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How To Remove Password From A Secured PDF?

remove security from pdf
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Usually the files containing the personal or confidential information are secured with a password. Such files can be opened with a given password but still you can’t change any of its contents. For example, you can’t edit or print the document.  The reason is, the creator of the pdf applies a restriction to not to edit the PDF file. If you are in the need to edit or print the document, you have to remove the password and restriction. There are few easy ways through which you can remove passwords from PDF. We have explained all the possible ways here in this article. All are personally tested and proven.

Here we assumed that you have the password and you are the right person to open and change the credentials of pdf file you are trying to access now.

How To Remove Password From PDF?

Method 1: Use Google Chrome

You must have this tool already running on your computer. Believe it or not, it is packed with much more built in features with its browser, it’s not just about the PDF unlocker.

It comes with a built in pdf reader and a pdf writer. These 2 features can be combined to remove password from pdf permanently. Here’s how.

Step 1: Drag any password locked pdf file into your Google chrome browser.

Step 2 : Now you will be asked to enter a password for this file. Type your password into the given dialogue box and hit open.

Remove password from pdf

Step 3 : Now save your pdf using the menu options, “File -> save as” or use the short cut keys ( “ctrl + p on windows or cmd + P on mac”).

Step 4 : Google chrome will now save a copy of this password removed file without a password. Now you can open and use it like any other unsecured file.

Method 2 : Remove Password With Google Drive

Instead of saving the unlocked pdf in your desktop, you can alternatively send your pdf to Google Drive and archive it. This file will still be saved secure as it is saved with a strong encryption password.

To ensure the safety of your confidential file, enable 2 factor authentication to your Google Drive. Regular password and a phone number verification.

Method 3 : Utilize Pdf Password Remover Programs Online

If you know the password of PDF file and just want to remove the password and gain access to the controls like edit, print or copy, you can utilize the free online services like sodapdf.com or smallpdf.com.

  • Upload the pdf file from your computer or Drop box or Google drive into the website of your choice.
  • Enter the password and hit unlock.
  • It will remove the password and will show the unlocked pdf as a download file.
  • Save this pdf in your local drive and handle it like a regular document.

Method 4 : Use Windows Utility

Using the windows utility called, “BEcyMetaEdit“, you can change any or all of the Meta information like “Title of the document, Author, keywords, created date, modified date, viewer preferences etc etc“. You can also append any info at the end of the existing PDF and repair the crashed pdf documents using this tool. The best part is, you don’t need to spend a dime for these PDF editing.

  • Install BecyMetaEdit in your local drive
  • Launch the program
  • Before you open the indented pdf file, choose the option “complete Rewrite“.
  • remove security from pdf
  • Upload the secured pdf from your computer and enter the password.

Once the file is opened, you can see the user interface as shown below.

remove password from pdf

  • Edit the required info and switch to the “security tab”.
  • Under “Security system” drop down menu, choose the option “No encryption”.
  • Now you have successfully removed the password from the pdf file.

Final Words

All of these methods are personally tried and proven. Try these methods and remove pdf password without sweating a lot. Once the password is removed, you can do anything like any other un-protected document.


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