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7 Types Of Massage & Their Benefits

types of massage therapy
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Multiple types of massage focus on various parts of our body and some aids in the healing process. By definition, a massage refers to the activity of kneading and rubbing the body using the hands. During massage sessions, a massage therapist usually applies strong or gentle pressure on body joints and muscles that help ease the tension and pain that may exist. Discussed below are some types of massages that have health benefits in abundance and will leave feeling good about yourself.

Types Of Massage Therapies

 1.Swedish Massage

types of massage therapy

Swedish Massage is a gentle version of a full-body massage ideal for almost everyone.  It can be utilized by a person new to massage, someone sensitive to touch or a person with a lot of tension. This kind of massage helps to loosen tight muscle knots and is also suitable for people who want the relaxation, stress relief. This massage requires you to remove your clothes; underwear is optional. You are then covered with a sheet while you lay on the massage table.

The cloth is moved as required to expose the section being worked on by the massage therapist. The therapist employs a combination of vibration and tapping, kneading, deep, circular motion, and passive joint movement approaches during the massage.

Massage Lasting Hour: 1 hour 

Specific Benefit: Relief From Minor Pain

2. Hot Stone Massage

massage types

This massage is best suited for people with tension and muscle pain or those merely seeking to relax. Here, the massage therapist makes use of heated stones alongside their hands during the massage. It improves blood flow, eases muscle tension, and relieves pain via the heated stones. During the massage, heated stones are situated on different parts all around your body. Holding a stone, the therapist massages different parts of your body following the Swedish massage procedure, applying gentle pressure.

Cold stones may be used in some instances. Again, with hot stone massages, you are required to take off your clothes, the underwear is optional. The added heat makes it a little more effective in terms of relieving muscle tension as compared to the Swedish massage.

Massage Lasting Hour: 90 Minutes 

Specific Benefit: Relief From Muscle Pain & Tension 

3. Aromatherapy Massage

types of massage therapy

This massage is suitable for people who desire to have emotional healing in their massage. This massage helps in reducing stress and anxiety, boost your mood, relieve pain and muscle tension, and relieve depression, among others. This massage makes use of essential oils to produce soft and gentle pressure. The therapist often decides what oils to use, but you should feel free to suggest an oil type if you’ve got a preference.

The full-body massage occurs with you inhaling essential oils via a diffuser. Your skin also absorbs some essential oil. Generally, all essential oil provides a lot of benefits to us. Aromatherapies often focus on your shoulders, back, and head, which requires you to lose your clothes, except the underwear, which is optional. People who are sensitive to essential oils or smells should avoid this massage.

Massage Lasting Hour: 1 Hour 

Specific Benefit: Relief From Stress, Anxiety, Muscle Pain & Tension 

4. Deep Tissue Massage

types of massage therapy techniques

The deep tissue massage typically uses more pressure when compared with the Swedish massage. It’s the right choice for chronic muscle problems ranging from injury to soreness or imbalance. It potentially relieves tight muscles, anxiety, and chronic muscle pain. The massage therapist uses slow strokes with deep finger pressure to help relieve the tension from the deepest muscle layers and connective tissues.

You can either be naked or wear your underwear during this hour-long ordeal. However, if you are too sensitive to pressure, you should avoid this type of massage.

Massage Lasting Hour: 1 Hour 

Specific Benefit: Chronic Muscle Pain

5. Reflexology

massage types

If you are looking to restore your natural energy or to relax, then reflexology is for you. It is also suitable for people who are not comfortable with being touched on their entire body. The therapy involves using gentle to firm pressure on various pressure points on the hands, ears, and feet. For this massage, you can wear relatively loose but comfortable clothes that give sufficient access to your legs.

Massage Lasting Hour: 1/2 hr- 1 Hr 

Specific Benefit: Relaxation 

6. Thai Massage

traditional thai massage

Thai Massage is suitable for people who are in need of reducing stress or pain. It is bundled with other benefits such as improving blood circulation, flexibility, and energy levels, among others. It works your entire body with sequences of movements that bear similarity to yogic stretching. The therapist uses their fingers and palms to apply firm pressure to your body while being twisted and stretched into various positions. During the massage session, you can wear a comfortable dress like loose clothing.

Massage Lasting Hour: 1 Hr 

Specific Benefit: Relive From Stress, Pain & Tension 

7.Shiatsu Massage

japanese massage therapy

This Japanese massage is best for folks who want to relieve pain, stress, and tension. It helps promote physical and emotional relaxation and calmness and also used to relieve headaches. Even though this massage works on the whole body, your therapist may decide to focus on areas of your body that require extra attention.

The therapist employs the use of their palms, hands, and thumbs to massage specific points of the body. Pulsing and sometimes rhythmic pressure is used during the process. This hour-long massage does not require you to rid your body of your clothes. You can, therefore, remove some, all, or none of your clothes while doing this massage.

Massage Lasting Hour: 1 Hr 

Specific Benefit: Relive From Stress, Pain & Tension 

Massages are a great way to improve your mental, physical, and emotional health and wellbeing. There we described only a few of the many types of massages. All of them employ the technique to relieve stress and tension. Some of them are more prone to relive pain & other illnesses from different areas. So before you decide which types of massage you want, go through the massaging options available and ask about its benefits.