on a regular interval.
Chat with your followers. Give likes and comment on their pins and increase the engagement of users.

Hope these 4 simple steps will help you get a good start. Happy Pinning!



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