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Fix : Failed To Get Game Data From The Server Pokémon Go

failed to get game data from server pokemon go
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Regardless of whether you are playing at the level 2 or 21 or 40, chances are, you may get stuck up with the message that reads “Failed to get game data from the server” at any point in your journey. So if you get this message don’t be alarmed. Just like yourself, many players (with a clean account) from around the world are increasingly reporting this issue in the past few days. But Why do you get this error, what does it mean and how you are gonna fix this issue? If you these questions running in your mind, I suggest you read on further. I have got something to tell you.

Though there are no official statements that confirm either the reason or a fix for this issue, with the cumulative experience collected from the Geeks of our team and other veterans, I have compiled the following tutorial for your review. Hope it helps!. Check it out.

What Does It Mean?

Failed To Get Game Data From The Server  Pokémon Go 

We already know that more and more people continue to sign up with Pokémon Go Game on a daily basis especially after the additional release in 24 new countries. While some are just starting up, there are many who claim that they already caught all the Pokémon whichever is available in their region. No matter which category of people you fell into, if you caught up with the error, it could mean only one of the three things listed below.

  • Your Account May Be Banned: Soft Ban or Perma Ban
  • It May Be An IP ban
  • You Get This Simply Because Of The Server Issue

Unless otherwise, Niantic caught you doing the non-legit things like changing the source code (from client), GPS spoofing or using IV calculators or bots, you can always fix this issue through some simple steps. Here I have compiled all the different causes that trigger “failed to get game data from server” along with their fixes. Go ahead and take the burden off your shoulders.

Possible Reasons & Fixes

1. Check Whether Your Account Is Soft Banned Or Hard Banned

If you encounter this specific error message, the first thing you need to figure out is whether your account is a candidate of a permanent ban. You can do this in the following 2 steps

Step 1: Checkout the registered email id of your Pokemon Go account and look for a message from Niantic regarding the permanent ban. Because Niantic has sent the same sort of email to the Ingress players who seemed to violate the TOC of Ingress in the past. Your email may look something like the one posted by the redditor Nachtbeest23.

Pokémon go failed to get game data from the server

Source: imgur.com

Step 2: Try creating a new account with your same username. If you succeed, it signals that your account is permanently banned. If it’s not, just take a deep breath and relax, it could be a soft ban or the other 2 reasons.

What To Do If Your Account Is Permabanned? (With Cheating)

If you ever used GPS Spoofer, third-party software programs, emulators or bots or IV checkers to level up the game, it means your account is flagged for deletion and I’m sorry, it is not possible to revoke your account back. Neither a hack nor a smart trick is gonna help you. The recent update to the Pokemon Go’s TOS clearly specifies that the company is now banning all the non-legit players permanently without any excuses. Go make a new account and start playing legit.

Wait, You Are Permabanned By Mistake, So Here Is How You Can Appeal

In the process of banning the non-legit players from Pokemon Go, Niantic has also banned so many legit players like you by mistake. However, to handle this issue they have added a “Ban appeal form” in their official page. So if you are sure that your account is clean and not violated any of their TOS, go ahead and submit your ban appeal.

Once the form is submitted, you will receive an automatic email in your registered id. Remember, thousands of players are submitting this request every minute. So it may take some time to receive further communication from the developers. Wait patiently or create a new account and start from scratch.

All About The Soft Ban

So you neither receive an email nor losing your user name. If it’s the case the chances are your issue is just a temporary glitch. It might be a soft ban or just a server issue.

Soft ban is what all the botters and spoofers faced while trying to cheat the game until recently before the rise of this current ban wave.

From the subreddit discussions, the so called soft bans seem to last anywhere from 5 minutes to several hours. No one knows the exact formula that calculates the length of the ban. So if your account is soft banned, check back in a while. If you see the same “failed to load data” screen more than a day, try implementing the following fixes.

2. Check Whether Your IP or Device Is Banned 

The error “Pokémon go failed to get game data from the server” can also be an indication of IP ban. You can easily remove this ban and fix the issue in a few minutes.

To check out the IP ban, just walk into any coffee shop or railway station or any other nearby places that offer free Wi-Fi. Connect your device to this WIFI and check whether you are able to access and interact with all the Pokémon Go data as usual. You can also try using a hotspot connection from another mobile that uses a different IP. If you succeed, then it’s just an IP Ban.

However, Never use a VPN to bypass the IP ban. Niantic has already implemented the scripts to detect VPN access.

Try the following hack and remove the IP ban from your device permanently.

Work With AeroPlane Mode

pokemon go failed to get game data from the server

  1. Check out the current IP address of your mobile device using the query “What is my IP” in Google. It would help you know the current IP address.
  2. Now you need to change the IP address in your mobile device.
  3. Set your phone to Aeroplane mode and continue to keep it in this same mode for the next 5 minutes.
  4. Turn off the Aeroplane mode.
  5. Check your IP address in Google again. Hopefully, you would see the new one now.
  6. If you see the same old IP address, restart the mobile and now you will see your IP address changed for sure.
  7. Log in to your account and start playing the game again.

Change The Device Id (For Device Ban)

Besides to the IP ban, they might ban you with your Device Id as well. Try signing in to your account with another device. If your account is working fine with a new device, it signals a device ban. In this case, to play from your banned device, you have to change the device id. If you are an android user, root your device and install the app android id changer. Take the backup of your ROM before doing anything with this app. As the change of device id can break your warranty and customer support measures, I don’t recommend this hack very much. Do it at your own risk.

3. Check For The Server Issues

As you might aware, due to the devastating responses, with millions of players playing the game day and night, Pokémon go servers are experiencing an unimaginable load of traffic from every nuke corner of the world. It’s needless to say that even Pokémon Go servers are vulnerable to go down. So whenever you encounter the screen “error loading the game data from the server”, immediately check out the server status of Pokémon Go by visiting the link here or use a down detector by clicking here. Doing so will save you from the unnecessary heartache.

Apparently, to provide a fun and legit gaming experience, the developers of Niantic labs are having a hard time in working with the hell loads of bug fixes and issues restlessly. And this new ban wave is also set to improve the quality of gameplay. So let’s hope to get a fix for all the known issues in the near future.

With the recent update to iOs 1.5 and Android 0.35, Pokemon Go has added a new feature called Pokemon Go Appraisal. This feature lets the user know the IV of every individual pokemon through their team leaders. Utilize this feature to find out the strongest pokemon in your collection and avoid the usage of third-party IV calculators and so the ban too.

Have you ever stuck up with the screen stating the error “Pokémon go failed to get game data from the server”? What you think of causing this Issue? Have you ever managed to get your account back? Tell us your story in the comment section below. We’re all ears!



  1. Linn Clark June 18, 2017

    Lost my data unable to get my game working

  2. NEIL UK July 10, 2017

    Fixed – Deleted all app data and cache via settings/applications/pokemon go

    Deleted account from accounts/google, then added the same google account again

    Restarted Pokemon Go – back in action (all fixed)

  3. Oguz December 12, 2017

    i have the ”failed to get game data from the server” for already 4 days, i created a new trainer club acount and i could not change the name from the acount with this issue.

    So the acount is still up but i cannot login and i didnt recieved a email from niantic that i’m banned.. i don’t understand anymore


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