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Top 50 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

beautiful flowers
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The Proteas are native South African flowering plants and comes within the family of ‘Proteaceae’. Commonly called as ‘Sugar bushes’, the Protea flowers fall majorly under ‘Proteoideae of South Africa’ and ‘Grevilleodeae of South America and Australia’. The term ‘Protea’ was coined by Carl Linnaeus after the Greek God named ‘Proteus- Son of Poseidon’. The King Protea (Protea cynaroides) took the title of National Flower of South Africa and hence their Cricket Team is called ‘The Proteas’. Pink, white, yellow, green, orange, and red are the most common range in colors. An interesting fact about the Protea flowers are that what seems like petals of the flower are actually modified leaves known as ‘Involucral Bracts’ and what seems like a single flower is actually a group of individuals flowers united on a round base. Farm grown Proteas makes excellent long-lasting cut flowers, popular flowers for botanical gardens, floral arrangements, landscaping in hillside gardens, garden beds, bouquets. This lush bloom stands for diversity, inner strength, and courage.


most beautiful flower in the world

Named after the French botanist Pierre Magnol, the Magnolia is huge genus housing around 200 flowering species. Magnolia (M.grandiflora) is the official state flower of both “Mississippi and Louisiana”. The abundance of magnolia flowers in Mississippi has earned them the nickname ‘Magnolia State’ and their official state tree is also Magnolias. They vary in sizes ranging from that of small foliage and flowers to mid-size to broad Magnolia and the flowers come in shades of white/cream, pink and vary from pale to bright pink. A Magnolia tree and its flowers give kind of nostalgic warmth and stand for grace, beauty, and stability. Magnolias are found to be used in medicines, cosmetics, perfumes, essential oils, wood works, floral arrangements, culinary and horticulture.Although you can see the magnolia tree as outdoor plant, now its available as compact small indoor plant .

28.Jade Vine

most beautiful flower

Native to the Philippines rain forests, these beautiful Jade vines or Emerald vines are most beautiful rare flowers in the world. They are tagged ‘endangered’ because of deforestation to common degradation and the decrease in their natural pollinators, the Bats, which by being nocturnal are attracted by glowing luminosity of the flowers when the sun goes down. This claw-shaped flowers vary in colors from that of a teal blue to a minty green to turquoise blue making them an ‘emerald attraction’ and change color to mint-green to blue-green to purple when they dry out or fall. Jade vines belong to the same family as peas and beans making them a beauty exception among them.


most beautiful flowers

Native to Mexico and Central America, the Bouvardia is a genus of flowering plants in the ‘Rubiaceae’ family and houses about 50 species of evergreen herbs and shrubs. The Bouvardia is named in honor of Charles Bouvard, physician to Louis XIII, King of France. It also has some common names like Pink Luck, Firecracker Bush, Hummingbird flower, Albatross and Royal Katty. Bouvardia’s delicately scented cluster of starlet shaped blooms come in shades of pink, yellow, orange, red and white. Each stem of the Bouvardia itself looks like a small bouquet due to the abundance of little blooms. It makes a brilliant cut flower and also used in celebration bouquets. The beautiful flower looks fantastic solo, but however, they can be combined with calla lily or bundled with Roses, Lisianthus just to add a fun twist.This pretty flower symbolizes Enthusiasm and Joy.

30.Parrot’s Beak

most beautiful flower in the world

Lotus berthelotti aka Parrot’s beak is a perennial and can either be a ground cover or creeper and are native of Canary Islands. Parrot’s beak is an evergreen and has slim branches covered in a fine silvery-grey needle-like leaf. They are drought resistant and heat tolerant and doesn’t like a long period of rainfalls because it causes the foliage to drop. This pretty flower comes in shades of orange red and yellow. Due to their trailing nature, parrot’s beak can be used in windowsills, rockeries or even in hanging baskets. Though this parrot beak and bird of paradise may look similar at a first sight, both are different families and has individual characteristics.

31.Dianthus- Pink Kisses


The Pink Kisses make an absolutely stunning irresistible Pot Carnations. This beautiful variety with their numerous cute little flowers in shades of pink and a central darker pink-red marking and a gentle scent capture the heart in just an instant. The Pink Kisses in a Pot is like a bunch of Little Happiness. The beautiful Pink Kisses in a pot makes a perfect gifting option, and for placing on a window sill, patios, floral arrangements, border lineups, cut flowers, for baskets and containers and for decorating your preferred places. Dianthus Pink Kisses with their incredible blooms and lovely clove-like scent definitely adds up as one among the cutest flowers. With their good texture and bright color, they tend to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Pink Kisses represent cheerfulness, joy, passion, warmth, boldness.

32.Black Petunia the most beautiful flowers

The Black petunias aka “Black Velvet” with their flowers bathed in a striking black are a stunner and a definite inclusion among the most beautiful flowers in the world. The world’s first ever Black petunias were developed at Ball Colegrave’s by Flower Breeder Jianping Ren who spent four years developing the black petunias and they went on sale for the first time in British Garden Centre’s. Jianping explained that the Black Petunias are created from the right combination of novel color mutants and multiple regular color genetic backgrounds. In case of Black Petunias, the black flowers are the very deep shades of red and purple. When compared with dark flower companions like the ‘Viola Bowles Black Pansy’ or ‘Althea Nigra Hollyhock’, the Black Petunias are the blackest of them all. Petunia Black Velvet’s Tagline is ‘Black goes with anything’. People will love this unusual and unique flower and the idea of black flower for their gardens will make an interesting and wonderful contrast to colorful flowers.


most beautiful flowers

The Poppies are herbaceous plants often grown for their beautiful and delicate colorful blooms. The Poppies are much loved by gardeners and enthusiasts, for they have an excellent and wide range of landscaping benefits. Poppies have their own pages of fascinating history and significance. The famous ‘Remembrance Poppy’ – an artificial flower resembling the original common or field poppy, used in commemorating the military personnel died in a war. The ‘Remembrance Poppy’ was inspired by the famous World War I poem ‘In Flanders Field’ by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae. Countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Northern Ireland follow the ‘Remembrance Poppy’ and are worn to commemorate their soldiers who died in the war. California poppy or California Sunlight or Copa de Oro (Cup of Gold) is the official state flower of California.  The Poppies are beautiful and humble flowers and are seen with ‘one flower per stem’ and cultivated for their varied assortment of colors and excellent ground cover and flower bedding. Poppy is the symbol of remembrance, beauty, success, peaceful or eternal sleep, Peace in death.



Zinnias are easy to grow with low maintenance and their long-lasting flower can cope up with dry and hot weather at ease. The vivid colors of Zinnias include red, orange, yellow, white, pink, purple, lilac and also in bi-colors and sometimes tri-colors, and attracts the butterflies and birds easily. Most Zinnia species have upright stems (Zinnia elegans) but some have spreading or creeping stems (Zinnia angustifolia). The Zinnias still remains the classic choice for borders, raised flower beds, ground covers, cut flowers, colorful addition to gardens and landscaping while small Zinnias are excellent for pots, containers. The Zinnias stand for endurance, goodness, affection, and while thinking of friends.

35.Crocus Sativus (Saffron)

most beautiful flowers

Saffron is the most beautiful, most expensive spices in the world. Making a long history of use in traditional medicines and also a nutrition quotient, this beautiful purplish lavender flower is a showy beauty. The mammoth share of Saffron Crocus comes from Iran and one-tenth from Kashmir and from Italy and Spain. Saffron processing is labor-intensive and must be painstakingly handpicked and then should be carefully laid and cured overheat to deepen the flavor. Saffron crocus has a number of therapeutic and health benefits and also an important culinary ingredient.


most beautiful flower in the world

Notable for their upswept petals and variably patterned leaves, the Cyclamens are the genus of 23 species of perennial flowering plants of ‘Primulaceae’. The appearance of the leaves is a notable attraction of the Cyclamens. The Cyclamens are best winter bloomers and some have ruffled flowers and some have miniature blooms but all cyclamens, in general, are bright, cheery, joyful flowers. The cyclamen petals can be seen predominantly in white and pink while some cultivars are seen in shades of red or purple. These beautiful flowers are grown mainly in both Indoor and Outdoor Pots and the most common cyclamen sold by florists are Cyclamen persicum. They symbolize tenderness and love.


pretty flowersEustoma, commonly called ‘Lisianthus’ or ‘Praire gentain’ is native to warm geographical locations of America, Mexico, Caribbean and parts of North America. These beautiful flowers come in both ‘single-flowered’ and ‘double-flowered’ (which resembles roses and peonies). Lisianthus is versatile in colors, shapes and varieties and an excellent choice for bouquets, wedding decorations, gifting, pot plants, garden planting, placing on window sills, cut flowers. Lisianthus is ideal for expressing admiration, appreciations, charisma, gratefulness, values, soothing thoughts, congeniality and positivity. The Lisianthus shown in the picture is called “Bolero Blue Picotee”. It’s a double-flowered version of Lisianthus.


most beautiful flower in the world

Daffodil is the common name for plant genus ‘Narcissus’, and are the true favorite to gardens and they make an absolutely cheerful positive flower bunch. In England, the daffodils are called ‘Lent Lilies’. Daffodils are not just a beautiful flower; it is an attribute of Hope, Courage and new beginnings. Daffodils convey inspiration, joy, positivity, good memories, and forgiveness. Daffodils are the first flowers of spring and considered a symbol of Hope, which is why “The American Cancer Society” celebrates the ‘Daffodil Days’. The People take the ‘Daffodil Days’ as a day that gives hope to people affected by cancer. Daffodils, the word right away takes us into looking back to a famous poem by William Wordsworth, which one can never forget, growing up.


pretty flowers

Commonly known as pinhead and scented mayweed, this “Matricaria chamomilla” is actually the Latin name which means “water of youth”. This belongs to the family of Asteraceae. Apart from looking beautiful this flower is also an edible flower. By using the beautiful chamomile, you can make a healthy tea which is one of the most popular beverage in the world. It will boost the immunity level plus it reduces the stress. If you have cold or you are sneezing, take a hot cup of this magical brew , it will give you an immediate relief. The tea made from chamomile is utilized as a hair-coloring and hair-conditioning agent. It is being native to Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Chamomile is available in 2 variants. German, Roman. Roman chamomile as shown in the picture has got white petals with yellow discs whereas German chamomile also has got the white petals but instead of yellow disc it got the yellow cones. Both of these variants are looking amazing and their benefits are abundance. Considering its health and beauty benefits it’s even in our best essential oils list too. Read it. Chamomile is a symbolic representation of patience and energy in diversity.

40.Garden Rose

most beautiful flowers

The garden roses are prime ornamental hybrids and their lush layered petals and rounded blooms make them the perfect soft romantic and amazing floral gift. Garden Roses are a popular stand-in for peonies when peonies are out of season. The high-quality garden roses are becoming increasingly admired among weddings and high-end floristry projects for their ease and beauty. With amazing colors ranging from cream vanilla to pink to intense deep red, these garden roses are a lush, ruffled and puffy petal beauty and makes the bouquet, a harmonious floral stack. Certainly, the garden rose without a hint of doubt deserves a top spot in the list of most beautiful flower in the world.

41.Passion Flower

most beautiful flowers

Passiflora is known as the Passion Flower or Passion Vines belong to the genus of about 500-550 species of flowering plants of the family ‘Passifloraceae’. It is better to use the ‘Passion Flowers’ as climbers than in grounds and flower beds because the passion flower spreads through underground Rhizomes and seems to quickly dominate other plants in the flower beds. They are fast growing perennials and can be easily cultivated and have either the climbing or trailing stems. Another popular and fascinating variety is the ‘Passiflora racemosa’ aka Red Passion Flower and these stunning and eye-catching bright Red blooms make an admirable addition to your fences, trellis, walls, and gardens.


most beautiful flower in the world

The Marigolds are easy to cultivate and have wide adaptability and very low maintenance. Marigolds hold a significant place in Indian Culture and are used in offerings to gods, festivals, prayers and rituals, garlands; while their colors(golden/orange/white/yellow) holds the significance of sanctity, respect, courage, to welcome a new beginning, success. Mexicans use marigold on ‘Day of the Dead’.  Besides being the most beautiful flower in the world, it also contributes to lots of medicinal values.


most beautiful flowers

Usually called by the name Gladioli, they are also called “Sword Lilies”, and their foliage resembles the blade of a sword. The flowers of gladioli are rich in their color palette ranging from pink, burgundy, reddish, light purple, white, contrast colors, white to cream, yellowy orange, orange to red and the like. Gladioli with their showy orchid-like blooms make an excellent cut flower and equally beautiful in vases, borders, outdoors, containers and wherever we plant them. Gladioli can be put forward to represent the strength of character, faithfulness, sincerity, joy, remembrance.


most beautiful flower in the world

Begonias are native to tropics and can be seen as houseplants or growing around in gardens and outdoors. Begonias stand out for their asymmetrical leaves in shapes of spirals, dinner plates; angel-wing and dragon wings and their flowers are also different because its sepals and petals are hard to tell apart. Begonia species are toxic to pets. They come in shades of pink, purple, salmon, orange, white, and apricot, red and incredibly their leaves also range in colors from solid green- pebble silver. Just an ounce of begonia flower seeds can produce more than 3 million seedlings.


most beautiful flower in the world

Anemone got their name from the Greek word ‘anemoi’ meaning the ‘Wind’ and sometimes they are commonly called ‘Wind flower’. These beautiful perennials have long stems and petals in assorted colors and shades like pink, white, purple, peach, blue, red. Anemones with their lush delicate petals always add a perfect touch to wedding arrangements and can add a little extra color and personality to the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets. Anemones make an excellent inclusion for centerpieces and statement bouquets and even in cake decorations. Anemones can be tied to the gift tags while wrapping the gifts for the weddings or any graceful occasions making a stunning signature while any color anemones especially white make a great groom’s boutonniere. You can add Anemones along with few of olive branches, bay leaves, Ranunculus, King Protea and Peonies for a dramatic display in either bouquets or floral arrangements. Anemones are pretty cheerful and beautiful flowers and represent joy, passion, grace, forgotten love.


most beautiful flower in the world

Pansies are very colorful flowers with cool “Friendly Faces“. You can see the pansies blooming in the spring and fall. These have a heart shaped petals usually in tri color yellow-white and purple. Usually the modern pansy colors come in wide range from white to black and in all the colors in between. So which color you want to choose it totally depends upon yourself. When speaking of the symbolization, it has wide variety of meanings. In Victorian era , this flower was used to specify the “secret love” that was frowned upon those times. Today not just the “secret love” but the beautiful pansy flowers are being great gifts for everyone you love and those who are speaking off mind. This fashionable flowers are the February birthday flowers too. These beautiful pretty flowers depict the notion of pleasant and happiness. But the white pansy flowers are used at the funerals to say the Good Bye. This fashionable flowers are good for containers, ground cover, flower beds and borders.


most beautiful flower in the world

Columbine’s are perennials belonging to genus ‘Aquilegia’ and houses around 60-70 species. Columbines are grown mainly as ornamentals and are found along yards, roadsides, borders, forest margins, meadows, woodlands, near mountain streams. These most beautiful flowers can be seen in the variety of colors like white, blue, violet, pinkish, scarlet red, yellow, bi-colored and has varied spur lengths and thus makes space a pop up of colors. Columbine flower’s unique shape and their long trailing nectar spurs make them an easy attraction for birds especially hummingbirds since they have a large tongue to feed on the flower’s nectar. The colors of columbine flowers, especially blue or violet and yellow expresses passion, light, vivacity.

48.Lily Of The Valley

most beautiful flower in the world

Lily of the Valley is known for their little white and dainty hanging bell-shaped flowers with an amazing fragrance. Lily of the Valley is scientifically called ‘Convallaria majalis’ and is also called ‘May bells’, ‘Mary’s Tears’, and ‘Muguet’ in French.  The name ‘Muguet’ appears in the name of perfumes imitating the flower’s scent because the flower’s delightful scent has proved much harder to replicate for perfumers and they still could never extract the original lily of the valley’s essence. The French giant Christian Dior held the ‘Lily of Valley’ very dear that the Dior house introduced the perfume ‘Diorissimo’. It was an attempt to simulate the fragrance of ‘Lily of the Valley’, but it became very difficult to extract the very spirit of the original fragrance into the perfume. Lily of the Valley is considered as a highly poisonous flowering plant and their red berries tend to attract people but when consumed can cause serious illness. The flower can survive in cool climates longer but not long in hot weather. Lily of the Valley is the official national flower of Finland. These best smelling fragrant beautiful flowers make an excellent choice for your gardens, fillers, garden landscaping, cut flowers, containers, bouquets. Lily of the Valley stands for humility, sweetness, purity, luck to love.

49.Forget Me Not

prettiest flower in the world

The charming blue flower Forget Me Not (Myosotis), is the most common windflower in Himalayas. Myosotis is an unusual Greek name which means “Mouse Ear”. This literal description denotes the shape of this flower’s small petals. It has got the name “Forget Me Not” due to the German’s romantic tragedy which involves a knight and his lady. This flower has got a very rich history behind them. It’s found in blue, pink and white colors with cute yellow centers. It’s also used as a symbolic representation of lifetime relationship, reminder of your favorite old memories and growing affection between any two like the spouse or your romantic partner. Apart from the myth and history, it is one of the best beautiful flowers to your flower repository. You can use this Forget Me Not in bouquets, Landscaping and in flower beds.

In the language of flowers, Forget Me Not means “True Love and Memories”.


most beautiful flowers

Fuchsias are a colorfully appealing bunch of gladness. Picking up these unique and gorgeous blossoms for your gardens will definitely bring joy and just plant them in a hanging basket in your place and let the beauty speaks for itself when birds gather. The sepals and petals of fuchsia come in an admirable and exotic mixture of shades like peachy pink-white, double pale pink flowers, red-white, red-violet, red-dark violet, red-black, pink-silvery lavender, pure white, pink-violet, soft blush pink. To add beauty to your spaces, fuchsias are a wonderful choice.

Do you like the list, the most beautiful flowers in the world? Beauty is a unique happy, enduring thing and is different for everyone. So tell us which one you consider as the pretty flowers? We love to hear the comments from our users.