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Top 8 Things To Do In Columbus, Ohio

things to do in columbus
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Cities in the United States are growing and constantly developing, with new facilities available every second a day. In our busy life, we hardly give any time given to family and for friends and for traveling too. But finding sometimes for this will energize us and keep us connected with our closed ones. Columbus is a great destination to have fun with the family. Here let’s see the things to do in Columbus Ohio.

Capital of Ohio, Columbus is famous for lot of things, and it is very recommended to visit the museums, zoos, and gardens, among other things. Columbus is known for its great football schools and the University campus. With several picturesque places in the city, it becomes challenging to pick only a few. So, in case you are crunching on time, we’ve curated for you the following 9 fun things to do, in no particular order.

Top 8 Best Things To Do In Columbus, Ohio

1.The Center of Science And Industry

what to do in columbus ohio

COSI is the perfect place to have an educational fun experience for all age groups. Hundreds of events and activities take place all round the year and can be participated in. It has an incredible planetarium, the Nerf Blaster Battle Arena, and even a slumber party area with a bar for adults, among other interesting opportunities.

They encourage to have a “hands-on-experience” through activities and games that educate interestingly. It is quite an interesting place that bears a fruitful experience for both kids and adults, thus making it a must-visit fun things to do in Columbus, Ohio.

2.Indulging In Delicacies At Easton Town Center

things to do in columbus this weekend

The Easton Town Center is a well-known hub for dining, shopping, entertainment, and recreation spread over 1.7 million feet. It was created with the intention for it to look like a ‘self-contained town,’ and turned out to be an essential area, offering almost everything. If you are confused about the things to do in Ohio, just enter into the Easton town center, you wouldn’t know how your time were spent.

Offering sales and discounts throughout the year, famous retailers like Barnes and Noble can be easily found having outlets here. It has diversity in both shop owners and visitors and thus letting everyone have a taste of their own kind of activity. With live comedy shows and art fairs organized quite frequently, Easton Town Center is distinctively homely and grand at the same time.

3.Connecting With Nature At The North Farmer’s Market

what to do in columbus ohio

Several times throughout the year, Ohio merchants, artisans, and farmers set up the market that presents handmade jewellery, homemade preserves, paintings, etc. There are festivals, live music, and other forms of entertainment as well. Open houses are organized, and activities like cooking classes take place.

This keeps the north Market always bustling with people who get attracted to different events. It is also an important venue for demonstrations and thereby expression at large, making it quite happening a place.

4.Butterfly Watching At Franklin Prak Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

fun things to do in columbus ohio

It is an educational institution with both open and closed premises, showcasing special exhibitions and exotic plant collections. It was the first park in the nation to have shown a butterfly exhibition, and till date, it is home to an impressive variety of butterflies.

Signature glass work of Dale Chihuly with over 3000 pieces of glass, sublime in its form, is decorated in the horticulture building. It also offers a vast range of educational classes for school groups, families, and individuals of all age groups to reap learning opportunities about the art of gardening. If you ever planned to spend a weekend in Ohio, it’s a must visit place, you don’t want to miss that.

5.Observe The Community Effort In Columbus Museum Of Art

columbus attractions

This museum is ideal for exhibition-trodding or participating in art-making activities. It is primarily for people who have their ideas and interest inclination towards the field and aim to improve.

The museum also has forums and conversational space to talk about art and its conventions while giving space for learning to those who are comparatively new to the field and want to learn more about certain forms. This is a community museum with easily traceable displays of art forms to community members and works very well to serve as a form of connection.

6.Experience Magic Of Expression At Ohio Theater

things to do in columbus ohio this weekend

Originally a movie house, it was saved from demolition in 1969 and completely restored. Constructed in 1928, the Ohio Theater now hosts numerous popular performances and gives a platform to represent a variety of ideas through the art of theatrics. Many national and international touring artists like the BalletMet are a part of this performing list. It is a historic theater that stands as a celebration of the art of enactment.

Original furnishings present for viewing in the building are known to be much more expensive than the cost of the building, which is to say that these items gathered from all over the world, are expensive and exquisite. It’s a lovely date venue with romantic performances, classical music performances, and concerts taking place on a daily basis.

7.Discovering The Magnanimity Of Ohio State University

what to do in columbus ohio

Founded in 1870, Ohio State University was originally an agricultural and mechanical college. It is currently the third-largest university campus in the country with over 200 UG programs and 250 professional degree programs for those interested.

With an extensive program and an impeccable education degree promise to students, it welcomes the world-class status praise in the field of infectious disease and cancer research. It also has several exhibits of these research-related findings that attract tourists to visit the campus.

8.Mapfre Stadium

things to do in columbus ohio this weekend

Another interesting place to visit is the Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, which is the first soccer-specific stadium constructed in the United States. It was previously known as Columbus Crew Stadium. Since this was the first specific stadium created by Major League Soccer, it led to a significant trend in MLS stadium construction.

Youth camps are also organized here for both adults and children and several championship tournaments both nationally and internationally. People can experience camping around the stadium with Alum Creek, Berkshire, and Tree Haven Campgrounds, among others. They have different packages and offers according to your requirements, so it is a great idea to go ahead with a little extra recreation if you’re a sport. Most of the fun things to do in Columbus, Ohio take place here.

So, now you know what are the things to do in Columbus, Ohio. Plan your weekend or any other day to spend with your family and friends. Have an energetic day.