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15 Best Rose Scented Perfumes – These Smell Like Real Roses !

Rose perfumes are undoubtedly the most elegant and delicious floral fragrance. This scent is magical enough to make you feel as a blooming fresh flower throughout the day. There are different occasions when you can carry these lovely perfumes and let people around you long for this ecstasy. For a precious Valentine’s Day gift or for a romantic date out or for her birthday, here are some of the rose scented perfumes from the beginning to now, you‘ll love!. These are popular and of course, the best rose perfumes!. The answer to your question, what perfume smells like roses? ends here. Pick anyone from the below and start experiencing the feeling.

Top 15 Best Rose Scented Perfumes  

1.Frederic Malle Editions de Parfum Une Rose

best rose perfume

Une Rose is a Photorealistic in the world of roses.  It makes you feel the freshness and sweetness to the wearer and smells gorgeous to the people around. It is what to expect from any rose perfume! It is the perfume that cloaks the smokiness of woody scents under the sweetness of red roses. The smell of rose is there (because it’s perfume) but it’s not toxic as it seems in other sexy perfumes. Top notes of this perfume are innocent enough: a lovely fresh rose mixed with geranium which gives a carefree, outing on a summer day feel. As it dries down sniff of wine dregs takes over. The longer it stays, the more you like. It has got an excellent silage and projection, high 13 hours of longevity on the skin.

Wear Une Rose once, you will fall in love with it from the time being on.

 2.Chloe rose De Chloe Eau De Toilette

best rose perfume

Chloe Rose is simply a fresh bouquet of roses. The incredible fragrance of roses will make you smell fantastic throughout the day. This mesmerising combination of roses, bergamot and Magnolia is perfect for date nights, special occasions and for regular use too. This sensational scent gives a romantic twist around without being too girly. Wrapped in an elegant packing, it also includes the white musk, the signature fragrance of Chloe which enriches the freshness and nostalgia. This is a beautiful spring/summer scent with exceptional freshness and long-lasting effect.

3.Stella McCartney Stella

best rose perfume

A glance of the perfect lavender packing of this scent will steal your heart and prompt you to begin with. With the aroma of crushed rose petals and a tint of amber, this fragrance starts spreading its supreme rosy feel. It is the perfume that smells like roses! It comes with a deeper rose scent and refreshing fruity effects. The perfect blend of rosy, fruity and citrus scents would glorify your inner diva and will leave you with a sensual sensation. It is an intense fragrance which lasts for hours and leaves you with a deeper feminine feel.

4.Guerlain Nahéma

rose scented perfume

 Guerlain Nahema is different with numerous elements present. It’s like a jar of happiness with lots of roses, hyacinths’ Orientals, Ylang-Ylang, Peach and many more. This classic yet not dated perfume is exotic and mesmerizing. This classic rose scent comes with a honey sweet, spicy and woodsy dark blend which will make you smell fabulous throughout the day. If you need a gentle, appealing scent which starts with a dark smoky feel and slowly intensifies vanilla and rose accords, this is the classic one to choose. Experience a rush of soft rosy to sweet ylang-ylang notes which traverses and makes you smell awesome. All true rose fanatics should have this perfume in their collection. The rosy effect of this scent gives longevity of 5-6 hours.

5.Paris Yves Saint Laurent For Women

rose scented perfume

 Paris – how could you leave the city without being loved? Yves Saint Laurent is designed as a tribute to the Paris most romantic, elegant and charming people here. It is an excellent combination of roses and violet flowers. The scent of this best rose perfume starts with violet flowers and gradually boom into rose scent and finally ends with sandalwood. The women who wear this rose scented perfume would be devastatingly beautiful. By just wearing this scent, men will drop at her feet and other women will envy on her.  Yves Saint Laurent Paris is a true rosy fragrance with the long-lasting feel of the romance and passion of Paris. From 16 to 116, this beauty can be worn by anyone around.

6.Tom Ford Private Blend Café Rose

best rose perfume

If you are perfume addict, Tom Ford’s this scent will keep surprising you with its unique blend of scents until it fades away. With the enticing blend of classic rose and sensuous coffee, this scent redefines the innocent fragrance of floral scents into dark and wild scent. This best roses scented perfume opens with saffron, merges into floral rosy scents with elegance and then swamps into intoxicating and seductive scents of coffee and pepper. The scent finally ends with a vanilla and rose, patchouli accord. This perfume gives an excellent longevity for 8 hours. Every hour it provides distinct unexpected fragrances. Try this once, you will be surprised.

7.Chloe L’eau de Perfume For Women 

perfume that smells like roses

Chloe L’eau de perfume starts with a refreshing flavour of rose floral and musk scents while settling into carefree woodsy and spicy fragrances. This crispy, light and beautifully feminine fragrance come in an elegant packaging. Inside the bottle, it comes in a light green liquid, top of it, silver colour cap wrapped up in a bright green bow. It’s for every woman who loves floral. Apart from roses, it also smells like powdery notes of lychee, magnolia flower and freesia. It gives good long lasting effect and it stays close to your skin.

8.Bvlgari Rose Essentielle L’Eau De Toilette Rosee EDT

 rose scented perfume

This fragrance is for all the gorgeous young ladies out there. Designed with the fresh and secret scents of Turkish rose, orange and jasmine, this sensual scent has a classic and sophisticated effect. With a single stroke, you will feel the freshness of ottoman rose which is transforming into luxurious floral scents and ending with patchouli, citrus and musk scents. As its name suggests, it is a classic rosy scent with a blend of some rich feminine fragrances. It’s a perfume that smells like real roses. It’s definitely not an old-fashioned perfume which is worn by your grandma. It’s for modern women who expose confidence in whatever they do.

9.Paul Smith Rose

best rose perfume

The Paul Smith Rose emits a classic yet not out dated smell. In the beginning, a pleasant rose smell would spread over your body with violet, green tea and rose accords. You may observe a strong green tea note. Afterward, this prominent tea rose perfume takes you into the world of Turkish and magnolia. It adds a little more silage and this makes it interesting. This perfume would make you noticeable in a most favourable way. Totally, it gives a sweet, rosy and spicy smell that is charming and friendly with a touch of bit stylish/sassy. Rose by Paul Smith is heartily rose and simply unique.

10.Givenchy Very Irresistible

best rose perfume

 Just as the name suggests, Givenchy Very Irresistible is the pure scent of roses. You can feel the soft touch of rose petals on your skin with this redefining feminine and charming scent. For young and gorgeous beauties, these floral blends of scents will simply a perfect choice to consider. With the first spray, you will feel the freshness of anise and marvellous floral scents. The extraordinary silage and alluring mix of musk, woodsy and spicy tints will make you fall in love with Givenchy very irresistible. This rose scented perfume can be described as the beauty, modernity and a romance grantor.

11.Balenciaga Florabotanica Eau de Parfum Spray

perfumes that smell like roses

One of the ravishing fragrances in the world of Rose scents is the Balenciaga Florabotanica which is designed to attract the younger audience. You will first get attracted to the beautiful packaging which is modern and the silage is long lasting. It smells with a rich amalgamation of mint, roses, amber and vetiver. This is a very naturalistic perfume with earthy herbal and floral blends which will make you smell awesome throughout the day. Wear this perfume, you can’t stop sniffing yourself. This strong yet not overpowering rosy smell turns the people’s head towards you. This best rose perfume lasts long enough around 8 hours on an average.

12.Giorgio Armani Si

best rose scented perfume

Armani fragrances for women are always unique and surprising. This Si Giorgio Armani is not an exception. It has a hidden surprise of irresistible rose fragrance that is hidden in the middle accords. Opening shades of cassis with patchouli will leave you curious. Further, it will lead you towards the rich feel of vanilla, patchouli and woodsy notes. We can describe it as the best rose perfume which gives a really sweet rose scent and well done with vanilla – fruitchouli. It’s sophisticated, very versatile and appropriate for almost any day (either it’s a cold or summer) on any season. Giorgio Armani Si can be worn by any women who is confident and self-assured. If you love floral perfume, I’m sure this will be on your top 5.

13.Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One

best rose perfume

“Rose the One” from Dolce & Gabbana is the ultimate rose fragrance all the women who are looking to find the perfumes that smell like roses. The packaging itself is beautifully gracious and has tints of rose all around. The opening of the scent is very nice. Further, it turns into spicy sensual notes. The rich intoxications notes of black current, grapefruit, mandarin, lily, rose, sandalwood and vanilla forms such a precious scent. Rose the one is for all the romantics out there. This perfume is office friendly and suitable throughout the year. The scent is soft which stay close to your skin. It has poor silage that is the only thing drawback to note here.

14.Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose

perfume that smells like real roses

It’s not rose + tea perfume. It is a tea rose perfume! .Get vanished into the beautiful world of roses and some rich floral fragrances while using this rose perfume. This scent would make you feel the softness and power of fresh roses at the opening. And then it will immerse you in the rich fragrance of chamomile tea. However, this fragrance is all about roses. It will make you feel the dew drops in your skin with the outstanding freshness of tea, balsamic, woodsy and citrus fragrances. If you like the scent of roses, definitely you would like this perfume. It has moderate sillage and longevity.

15.Guerlain Idylle Eau Sublime Eau De Toilette Spray for Women

best rose perfume

This rich version of Idylle has outraged all other scents consisting of roses. This is a super precious blend of aquatic and floral fragrances which will give you a heavenly feel. Idylle is a masterpiece built with icy, versatile and addictive flavours of white floral, musk, tropical and fruity accents. It’s a bit more interesting scent and long lasting. If you love to hear the compliments, wear Guerlain once and start hearing the compliments. This perfume opens with a litchi and roses. It then immerses into a beautiful peach, patchouli and fresh rose. This perfume is sweet as the name premises.

These are the best rose scented perfumes reflecting the purity, freshness and elegance of rose in each accord. Find the perfume that smells like roses. Don’t forget to wear confidence and a pretty smile along with the perfume, to enrich the effect of these ravishing rose scents.