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Top 24 Cute Things To Do For Your Sweet Boyfriend

special things to do for your boyfriend
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When you are in love, it’s quite natural to do the selfless things for the significant other. From packing lunch to throwing him a surprise bash, there are a hell load of things you can do to brighten up his day. These are all considered cute in the girls’ world. But the brutal reality is, things are perceived differently in both the (male and female) worlds. If you ever attempted to make him fell flat and failed pathetically in the past, do not give up. We are here to help you out. The things we have shared here are accepted as sweet and cute by every man alike. Some of these things are simple and some of them require your time and effort. Go through the entire list, recreate it for your boyfriend. This time nothing can stop you from earning his love and appreciation.

Cute Things To Do For Your Boyfriend 

1.Gift Him Without Any Reason

cute things to do for your boyfriend-1

No bouquet of flowers or chocolates please!. No man will be interested in getting such girly gifts. You will need to dig a little deeper to find out what he really likes. Is he into baseball? surprise him with a new pair of brand new stylish glove before he leaves to the playground or buy him the ticket for his favorite sports team secretly. If he is a gamer, get him a new play station game or brand new headset that he always wanted to buy for.

When you gift him something that he would love, he would fell flat definitely. He would even appreciate your efforts for knowing his interests. It’s a big plus!. And you can gift him anything at any time. Do you really need a reason and a season?

2. Acknowledge His Next Love – Guys Love It

cute things to do for your boyfriend-2

No! I am not talking about affairs. If your guy is a gamer, you can better understand what I am talking about. Redditor Mr.Payson had received an awesome Nintendo tribute from his girlfriend as his birthday present. He got excited and posted it on Reddit. It was upvoted quickly and made the Reddit homepage. I don’t need to tell you why. Guys loved this tribute and you should read the comments from guys so you will know what they feel about this precious Nintendo tribute. One comment goes like this ” When it came to girlfriends to select, he made a great decision on who to start a relationship with. He should Be excited.”. Such a nice compliment !.

You don’t need to be geeky to do something like this. Find out what your guy loves a lot. Decide what to do and seek some help from your friends or the internet. Guys love it when their girlfriend behave smartly especially in the things they are obsessed with.

They say, “The way to the man’s heart is through his stomach“. Though it’s true to some extent, if your guy is a video gamer, you can better off to his heart through this simple trick.

3.Plan A Candle Lit Dinner

cute things to do for your boyfriend-3

Your man may have had a rough day at work. Though there are not many things you can do about his work, you can do a few things to brighten his day when he returns.

Throw him a surprise candlelit dinner in your home. It is not going to cost you an arm or leg. Just cook something that he would love to eat. Switch off the lights and lit the candles. Boom! It is as simple as it is. You both will surely enjoy this ambiance.

4. Post Cute Love Quotes On Social Media And Tag Your Boyfriend

love quotes for boyfriend

The habit of exchanging love letters had gone outdated. From celebrities to ordinary people, everyone now uses social media to update their day to day life. Why don’t you take it to your advantage? Post a cute love quote on your wall in any social media where your boyfriend is active. Tag your boyfriend and give a mention in your post. Make sure the quote you post is indeed a cute one. The more it gets likes, the better. When your boyfriend opens his social media and sees your tag and mention, won’t he get impressed?

Check out our dedicated post on cute love quotes for boyfriend. These are liked by people of all kinds. Your boyfriend will love it too.

5.Decorate His Room Surprisingly

cute things to do for your boyfriend-5

If you and your boyfriend live in different places, trying this trick will impress him surely.If he lives in a separate apartment, managed to get his key for a day and create a duplicate key from the original one. If he shares a room with a flatmate, your task will get even simpler. You don’t need to break in like a thief. Seek help from his flatmate to assist you in this task. When you have some tricky special things to do for your boyfriend without his knowledge, keeping his friends or someone who is closely connected to the situation is always a wiser option.

Make sure that he won’t return to his apartment until you finish the decorations. Clean his home. Decorate it beautifully. Leave some gifts and lock the room. Join with him on the way when he returns to his home. Enjoy watching him as his lovely eyes widened in surprise.

If you both live in the same apartment, you can still surprise with this trick.

6.Write A Word On The Mirror On His Birthday sweet things to do for your boyfriend

Right after checking his phone, seeing his reflection in the mirror might be the next probable thing your boyfriend do in the morning. This is where you are gonna start your surprise. Write a beautiful special message on the mirror wishing his birthday. Buy bathtub crayons online or at your local store and keep it ready on your hands before the big day arrives.

7.Shower Him With Plenty Of Kisses

special things to do for your boyfriend

Nothing can express the romance than those lovely kisses and tight hugs. Shower him with your kisses at a totally unexpected time. Show your man the deep of your love by covering him with your kisses from his head to toe. Sometimes, showcasing your romance like a high schooler is also one of the nice things to do for your boyfriend.

8.Give Your Man A Romantic Bath Followed By A Body Massage

special things to do for your boyfriend

When your boyfriend or husband comes home from his work, greet him at the door with your sweet kisses. Give him a warm sudsy bath followed by a full body massage. Gently massage his tired, aching body parts with lotion, baby oil and of course with your exquisite love. Your man will consider it sweet and will love you for this.

9.Help Him To Accomplish A Thing On His Bucket List

cute things to do for your boyfriend-9

As you have spent enough time together as a couple, you must have heard him talking about his bucket list. If you don’t know it yet, try to know it. Find out the pending items on his bucket list. Help him accomplish his wishes that fall within your reach. It can be anything. If serving in an NGO is on his bucket list, sign up him for an NGO programme. If having a racetrack driving experience in a super car is on his bucket list, get him a gift card for this activity at the racetrack near you. Watch his smile as he opens your gift card.

10.Fill His Refrigerator With Half Dozen Of His Favorite Beer

cute things to do for your boyfriend-10

11.Send Him A Text Saying “I Miss You”

cute things to do for your boyfriend-11

If you both are super busy and do not find time to spend it together, send him text messages saying “I Miss You”. Guys never admit how much they starve for this message but they admire it secretly. Give your try.

12.Balloon Surprise

things to make for your boyfriend

Nothing is greater than receiving doorstep surprises. You can plan this surprise for anyone who deserves a bit of cheer and excitement. Essentially, we are going to make some colorful balloons popping out of the box and float on the air with an attached special note. If you ever wanted to do a creative thing for your boyfriend, I strongly suggest you go with this idea. It is super awesome and budget friendly. All you need is just a large box, colorful balloons, Foam core, tape, and glue. You can follow studiodiy.com instructions and prepare this surprise in easy simple steps. Once it’s prepared, leave it at the recipient’s doorstep, ring a calling bell and run. Capture his confused excited reactions from far away. Leave a friendly note on the top of the box so he will open it immediately without any fear or hesitation. What do you feel about this? Is it not the best thing to make for your boyfriend?

13.Get Naughty With Your Outfit Inside Your Bedroom

cute things to do for your boyfriend-13

You know it!. He always wanted to see you in that particular Victoria Secret Model outfit. You simply denied it because you didn’t feel confident. If it sounds like you, turn your naughty side up now. Try something sexy and outlandish inside your bedroom. Fulfilling your Boyfriend’s dirty wish is unquestionably the cutest thing in the world. No matter how stressful his day went on, he will forget everything when you start playing in the bed.

14.Compliment Him When He Fails

nice things to do for your boyfriend-14

You will compliment him when he succeeds, everyone will do it. But what you do when he fails in his attempts? Maybe it’s his business or sports or anything else you know how much effort he puts into that. Compliment him for what he has achieved so far. Motivate him when he fails. Find a way to keep him refreshed. He will never forget you for doing such nice things for him.

15.Send Him One Gift Per Hour On His Special Day

nice things to do for your boyfriend-15

Your gifts can be the store bought or DIY or the blend of both. You just need one gift per hour, that’s all. Start his special day by having a courier man delivering the bouquet of flowers with a delicious cake at sharp 12 o’clock. You may continue to give him one gift per hour from then on.

16.Arrange A Surprise Birthday Party Up On The Roof Top

cute things to do for your boyfriend-16

Invite his friends and family members and arrange a secret rooftop party on your terrace. Switch off the lights and everything. Make sure your boyfriend does not aware any of these arrangements. Lead him to terrace at sharp 12 o’clock. Bang! Start the party. Your boyfriend will surely love this cute thing and you will see your relationship growing by leaps and bounds. Yeah, you got it. It is something like how Lilly surprised marshal on his big day.

17.Get Along With His Family

sweet things to do for your boyfriend-17

As you are here to find out the cute things to do for your boyfriend, it’s our responsibility to help you achieve it in every possible way. Skipping this part will never make you look sweet.To earn his love and score extra marks, stay sweet to his family as well.

Send flowers to his mom on her birthday. Take her out to a coffee shop. Give her a surprise visit and cook a meal for her or invite her to your place. Assist his mom in the party arrangements if there is any family function coming up.

Gift to all of his family members on their special day. His mom, dad, sister, brother, kids, his dog everyone. Your gifts can be as simple as greeting cards, flowers, toys, books or anything but that must be meaningful. If you can read their mind and give them the gifts to their interest, you will be loved by his entire family.

18. Get Him A Car Wash Coupon Or Wash His Car Yourself Surprisingly

sweet things to do for your boyfriend

Boys love their cars. They will do anything for its maintenance. Just think how much he feels proud when you help him in the thing he loves?

19.Post-Sweet Things About Your Boyfriend On Social Media

Let the world know how lucky you feel for finding him as your boyfriend. Write how much you admire your boyfriend and his relationship. This is really a cute gesture that shows your love and care towards him.

20.Indulge In The Joy Of Public Display Of Affection

cute things to do for your boyfriend-20

Generally, guys act like they don’t really care about the PDA moments. But deep in their heart, they crave to have their hot girlfriend’s arms around their neck in public. If you are his sexy girlfriend, don’t hesitate to indulge in PDA. Kisses, hugs, hand holding everything is appreciated.

 For Guys Who Really Don’t Like The PDA

things to do for your boyfriend-019

This works only if the guy you love really do not care about the PDA moments. In such cases, you have to know when and where and how much you engage him with a light PDA without creating a shy away moment. Given below are some of the cute things to do for your boyfriend especially when you are in public.

Locking Your Arms

When you are walking down the road with your friends or relatives, just lock his arms with your arms. It would send a very positive message to your boyfriend. It would tell others that you want to be seen with him and you are proud to be having him as your BF.

Whisper In His Ears

PDA does not always mean to be a physical one. It means more of it. For example, in public whisper something in his ears. It may be the more casual thing like “I am very happy to be here for you” or maybe the naughty jokes. This kind of whispering will show the intimacy between you two and even the guys who shy away to kiss in public will like this kind of whispering.

21.Act Like A Man When It’s Necessary


Thought at most of the times your guy will want you to behave like a girl, there are times in which he will expect you to think like a man. He would want you to understand him when he demands his own space, playing video games, remote controlled helicopters or cars, looking at other women in the bar etc. Wake up your inner tomboyish child again and you will start to think like a man.

22. Get Wasted Together

cute things to do for your boyfriend-(8)

Guys love to forget themselves and the worldly stuff entirely every now and then. Your guy is not an exception. Spare your Saturday night for him. Fill the refrigerator with his favorite beer and give him a company when he starts to drink. Get wasted together. Lock your doors and set up your drinking place nearer to your bed and the loo. It will help you avoid much of the cleaning work in the next day morning. The best part about doing this thing for your boyfriend is, he will remember this fun of binge drinking together. He may call you as the best girlfriend one can ever get on this earth.

23. Ask Your Boyfriend’s Fantasy

sweet things to do for your boyfriend
Ask out your boyfriend’s fantasy that he hasn’t told anyone else. It may be climbing on Alaska’s glacier or maybe a rifer crafting trip. Windsurf, kayaking or he may even want to build a new home whatever it may be, lend your hands for him to accomplish it.

24. Be Appreciative

nice things to do for your boyfriend

You may have dreamt of going on an expensive Yacht ride or a romantic gateway or some other big things on your birthday. Don’t disappoint him if he only brings a bouquet of flowers or a teddy bear. Unlike women, guys rarely remember the important days. They mostly celebrate the moments on the way as they go. Give a sweet reminder before the important days approach. Accept his token of love happily. Be appreciative and acknowledge his every little effort for making you happy. He will feel thankful for getting such an appreciative girlfriend in his life.

Have you ever tried any of these cute things for your boyfriend? What’s his reaction? Write to us. We are waiting to hear from you.


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