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Now Scientists Can Make Leukemia Cells Kill Each Other

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Leukemia, the type of cancer which affects bone marrow and blood is extremely difficult to treat. But the scenario will not be the same anyway. New research published by the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” shows a new way in which leukemia cells can be made to kill each other.

To state it more accurately, group of researchers from TRSI have recently demonstrated a technique using which leukemia cells can be transformed into leukemia fighting immune cells. So to speak, antibodies play an important role in this technique.

Already scientists around the world were already doing antibody therapies to treat people with immune cell deficiencies. By activating the receptors of defected bone marrow cells, they change the immature immune cells into mature ones. As a part of this procedure, our body’s immune system turns the immature immune cells of bone marrow into the cells that are normally found in our nervous system. However, the researchers didn’t expect this reaction.

Acute Myeloid Leukemia or AML is the worst type of leukemia that attacks the immune cells which deals with parasites, bacterial infections and tissue damages. The people who gets infected by AML generally produce way too much of white blood cells which interfere in the production of other types of blood cells. The researchers experimented these antibodies with AML infected blood sample. What they found was incredible.

The antibodies in experiment have turned AML cells into the natural cells (Nk) (one that kill Myeloid Leukemia cancer cells). These “natural killer” antibody cells have destroyed 15% of AML cells in the sample within a single day. Above all, these natural killer cells seem to kill only the former AML cell type.

Final Words                        

If everything goes well, the technique which they call as “fratricidin therapy” can be utilized to cure any type of cancer without leaving any traces.


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