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21 Great Things To Do With Your Best Friends

things to do with your friends
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Life without friends is unimaginable. They are an integral part of our lives. Next to our parents, friends are the only ones who would love and stay with us without any expectation in all the ups and downs of our lives. The bond of friendship is strong and bit strange too. Though we have plenty of rooms in our heart to get allocated for friends, only one or few will actually make into a special reserved spot known as best friend. So if you have got BEST FRIEND or BEST FRIENDS , there are few special things you can do to get truck load of fun, happiness and the more. Without wasting anymore of your time, let’s grab some ideas on what to do with your best friend.

The Best Things To Do With Your Best Friend(s)

1.Host A Potluck Dinner Or Lunch

When you have lot of best friends coming together for a meet, why don’t you plan for a dinner or a lunch party in the potluck style? Ask all your buddies to bring their share of dishes. Even if you are not comfortable with the cooking part,  you can always experiment with the cooking once in a while to treat your friends (Because they will Bear it, ola!)

2.Create Pinterest Stuff!

Ever logged on to Pinterest and found something interesting that you would want to try for yourself? Gather all your besties and try doing all the Pinterest cool crafts that you have always wanted to do. It is fun to even fail in the craft when your friends are around.

3.Volunteer At An NGO

There are lots of NGOs that works for kids, old people, orphans and homeless. Why don’t you do something with those NGOs and volunteer with them. Trust me it feels great to work for the not so privileged. You will learn to look at the world in a new light and will also learn to appreciate all that you have got simply because you were a little more fortunate and they were not. Ask your friends to join with you and turn your society bit more better.

4.Travel Together

Travel to different parts of your country with your best friend. Traveling is therapeutic and it will also make your bond stronger and happier. Simply stick around to each other and travel extensively around the country and the world and explore the unexplored.

5.Swap Your Identities

As it is, if you have a bestie, you will know him or her in and out in all his or her avatars. So why don’t you swap personalities for a day? Simply pretend to be each other on any given day and surprise the people around you. This act will not only enhance your bond of friendship but also give you a new perspective to look at your friend.

6.Go Hiking On Some Cool Trails

Look out for some cool trails within your area and set out for a hiking adventure with your friends. It can be very rejuvenating indeed.

7.Go For A Walking Tour Of The City

Most cities have a long historical background. But most often or not, we tend to ignore the history and live on. Why don’t you plan for a walking tour of the city this summer with your best friends? Even if you are not good with the history, you can always take a walking tour of the city and explore the historical background of the city. It’s fun yet the best thing to do with your best friend.

8.Go For A Fun Scavenger Hunting Session Within The City

Although, now you are grown ups, going on a treasure hunt will sound amusing. But most people think treasure hunts are for kids. So this time around, why don’t you go for the scavenger hunt? Ask your friends to find a certain landmark of the city or a vintage sign etc and the winner gets a treat from the losers. The reward can be a grand treat at a local restaurant or a home cooked dinner sponsored by the losers.

9.Go For A Karaoke Night At The Local Night Club

Usually the night clubs serve cheap drinks on the karaoke nights. Why let go of such great opportunity to hang around with friends? Simply head towards the night club and sing your heart out like no one’s listening.

10.Start A Club Of Your Hobby

Choose a common hobby that you and your bestie have and make a club out of it. It can be cooking or cards, books or scrapbooks anything. As long as you enjoy doing it together, you can always create a club together and practice it as a hobby.

11.Play Pranks And Fool Around

If you simply want to have fun, go fooling around and play pranks with random strangers! Trust me, it is quirky and weird but it is also lots of fun. These will be the days that you will remember at the later part of your life when you become busy with work and other responsibilities.

12.Play Indoor Board Games

There is no dearth of board games that can act as great time pass when friends are around. Bring out that old scrabble or the Yahtzee and pass the time away in fun and frolic with your friends.

13.Video Games Marathon

If you are not much into board games, you can also arrange for a tournament of Video Games with your best friends. Play against each other and also make sure to reward the winner with some grand treat. It sure sounds a lot of fun.

If you and your friends enjoy playing real time multiplayer games, give a try with World Of War Craft. Solve the challenges, Loot the gold and fight at the battle field. Do everything together in a completely different world. Trust me, you will lose yourself and will never stop playing.

14.Have A Retro Photo Shoot With Your Friend

Become super models for the day. You will certainly find some old clothes that belong to your parents from their younger days. Change your attire into those old clothes and get all glam up and arrange for a photo shoot. The older and the vintage the clothes are, the better they would look on you for sure. Ask one of your friends to shoot some retro photos with your friends. Make a collage of them and hang it on the walls of your room. You will sure find a lot of visitors taking a second look at the collage and envying you for such a great idea.

15.Write A Poem About Each Other

If you are looking for something that is funny and entertaining, why don’t you write some poems about each other? Each one of you should write a few of the rhyming lines about each other and read out loud in front of  group of friends. Trust me it is going to be pure unadulterated fun filled with smiles and laughter.

16.Arrange An Eating Contest

Have an eating contest with your friends. The treat can be anything that you would love to gorge on. It can be snacks or a main course dish like chicken or mutton. It can also be something silly like chips and biscuits. It is undeniably one of the cool and fun things to do with your best friend.

17.Create Your Own Code Language

Sit with your friends and rake your brains to create a code language that only you and your friends will know. When you really have something interesting to share and at the same time do not want to let the world know about it, this is the best way to let your friends know what you mean. Share your thoughts with your friends’ right in the public without others understanding a word from your language. Talking secret language is only possible with your best friends and your soul mate.

18.Create A Friend’s Tree

Just like you have a family tree, try your hands at creating a friends’ tree with all your friends that you have known since your primary days and go up gradually till your university days or your job days. If you have ever made some good friends in life, this is the best way to pay tribute to your best buddies in your life.

19.AttendA Movie Marathon

If you are a movie buff and so are your friends, why don’t you plan an overnight movie marathon at home? Log on to Netflix or any movie channel and keep watching movies all through the night.

20.Have A Yard Or A Garage Sale

Ask all your friends to clean up their homes. It will make their parents happy and they will also be able to gather stuffs that are no longer needed. Now you can arrange for a yard sale or a garage sale and make some extra cash from that stuff. Now that sounds rather interesting isn’t it?

21.Make Dubsmash Videos

Make dubsmash videos together with your friends to your favorite songs and send it across to all the numbers in your contact list. It is a prank that will go down well with most people in your list for sure.

Hope this list gave you some ideas. What are the other best things you always want to do with your  best friend. I would like to hear your ideas.


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