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50+Things To Do During Coronavirus Home Quarantine

things to do during home quarantine
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World’s fighting the novel COVID 19 / Coronavirus crisis! We are saving the world by staying indoors as corona fighter. We are saving our parents, friends, neighbors, kids and loved ones by staying in Home Quarantine. Let’s keep up this good work. Besides, I also understand how boredom is a hard-hitting factor today. Well, there’s nothing much we can do until everything’s back to normal. What we can do is we can make things interesting during this self-confinement times.

We will help you with that.

50+ Things to Do During Coronavirus Home Quarantine

Since before the time of coronavirus lock down, we all had a very busy time. Couldn’t spend your time with your kids and other family members. So take this time to protect yourself and to enjoy with your family . Many people died. But we couldn’t do anything. All we can do is staying inside the home and protecting us and others. Staying in home without doing anything is not easy as it sounds.Here are some fun, interesting and positive things that you can do during these “Coronavirus Home Quarantine / lock down” days.

1. Call A Friend

Call your friend, the one you lost in touch. See how things are going. This Home Quarantine time is the best time to get in touch with people you missed. You’re not busy now, I guess!

2.Learn DIY

Forget about the coronavirus. Many people love to do the DIY now. You can learn anything from fixing the plumping problems, wood working, sewing or anything that interest you.

3.Clean The House

Clean every nook and cranny. It’s upto you to do in room wise or the entire house in a day. Take care of your outer surroundings. Mow the lawn. Fill the bird-feeds daily, if you have any.

4.Cook or Bake

So far, even if you don’t have involved in the kitchen stuff, do it now. Try to do some of your favorite recipes at this COVID 19 home quarantine time. You can make any dish as long as you have Youtube. Cook or bake, do anything.

5.Learn Musical Instrument

So far, you may or may not have tried musical instruments due to your tight time schedule. Now you are in home quarantine. So no need to worry about the time I guess! .If you have any musical instrument at your home, try joining online take the course and learn it.

6.Watch Oscar Contenders

Many movies are nominated for Oscar every year. No matter whether they win or lose, they are just entering Oscar for a reason or watch the Oscar winning films in the past 10 year.

7.Make A Happy Jar

things to do during home quarantine

Write things that you did today that made sense. Write things that made you happy today. Fold it and put it in the happy jar. At the end of home quarantine, you will see the jar full of positivity.

8.Listen To The Podcast That Are Bookmarked

It’s time to listen to the podcast. You may have seen some podcasts and thought to save it for future listening. It may be your work related or something inspiration related. Whatever it is, hear the podcast that spread the positivity.

9.Start The Podcast

You can start a podcast that spread the positivity through it as much as you can.

10.Read Books

Reading may be your favorite hobby, for some it may not. But It is the hobby of all successful people. So even if you are not a fan of stories, read some adventure stories. Because you have the free time now. If you are a book reader, try to read a different genre you are never tried before.

11.Video Chat

Make a call to your family and friends. Do the video chat with them. It’s fun to have the video chat.

12.Start A Blog

You can start a blog on the things you love. If you love your car, start a blog on them. If you love your pet cat or dog or fish, start on blog on them. Just start your blog with your passion.

13.Join An Online Course

It may be your industry related or something other interest related like photography, video editing or reiki, self-hypnosis, psychology. At this coronavirus time, studying the course related to the mental health will help a lot.

14.Find Answers To These Questions

These are all just surround us, and we are all do not know why and how. So try to find answer to these simple and basic questions.

  • Why dogs urinate specifically on tires
  • Why insect are attracted to light
  • How vaccines are made
  • How cases are solved using mathematics
  • Why eating certain foods causes drowsiness
  • Why electric wires don’t shock birds
  • What’s the real color of the sky
  • How a virus works
  • How medicines are made for different diseases. What’s the science behind it?
  • How science works in our everyday life
  • Science behind sport
  • Simple mathematics behind nuclear disasters
  • Is internet speed really faster than light?
  • How birds flock together, how birds migrate to continents and return back without getting lost. Do they have their own GPS?
  • Why are black holes invisible?
  • Why birds tend to fly in V shape?
  • Why rocket nozzles don’t melt even at 3200°
  • Current Vs. Voltage. Which kills?
  • Science behind car jack

Just whatever it might be, learn about how things work around us. Knowledge gathering is a great thing to do during home quarantine in this COVID 19 crisis times.

15.De-Clutter Your Surroundings

things to do during coronavirus home quarantine

Although we have an organized mind set, our surroundings are not in the same way. It is time to declutter your home. Sort things first and then organize it later. Seeing the organized things gives you much happier than having the clutter in home.

16.Write A Thank You Note

Thank all the doctors, nurses, and sanitation workers and everyone who are doing great job during this COVID 19 Crisis. Hang outside your door. Let people see it.

17.Spread the Positive Quote (In Your Surrounding)

Write any positive quote about life or corona and hang it outside every day. It’s an easy positive thing that you can do during the coronavirus Lock Down.

18.Follow A Good Diet

Since we’re all inside our home we get less chance to move. It’s better to take low-calorie diets. Make a schedule. Make meal prep.

19.Avoid Sharing the Fake News

People need some cheer. Don’t forward irresponsible forwards via social media. Unless there’s truth in it, don’t do it.

20.Put Positive Quotes on Your Social Media Daily

Edit some inspiring positive quotes. Post it daily in your social media. Instead of troll memes, let’s spread some good thing. It’s fun too. It could help at least one out there to hope for the best.

21.Play Themed Scrabble

Let today be a bookish themed scrabble. You can plan for book title’s, authors, book genre’s, book publishing houses etc. Next day, try different theme. You can go for movies, sports, celebrities etc. Do it daily with different themes in scrabble.

22.Do Crafts with Your Kids

It can be a fun one to bust out the boredom. You can make yourself and your kids be interested in the creative work you do! Take some crayons, glitter, glue and let your imagination fly over the craft you are doing. For example, you can make occasional hats, cardboard rockets, beautiful flowers, butterflies etc

23.Do Some Art & Craft Work for Your Home

things to do at COVID 19 home quarantine

Instead of doing it with crayons and glitter gels, let’s do the craft work to decorate the home. You can do it with wooden boxes. If you have paint use it. A tool to put holes and reap the wood becomes a necessary one. You can make anything from the garden kettles, coffee table organizer, bird house, fairy décor plate etc.

24.Learn Origami

Learning origami can be an interesting one. There are some different folds and techniques for doing origami. Learn and practice it. Doing the easy origami in the beginning, would help you to do complex designs in the later stages.


Do the doodling. It can be the representation of your favorite cartoon character or your friends or anything you love.

26.Start Journaling

Try bullet journaling if you haven’t done before. Decorate your journal with things at home. It’s a fun thing as well as you can get creative with it.

27.Do Scrap-booking

Scrap booking on the things like you did on the past. Just the memory gathering. It’s one of the creative things you want to do in the ‘Home Quarantine’ Period.

28.Practice Yoga or Some Other Home Fitness

Do any sorts of home fitness like yoga, squats, or anything. Sitting is the new smoking. Move around. Don’t lie around all day. Keep yourself physically engaged. Instead of asking people to get things for you, get up and go get it yourself.

29.Sit with Your Family and Fix the Issues

Try to resolve issues then and there especially if it’s a family Quarantine. Fights and egos are nothing compared to what’s going on in the world.

30.Take A Book and Note Down the Imp or Funny Lines

While reading a book, you may find the important lines which may be helpful to you in some way in the future. Take a fresh notebook and write it down the funny lines too.

31.Follow Some Inspiring Instagram Feeds

Follow some positive inspiring Instagram feeds. It could be about DIY’s, Home Décor’s, Bookish Themed, Journaling, Fitness, etc. Try ideas that you like in your own way.

32.Create A Fairy Garden

things to do during home quarantine

If you have a garden with some plants, try to build a fairy garden. It will be an opt one to do at this time. You can also place a fairy garden inside your home too. You will need a container, mini fairy houses, plants, potting mix and pebbles. Use your creativity and build a fairy garden.

33.Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are the tools for stress relief and mental relaxation. Now it’s the high time to have them both. So just take crayons or coloring pencils, forget your surroundings, your goals, your job and the current corona virus everything. Feel more creative, delighted and start coloring. Take one of favorite page and start there. When you feel like boring, just stop there and when you feel happy, do it again.

34.Nap Time

It’s nap time. Take afternoon naps. Take care of your sleep cycle during this corona lock down days. Bring back the good sleeping habits.

35.Create Playlist

Create new playlists. For workouts, for sleep, for some fun time etc. Gather good music.

36.Stream The Stage Plays

Watch classic plays, and theater performances instead of watching movies and web series all the time.

37.Be You

Open yourself up. Now is a good time to express your apologies, accept your mistakes, or say things that you want to get off your chest.

38.Learn A New Language

Why don’t you use this corona virus home quarantine time to study a new language? Learn the new language you always strive to learn.

39.Play Games

Playing games is one of the things you can do and have in your home with your kids and family members. Play carom or chess or play word games, online quizzes, DIY projects, and Craft projects.

40.Take Care Of Your Skin

Take care of your skin. Do a skin-fasting i.e. don’t use any makeups or moisturizers while you are at your home. Apply natural fruits and juices. Let your skin breathe.

41.Read Folk Stories

Read folk stories form different parts of the world. It’s interesting to learn cultures and reasons behind it.

42.Do A Donation

things to do during home quarantine

Why don’t you consider donating some little funds that you can, to relief and services working towards this Coronavirus crisis? Every country is in the need of economy. Your fund could help them so much.

43.Find & Do the Great Inspiring Pins On Pinterest

Do pins that inspire you from the Pinterest. Normally the pictures are worth the thousand words. So try to find the great inspiring pics from fashion, quotes, travel and many more.

44.Rewire Your Brain

Discard all the things that gave an unforgettable past in the expiration time. It may be an incident or person who gave such terrible things to you. Keeping those disappointment or worry in the brain could affect you as well. So, recall the things that you are grateful about them for 21 days. Once 21 days are over, when you think of that incident / person, all you could know will be the positive one. This is called rewiring of the brain.

45.Use Internet Wisely

Use the Internet wisely during this COVID 19 crisis time. Since we’re all in home quarantine, we tend to use a lot on internet. Essential services, healthcare services need more of the internet speed than us

46.Declutter You

Now is the right time to determine things that you need and things that you want. Sit and de-clutter your personal things, accessories, clothes, bags, shoes etc. Keep things that you really need and like. Pack the rest. No mercy. Donate it. Give to people. Having only the essentials is good thing to practice.

47.Water Coloring Tutorials

Try water coloring tutorials. It’s a good thing that helps you have some good vibes during this Home Quarantine for COVID19.

48.Build A Better You

Write down things that you can change when these Home Quarantine days are over. It could be about:

  • Adapting to healthier lifestyle.
  • Taking care of cleanliness factors.
  • Change in your food habits.
  • Importance of people.
  • Small act of help.
  • Doing things that you like.
  • Anything can happen. The COVID 19 crisis is the best example of how world changed in a day. Let’s be in the present. Let’s value people. Hereafter let’s try to spread goodness every day. Even a smile of ours can do ‘good’ to others.
  • Precautions that you can take like in your finances and savings.
  • Things you can do to be a responsible citizen. Let’s concentrate on it more.
  • Let’s learn to respect and understand people more. We know how temporary life can be as we see it live on TV and media. Things happen in a jiffy.

Home Quarantine, Self- isolation time is a good chance to reflect our good and bad, flaws and perfections. Let’s learn from it. To make the world a better place starts from us.

49.Learn New Technologies

50.Do It Today

Sit and analyze things that you left out so far in doing. Don’t postpone further. Take baby steps and do it. It could be your finances, taxes, assignments, studies, writing your thesis, presentations etc.

51.Plant A Garden

Setting up a garden is not a tough thing to do. Seeing the first flower or first vegetable from the plant we grow is such a nice feeling you can have. Plant a garden from the things you have. Now at home quarantine you can grow mint, coriander, onion or tomato or anything that grow from its stem.

52.Do Garden DIY Projects

From wood garden pathway to water fountain you can do many DIY projects. Creating a fence, creating a path way are just other examples of these projects.

Let’s understand the necessity for Home Quarantine, Social Distancing, and Self-Isolation. We are not asked to hold a gun and stand in a battlefield. We are asked to just stay indoors and social distance ourselves.

Don’t rely too much on the TV, Internet and Social Media. It’s okay to check them occasionally to know what’s happening. But we shouldn’t see it or hear the corona virus update all the time. It’s not good to us and above all let’s not spread rumors. Maintain the attitude of ‘Don’t Panic. Try to maintain a positive attitude’. Reassure these things to your kids during this corona virus home quarantine times.

As long as people recover, there’s hope.

As long as the healthcare services and professionals around us trying their best to solve the crisis, there’s hope.

0Stay Clam. Stay Safe. Stay Responsible. Stay Indoors. Let’s fight the COVID19 together.

We hope that the things we shared here to try during these home quarantine / Lock down times will be of useful to you. Got some ideas yourself? Please do share it and comment it below!