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16 Best Rose Scented Perfumes – These Smell Like Roses !

rose scented perfume
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Rose is the queen of beauty and rose perfumes are undoubtedly the most elegant and delicious floral fragrance. This scent is magical enough to make you feel like a blooming fresh flower throughout the day. There are different occasions, during the night sleep, daytime and on special occasions, you can wear this perfume. Here I have given 16 best rose perfumes, you can try anyone. Once you tried automatically, you will buy another rose perfume. So bookmark it:-). Let’s dive on to the list now.

Top 16 Best Rose Scented Perfumes  

1.Elizabeth & James ‘Rose Nirvana’

rose scented perfume

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Elizabeth & James ‘Rose Nirvana’ was released to bring the elegant, mysterious, sophisticated and stylish nature of the rose. With geranium and Vetiver combined, this rose smelling perfume brings out the wild side of rose and comes strong and spicy at first spritz. But when it settles,  you get the gorgeous earthy rose fragrance that makes you feel like you’re surrounded by Provence roses along with the land in which it grows, which is very unique. If you adore ‘rose-based perfumes’ or ‘rose scented perfumes’, then try Rose Nirvana. If you are not a rose perfume lover, then this is not your cup of tea. But you can explore different shades and aromas of rose with this perfume.

The silage and longevity are moderate. The earthy rose fragrance of Rose Nirvana is ideal during evening and night outs. You can also wear it in winter too.

2.Mon Guerlain ‘Bloom of Rose’ EDT

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Bloom of Rose by Mon Guerlain is one of the best rose perfumes that celebrates the joy of individuality and being yourself. It will make you feel like having a freshly bloomed flower bouquet dominated by rose. Mon Guerlain used their signature floral notes of Sambac Jasmine and Carla Lavender and combined it with Neroli & Rose to give you the fresh lively floral scent with the sweetness of rose. With just one spritz you can feel the freshness of flowers, the sweetness of vanilla, tangy cheery blackcurrant, earthy sandalwood and royalty of rose. Try it at least once. Bloom of Rose is a perfume with rose and vanilla which pretty much sums up how fresh it is going to be.

Wear it in the mornings to have a fresh start, to breakfast mornings with friends, family members or loved ones. The floral freshness of “Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose” is perfect for all occasions and events.

3.Frederic Malle Dominique Ropion ‘Portrait of A Lady’ Eau De Parfum

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“The portrait of a lady” – The sound of her voice, the way she is and the way she plays and just about all things of a lady. Portrait of A lady defines the women who take on the world with her charm, sophistication, and grace emanating from within. The rose fragrance speaks of her simple yet complex nature, elegant & grace but yet strong in whom she is. With a top note of a Rose, ‘Portrait of a Lady’ is put together in a bed of exotic ingredients like Blackcurrant, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Amber, Cannelle, Framboise, Cassis imbued with Sandalwood, Frankincense with the accord of Clove, Raspberry.

The perfume is long-lasting with heavy sillage which is perfect for wearing it all day long from morning to evening. Definitely try Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady at least once if you are on the lookout for best rose scented perfumes.

4.Givenchy Live Irrésistible ‘Rosy Crush’

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Live Irrésistible Rosy Crush is a new vibrant, cheery burst of flowers with the vivaciousness of pink. Launched early in this year of 2019, you don’t need to look for the recent best rose-scented perfume as you have the perfect fragrance from Givenchy. Rosy crush is a wonderful blend of rosy energy and vivacious pink pepper designed for spontaneous women who live freely and embraces the power of pink. Like its name ‘rosy crush’, it will make you have a crush on this fragrance. Like the perfume, the perfume bottle is also very attractive and pleasing which you do not want to miss out.

The sillage and longevity are moderate. You can wear this perfumes for your girls’ outings, office meetings or quick presentations, to meetings over breakfast or lunch, shopping.

5.Penhaligon’s ‘The Coveted Duchess Rose’ Eau De Parfum

what perfume smells like roses

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With deep dark sensuous & richly aromatic Rose notes, the coveted duchess rose by Penhaligon’s is a must-have rose-scented perfumes in your vanity. The mysterious wild rose notes are addicting and irresistible. This exotic rose perfume will definitely become your signature scent. The heart note of rose with mandarin and musky wood notes will just get you intoxicated to the fragrance. Romantic, fun and frivolity with a bit of mystery and exoticism are what this perfume stands for. It’s not an innocent rose but a sensuous, deep, mysterious wild rose. Penhaligon’s signature perfume bottles are never to be missed. You can get your Penhaligon’s perfume bottle engraved to add a personal touch.

It will be a wonderful choice for your after-hours, evenings or dinner outings as the mysterious and wild rose fragrance will help you take on the parties and nights with a sway.

6.Paul Smith Rose

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The Paul Smith Rose emits a classic, expensive smell. For sure, it wouldn’t smell like your grandmother’s roses. If you are looking to find a perfume that smells like real roses this Paul smith shouldn’t be missed out. In the beginning, a pleasant rose smell would spread over your body with violet, green tea, and rose accords. You may observe a strong green tea note. Afterward, this prominent tea rose perfume takes you into the world of Turkish and magnolia. It adds a little decent silage and this what makes it interesting. This perfume would make you noticeable in the most favorable way. Totally, it gives a sweet, rosy and spicy smell that is friendly and charming with a touch of bit stylish/sassy. Rose by Paul Smith is heartily rose and simply unique.

It has moderate longevity and can be worn on your office, on your first casual date and almost all of your day time activity.

7.Paris Yves Saint Laurent for Women EDT

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Paris – how could you leave the city without being loved? Yves Saint Laurent is designed as a tribute to the Paris most romantic, elegant and charming people here. It is an excellent combination of most fragrant roses and violet flowers. The scent of this most popular women perfume starts with violet flowers and gradually boom into the rose scent and finally ends with sandalwood. The women who wear this rose scented perfume would be devastatingly beautiful. By just wearing this scent, men will fall away at her feet and other women will envy her.  Yves Saint Laurent Paris is a true rosy fragrance with the long-lasting feel of the romance and passion of Paris. From 16 to 116, this rose perfume can be worn by anyone around especially the women in love.

 Yves Saint Laurent Paris is a very strong and long-lasting one. It has great sillage.

8.Tom Ford Private Blend Café Rose

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If you are a perfume addict, Tom Ford’s scent will keep surprising you with its unique blend of scents until it fades away. With the enticing blend of classic rose and sensuous coffee, this scent redefines the innocent fragrance of floral scents into dark and wild scent. This best rose perfume opens with saffron, merges into floral rosy scents with elegance and then swamps into intoxicating and seductive scents of coffee and pepper. The scent finally ends with vanilla and rose, patchouli accord.

This perfume gives excellent longevity for 8 hours. Every hour it provides distinct unexpected fragrances. Try this once, you will be surprised.

9.CHLOÉ Fleur De Parfum

best rose perfume

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The new Fleur De Parfum by chloé unveils the sensual intimacy of the classic Rose with a modern twist. The tender ‘Rose’ has been wonderfully combined with the tangy inflections of raspberry. With keeping in mind the luxurious and royalty of a Rose, the perfume combines the heart of verbena flowers to add a touch of absolute delicacy along with hearts of cherry blossoms and milky almond notes. The perfume comes with iconic finely pleated glass and hand-tied ribbon. With moderate soft sillage and longevity, Chloé Fleur De Parfum is perfect for quick meetings or if you want to grab a quick breakfast or lunch with your girl gang.  You can also wear this on your tours, to the workplace or when visiting your relatives and families. Chloé Fleur De Parfum is one of the best rose-scented perfumes ideal for wearing on all occasions.

best rose perfume ever

If you like chloé brand and rose-based perfumes then you should also try Chloé Eau De Parfum, an ultimate feminine scent with the classic sensuous Rose which runs with the spirit of Peony, Freesia and Magnolia with a touch of cedar and ambergris in the bed of fruity Litchi. It’s a timeless sophisticated feminine fragrance that encapsulates the chloé spirit. This is one of the rose-scented perfumes that will cheer you up instantly and will make your day.

10. Bvlgari Splendida Rose Rose Eau De Parfum

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The new Bvlgari Splendida Rose Rose is a collection of finest perfumery that gives us a seductive appeal of the royal rose to evoke the Italian romance between Bvlgari and women. You have the middle note of damask rose which blends wonderfully with the top notes of cheery mandarin orange and blackberry. It doesn’t stop with that. The Splendida Rose Rose goes into an exotic earthy woody undertone with patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, and musk. With the middle note of damask rose and striking earthy undertones you can only imagine how amazing and interesting the perfume would be. Bvlgari Splendida Rose Rose will make you experience a seductive, royal, wild yet a ‘class-apart’ kind of fragrance that suits you. It’s the most recommended perfume for ladies who love roses.

The sillage and longevity is moderate so you can wear them out to your short travels, car travels, quick outings, shopping, quick meetings, on winter mornings, on a dull gloomy climate to add a touch of cheer.

perfume that smells like real rosesIf you can’t get enough of Bvlgari then you should try the Bvlgari Rose Goldea Limited Edition in Collaboration with Jacky Tsai. First of all, the limited edition Jacky Tsai Rose Goldea bottle is a stunner and we can’t keep our eyes from looking at it time to time. It is inspired by ‘garden of treasured flowers’ with seductive Rose being the sovereign supreme. Inspired by the signature Rose Goldea and iconic serpent jewelry, Jacky Tsai created this perfume as a burst of exotic flowers to define femininity i.e. both subtle and passionate. It will make you feel like you’re walking amidst a heavenly garden full of wonderful fully bloomed flowers.  Both top and middle notes have the sweetness of damask rose while it adds a touch of passion and subtlety through vanilla, sandalwood, peony, and jasmine. But this limited edition is only available at the Bvlgari outlet store. You can check it at your country’s city by entering into the Bvlgari’s website here.

You can wear it for all of your preferred occasions and the perfume’s sillage and longevity is moderate and doesn’t overpower.

11.Le Labo Rose 31

best rose perfume

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With Rose 31, the brand Le Labo created the feeling of voluptuousness and femininity of the famous ‘Grasse Rose’ into a bottle of fragrance. Rose 31 gives a sensuality of Guaiac Wood, Labdanum and Cistus.  It is a very unique and distinct rose perfume that is both masculine and feminine. The perfume highlights the Rose wonderfully along with dark mysterious woody earthy notes. In this perfume, you have the feminine ambiguity of Centifolia Rose followed by the woody-spicy and warm notes of Cumin, Olibanum, Cedar and Slight touch of Amber.

Le Labo Rose 31 is long-lasting rose perfume but gives a moderate sillage. The warm earthy notes combined with gorgeous rose is perfect for night outs and harsh winter mornings. You can also wear it on day times, summer days too.

12.Stella McCartney Stella Eau de Parfum 

rose scented perfume

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A glance of the perfect lavender packing of this scent will steal your heart and prompt you to begin with. With the aroma of crushed rose petals and a tint of amber, this fragrance starts spreading its supreme rosy feel. It is the perfume that smells like roses! It comes with a deeper pure rose scent and refreshing fruity effects. The perfect blend of rosy, fruity and citrus scents would glorify your inner diva and will leave you with a sensual sensation.

It is an intense fragrance which lasts for hours and leaves you with a deeper feminine feel. Can mark it as the best female perfume.

13.Rosabotanica Balenciaga Paris EDP

rose scented perfume

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Note : EDP is not available now but you can buy the EDP Spray. It’s also gives an amazing smell.

The cheery design of the bottle and the packaging will attract you the very first instant you see. The rich and contrasting designs of the Mother Nature combined with contemporary black & white design on the cap and oversized tube are amazing. It’s like bringing two different worlds together and that’s what the perfume is designed for. Rosabotanica stands for an encounter between two worlds, a poetic reunion of opposites. The bottle design will itself make you want to try this perfume for once. With middle note topped by Rose, Rosabotanica lives up to its name as it combines the most exotic botanicals like pink pepper, cardamom, white amber, cedar, vetiver, patchouli, hyacinth, Petitgrain and fig leaf.

Rosabotanica gives mild sillage and longevity. You can wear this on your date, when going out on your candlelight romantic dinners, to sleepovers with your best friends and on girl’s night out.

14.Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose

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It’s not rose + tea perfume. It is a tea rose perfume! .Get vanished into the beautiful world of roses and some rich floral fragrances while using this rose perfume. This scent would make you feel the softness and power of fresh roses at the opening. And then it will immerse you in the rich fragrance of chamomile tea. However, this fragrance is all about roses. It will make you feel the dew drops in your skin with the outstanding freshness of tea, balsamic, woodsy and citrus fragrances. If you like the scent of roses, definitely you would like this perfume.

It has moderate sillage and longevity.

15.Giorgio Armani ‘Armani Privé Rose Alexandrie’

“I wanted to create a fragrance which paid tribute to the rose, to the contrast in this strong and fragile flower. Rose Alexandrie is my dedication.” — Giorgio Armani

perfume that smells like roses

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Rose Alexandrie, the best rose perfume belongs to the Armani Privé collection. It is designed as a tribute to the spirit of the gardens of Alexandria. Drawing inspiration from the most loved flower (most fragrant rose in the world) – the Damask Rose, this perfume is full of grace, heady and intense, both soft and potent that personify the femininity. The central note is a blend of classic & romantic damask rose infused with the uniqueness of yellow mimosa. You have the luxuriousness of Italian Neroli petals and cheeriness of bergamot and mandarin orange. If you’re looking for best rose smelling perfume for yourself, the Armani Privé Rose Alexandrie is a wonderful choice as no one can personify the classiness than Giorgio Armani.

The perfume comes with moderate sillage and longevity. It definitely marks your presence and brings you a signature statement. it’s good summer/hot weather perfume.

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From the Armani Privé collection, we have yet another good rose scented perfume ‘Armani Rose D’Arabie’. Rose D’Arabie is designed as an ode to the essence of rose with a touch of saffron outset. It is a signature blend of confidence and sensuality. With the sensuous power of damask rose, the perfume brings forth the golden touch of saffron with patchouli, dark woods at the heart and gold amber. It leaves a heavy sillage and it is very long-lasting.

If your first home is your office/workplace/studio and you spend most of your time there, wear Rose D’Arabie as it’s very long-lasting. You can also wear it during your flight travels because the high longevity will keep you fresh amidst your boarding to flight till you reach your destination.

16.Guerlain Idylle Eau De Parfum

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If we can put Guerlain Idylle Eau De Parfum in simple words it would be like “Bulgarian Rose Overdose”. The Bulgarian rose is blended with fresh flower embellishments and white musks. The heart note of jasmine mixed with Bulgarian rose blend along with fresh peony, freesia, and white lilac will make you go crazy for this Idylle. Do you know what’s even more special? The iconic Mythical Bee Bottle design which was designed by French royalty in 1853 since Bee is the symbol of their empire, awesome is it. La Maison Guerlain emblem has been the Bee. This rose-scented perfume symbolizes joyful, sensual and timeless spirit.

The perfume gives moderate sillage and longevity. It suits for every occasion so feel free to use it as you wish.

Since the time of kings and queens to today’s contemporary world, Rose is a timeless entity and a classic stunner. Whoever you are, having a single Rose Scented Perfume completes your beauty staple. Some people might feel tricky and too feminine to wear rose perfumes, but trust me guys Rose is never too much. Rose has a timeless wild spirit in itself and when blended with woody wild and exotic ingredients, you get nothing more than a stunning fragrance and empowered spirit. Choose any of the perfumes that smell like real roses from our list above, Wear it and slay it no matter the occasion. Whatever it might be, you’re the boss when it comes to wearing your perfumes.