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List of 300+ Easy Research Paper Topics For College Students

list of research topics
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Researching helps you gain knowledge and increase your level of confidence. From nature to technology the studies are getting wider and knowledge being gained through lots of research work is increasing day by day. Sometimes working of research topics can be tricky and difficult as we might not have any idea as to where to start and even if we did, we would be struggling to choose the right research topics. You can either start from scratch or get help through libraries, from teachers, real-life happenings or from published research paper topics in the respective field. Here are a few ideas and tips to choose easy research paper topics.

Guidelines & Tips For Choosing The Best Research Paper Topics

  • Innovative and interesting research paper topics will always intrigue readers. So if you have your own ideas or topics for doing research bring it up and write it.
  • Make sure that you choose the topics that excite you and interests you instead of selecting the topic for the purpose of just submitting a research paper essay or you need to take things off your plate temporarily.
  • Unique ideas will gain more credibility and grades.
  • Do not let your research paper essays and assignments give you a hard time or affect your studies. That’s why choosing topics related to your studies or selecting research topics as an extension of your favorite subject will help you a lot in achieving a good output.
  • If you have selected and narrowed down your research topic idea, then build your essay from it or around it and not out of it.
  • If possible try to go out for seminars or symposiums or any presentations organized based on the research area interest where experienced people get to talk and share knowledge.
  • Your work is not over as soon as you finish your research essay. Re-read them to correct spelling mistakes, sentence errors or meaning misplacements if any.
  • Organize your notes. Save your research works, the references taken, related documents or PDF files, presentations in a safe place on your computer or your smartphone. Always have a backup in pen drive.
  • Prepare yourself with good & valid arguments, results and proofs to support your research thesis or essays so that it helps you a lot when your professors/teachers sit down to discuss with you about your research work.
  • In case there’s a senior member or professor who’s there to guide you in your research topics or who is well versed in your research field then spend more time with them. Reread and discuss from initial drafts till your final essay with them so that you can correct mistakes. You will gain more perspective on your research topic.
  • Libraries are a good way to start as you can find more resources and materials for your study. You may even meet persons who are into research and maybe you can help each other. Keep Library first and internet second for your study.
  • There are credible and trustworthy international research journal publishers online. If it’s possible to join as a member so that can have access to vast research topics and ideas and references.
  • There are specific journal publishers related to each field of study like technology, networking science, medicine, psychology, business, etc., so see for any journal and research work publishers who match your areas of interest and join as a member so that you will know what’s happening currently and you can pick from vast research areas.

How To Select The Best & Easy Research Topics For College Students

If you’re looking for a list of easy research paper topics, then you move forward in the areas like Interesting topics, current issues, research areas that have an impact on the society, technological advancements, improving the environment and last but not least new innovative topics will always gain an audience. So if you can come up with your own topics and ideas for research its well and good. But most importantly, choose research topics based on the areas of interest for college students.

1. Look Into Areas Of Your Interest & Pick One Which Impresses You More

You can have interests in two or more subjects or sometimes we can see students who are very much interested in topics out of their study. In this case, take your time and decide for yourself as which one you like the most. Though you might juggle with different areas of interest when you sit down and think you will come up with one research work/area you like the most or one area where you might be willing to put extra effort and you like it even more than others. Tap into that area of interest which impresses you more, excite you more and brings the enthusiasm in you to begin the work. Rest will flow naturally.

For Ex: you might be interested in history-related research paper topics, medicine-related and especially genetics related research topics or you might be interested in both pop-cultures as well as pre-history, etc. so its good to pick one precise research area interest.

2.Google Updates & Alerts

If you’re interested in particular research area then you would automatically be inclined towards gathering more information and will want to know what’s happening in that research area and who are all involved and all related stuff about the topic. One of the best ways to get easy research topic ideas is you can create Google alert and update of your favorite area of interest so that you can receive daily updates about it. Thereby you will know more info and news about your research area and you might get ideas for research topics and essays to pursue from it. If you’re a teacher and looking for research topics and ideas, Google alert is a good way to look.

For Ex: if you’re interested in the IoT (Internet of Things) you have the option to select it as your interest and Google will start showing recent updates and works carried out worldwide in your Google home feed. You can also set email alert of your favorite topic if you wish. You will definitely get ideas or at least some noteworthy points to write your research paper.

3.Narrow Down Your Choices

Narrow down your choices when it comes to selecting research topic ideas. It will save you time and put your effort into best use. If you’re more interested in business, then sit down and narrow your choices as to which area in business you’re interested more. It can be small scale industries, business models, business ethics, startups, large corporates, business product designs, business analysis, etc. the list can go on.

For Ex:  If you are more likely interested in Business ethics, you can narrow it down to simple research topic ideas from it like trading ethics, corporate social responsibility, the business conducts, company’s work philosophy, etc.

So take time, analyze your interest, pick your favorite or interesting topic and be precise in it. A definite and precise topic for research paper will always help you get more focused and will be easy to gather your research materials. You can get your work done quickly and properly if you’re research paper ideas are narrowed to one single topic which interests you more.

4. Visit Libraries And Read Research Publishing Journals

Libraries are good ways to start looking for research topic ideas. You can find quality and credible materials, references, articles, magazines, journals, etc. You have the internet but using the library would be a great choice. Sometimes the internet gives heaps of information and essays which are either copied from some other source or they might not be properly quoted, referenced and taken from a valid credible source of its origin. If you’re a valid member of some publishing journal and research sites you can have access to quality content. We’re not against the internet and studies thing but still, libraries are good ways to begin. You can use the internet for your help as often needed no harm in it. To find high school easy research topics ideas and essays on the internet will be easy as you will learn more about your field of interest.

5. Gather Enough Research Materials

The first thing you look into to start your research is the Data. If there are no enough source/research materials then it’ll be difficult to move forward. So always choose an effective yet simple and easy research topic that is backed with good research materials that can be easily accessed. Your research topic should have more data source. If you’ve come up with rare research topic to pursue then you might not find enough materials for it. Sometimes the internet, textbooks, libraries, and references will have the least amount of information to show you. In that case, you can look for actual people working in the area and seek help. But most of the research work currently going on in different areas and fields are well equipped with enough resource materials and data so it shouldn’t be a problem.

6. Make Sure It Fit With Your Mentor/Guide/Teacher’s Guidelines

Sometimes you might get carried away looking at a list of research paper topics and ideas that you might feel it’s the right thing and start to work quickly without giving a thought. Verify your choice of research paper topics with your mentor and see if it fits their guidelines and criteria. They might have a take on the topic and have different opinions which can help you shape your research essay in a better way. For example, if you’re into controversial or sensitive research topic areas like politics, criminal law, human resource handling by corporates, equal wages, workplace ethics, government policies, etc. then your teacher will tell you how to proceed so seek their help and consult them first. Even if they don’t agree and they want you to write your research essay on a different angle you can sit down and discuss and get to a conclusion that satisfies both. Instead, if you begin your research work and put all your effort and time but at last if your teacher wants to change it then it will surely take away your peace.

We hope we covered all the ground rules and guidelines to write good research paper essays and how to choose the best research paper topics that suit you well. We hope it must have given you some insight. So let’s get into the list of research paper topics in different areas.

Easy Research Paper Topics About Business

If you decided to make a list of research topics about the business you can see many live examples around you and you can get ideas but still, take a look into research topics in the following areas like

  • What makes a startup successful?
  • How startups are shaping business today?
  • How startups are better in reaching consumers sometimes than big brands?
  • Do environmental policies and changes impact businesses?
  • Does the credibility of big corporate businesses are changing among people and why?
  • How social media like Instagram, Facebook are helping with small home-based businesses?
  • Do people start to prefer small business and products than big branded products?
  • Sustainable products and their business
  • Eco-friendly products and their business
  • Strategies to promote business in today’s technology-driven world
  • Business policies by governments and how it changes a common man like you and me?
  • Ethical decision making in business, Employments and its laws,
  • Work ethics in business and does it needs a change?
  • Do more business-oriented education is needed than before?
  • Do immigration laws impact business and the economy?
  • Do we need more strict ethics on big corporates to carry on their business and what are they?
  • Branches and businesses by brands,
  • Business tactics for today’s fast smart world
  • Climate changes and businesses related to it
  • Increase production and sales with technology advancements
  • for small businesses/startups should the taxations be changed or should be more lenient or strict?
  • Expanding business in different country or region and the risks involved,
  • Does the need for money input increases day by day to initiate a business?
  • Ethical use of earth’s resources for business,
  • Need for government policies to support in-house in-country product manufacturing
  • Government policymakers to come up with better policies that should support, encourage, provide more to make people do more businesses to contribute to the economy on local regions
  • Increasing the cash-flow with people
  • Unemployment risks and solutions today

List of Health-Related Easy Research Paper Topics And Ideas

  • An increasing number of people are adopting food changes/habits and How Social Media influence like Instagram pages of Nutritionists, Dieticians, Food bloggers, etc. bring the impact in this?
  • Health-Related Blogging sites growth
  • Women health over 30’s and 40’s
  • We need more Mental Health awareness today
  • Mental Strength, Physical activities and their impact on overall health
  • Proper food habit changes for each age group and how they positively impact physical and mental health
  • Are food supplements enough as good alternate for your health instead of adopting healthy food changes daily?
  • Do people adopt spiritual wellness more than ever before?
  • Is traditional/spiritual way of food changes and practices everyone’s cup of tea?
  • Keto Diets
  • Vegan Plant-Based Diets
  • Vegetarians vs. Non-vegetarians the never-ending debate
  • Obesity and weight loss
  • Ethics in food manufacturing
  • Food adulterations
  • Do fast-foods alone the reason for obesity?
  • Is Social Media influencing your food habits and changes for good or makes you feel guilty of your food choices?
  • What makes a successful weight loss strategy
  • is it the diet, the exercises or knowing/understanding your body, its needs and working according to it?
  • Is Obesity and weight loss programs changing into more of a business?
  • Health insurance and it needs more changes, Is it the time to bring the idea of “Fit not Thin” to a wider audience of people?

Mental Health & Psychology Related  Easy Research Paper Topics

The need for mental health is growing day by day and we need to bring more awareness of mental health and balance for not just our friends and family but for everyone everywhere. Health and Fitness will only come into action if your mind and heart are in peace with each other, so here are few psychology-related important research topic and ideas

  • Criminal psychology, forensics and psychology and how they can be linked?
  • Earning differences among children
  • what brings talents and creativity to people?
  • Children and increased use of Smartphones,
  • Gaming is changing personality traits or not,
  • Are Social media’s creating mental stress and imbalance in a way we couldn’t understand yet?
  • Is there a Peer Pressure still somewhere inside even for strong people?
  • Are cultural differences changing the parenting methods?
  • Can we predict anti-social behaviors at early stages through psychology?
  • What’s happening around us that makes us feel like something’s missing despite good life?
  • How social influences contribute to our personality changes?
  • Technology is definitely creating a gap and altering our personalities to which we are in denial or not?
  • Do social messages and posts are creating a personality showcasing habit?
  • Is it enough to be ourselves or do we need a little push in a good way to adjust with the world?
  • Do genetics have an impact on behavioral psychology and why is it?
  • Do initial stage skillsets determine future career path or it changes due to surroundings, exposures and peers?
  • Are laws of attraction changing today?
  • Fighting Depression and mental health issues are easier today or is it still hard to reach for by many people?
  • Stanford-Prison experiment or Sigmund Freud theories or Viktor Frankl’s ideas and theories
  • Identity crisis
  • Peer-peer trusts issues,
  • Behavioral psychology
  • Initiatives vs. guilt in people,
  • Autonomy vs. doubt and feeling of “not enough”,
  • ‘Creating own identity’ pressure and the like

Easy Research Paper Topics On Economy

The impact is the economy comes down to our everyday coffee, to our pen and paper. That’s how important the economy is and its branches. If you’re interested in the line of economics, economy, economic policies then you can look into ideas like

  • National Savings and its importance
  • Wite about recent economic policies
  • Trends and their impacts
  • The global expansion of businesses and the way they change the economic policies
  • Immigration and its impact on the economy
  • Recent economic changes adopted by top countries and top “growing” countries
  • Economic growth in remote underdeveloped nations
  • Strengthening global demand
  • Energy use and conservation issues
  • Oil prices stabilizations
  • Energy drags
  • Reaching full employment
  • Rebounding from disasters
  • Labor force policies for today’s technology
  • Internet-driven businesses
  • Is the workforce growing or slowing?
  • Unemployment rate and economy
  • Accountability in economic policies drafted
  • Impact of FDI on American brands and companies
  • Demand and supply
  • Money exchange rates
  • Shadow economy
  • Bitcoins
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Economic crisis on people’s health and insurance

Easy Research Paper Topics on Environment, Climate Changes, Geography, Bio-Diversity

The burning issue going on across the world is environment and the adversities it faces. If you’re very much interested in areas like environment, green earth, nature, climate changes, related, nature-related, Bio-Diversity then it is the right time to out your effort and bring ideas that could help our mother earth. Look into a few ideas for your research paper essays below

  • We’re planting more trees, growing more plants than we take/use – is this the right mindset we need when it comes to protecting natural resources?
  • Why we need natural crops instead of GMO based plants?
  • Why GMO based plants are negatively impactful?
  • Is Genetics helping save the environment or creating “not-so-adoptable” or “altered from its natural form” kind of plants and environment?
  • Marine Biology is facing adversities like never before from plastics, chemicals, and pollutions
  • We have Waste disposal on forests, lands, and soils which impact the health of people/landfills/deforestations/endangered species,
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Water scarcity
  • Dangers for ice-bergs due to global warming, arctic and Antarctic bio-diversities
  • How to manage E-Waste very efficiently?
  • Do soil pollutions increase alarmingly with E-Waste in recent times?
  • Do nations really have state-of-art secure radio Active Disposal methods?
  • Is the need for nuclear power plants increasing?
  • Underground Water levels are decreasing and Why so considerably in recent times?
  • How can we use technology to save the environment?
  • Is digging deeper underground by industries destabilizes the nature of the land?
  • How is the mining carried out in different countries?

Good Research Paper Topics In Computer Science or Technology

Everything has technology in it in today’s world. It is constructive, productive at the same time highly destructive and it all comes down to how we use it. So let’s take a few interesting areas of research topics in technology

  • Technology today is shaping the future to a large extent than humans- is it good or bad?
  • Social media’s are becoming chaos and why?
  • Why is the privacy concern is not taken seriously by social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.?
  • What could be the future of the Internet?
  • What could be the future of operating systems, programming languages?
  • What can we do to stop darknet?
  • Do social media companies play with democracy through their platform?
  • Do social media influence ‘what we should hear’, ‘what we should do’, ‘what we should read’?
  • Is technology helping under-developed countries and how are they doing it?
  • Is online business growing at a high rate?
  • Are bitcoins worth the commotions surrounding it?
  • Human-machine interactions are becoming livelier and will it affect our social life?
  • Smartphones today are enough for our use and purpose but why the brands are pushing further?
  • How is Google search affecting our intelligence?
  • Has Google changed the way everything works including our day-to-day activities?
  • With more enhancements and advancements to ‘OKAY GOOGLE’ or ‘SIRI’ or ‘ALEXA’ make them more human-like that there’s a possibility of people finding solace in their company instead of social interactions right?
  • Are smartphone advancements are closing the gap of human-human interactions?
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cybersecurity trends
  • Advancements in hacking,
  • The sophistication of bugs, viruses, backdoors etc. are so state-of-art and what it all says?
  • Do we have the possibility of technology evolving on its own like shown in movies?
  • Are cyber-attacks sponsored by nations to defend themselves or to attack others?
  • Technology in cars, automation, self-driving vehicles, self-sustaining technologies, robotics, robotic and human interactions
  • Technology for senior citizens
  • Technology in health care,
  • Recent technologies in surgery,
  • Life-saving technologies
  • Role of cryogenics
  • Why should we save the energy
  • More solar-powered technologies for our daily day use.

 Simple Research Paper Topics On Education

  • Why do we need to impart more physical activities?
  • Internet censorship and how to handle it the right away for your children?
  • Should we encourage students to pursue sports at least for their fitness/health-wise?
  • Why we should educate our children to be “Fit Not Thin”?
  • Do we need Gap-year between high school and college?
  • Is it possible to adopt an education system based on pure life skills?
  • What changes do we need in the grading system or do we need to change our grade system?
  • Why school should be strict in providing clean healthy foods to all students?
  • Do we need a debate about having or not-having school uniforms?
  • What environment is ideal for a child’s growth?
  • How can we improve the tests we conduct for students so they involve more of their effort to study?
  • How can we improve our assignments, presentations and homework to encourage students to do it willingly?
  • College admission policies and do we need any change?
  • Homeschooling, diploma educations, life skill-oriented education, focusing on hobby oriented so that it can help children find their interests, do we need IQ tests/intelligence tests?
  • How to handle children who are hyperactive
  • imparting child psychology as a little part of a study in a way so that a child can be aware and gain the confidence to free from peer pressure in young age,
  • More human/moral value classes and curriculums
  • NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND – how it can do better?
  • How to tackle learning disabilities in children without breaking their confidence?
  • How to distract children from technology?
  • How can we bring more environmental-awareness to kids and children?

List Of Research Topics Based On Space Science, Astronomy and Space Research

  • Ancient astronomy principles and how it shaped today?
  • Do ancestors perceive space science in a different than us today?
  • How different cultures treat space and science in different ways?
  • Impacts of Satellites and their floating waste on the space.
  • Do we need more International space stations?
  • Does spending tons of money on space research is needed? Psychology of space travelers?
  • Life on space is possible or not?
  • Origin of earth, black holes, planets and influences on space,
  • How farther can we go into space exploration and where the buck stops?
  • Is it possible to live outside earth?
  • Why Mars mission is portrayed as so important and critical today?
  • Why exploring space is taken seriously by countries?
  • Are space missions becoming a status symbol?
  • What happens when we put too many satellites on space orbit?
  • What impact does NASA has on the world.

List of Easy Research Paper Topic Ideas On Anthropology, Human Science And Culture-Related

  • How is Human society today?
  • Impact of civilizations on human behaviors
  • The patterns and behaviors of past and present society – what is missing and what we gained?
  • The impact of linguistics in the past- how language shaped society and human behavior?
  • About list of major anthropological organizations worldwide and what they do
  • Different fields of anthropology
  • Major anthropologists and their works, what it says and what they concluded

Research Paper Topics Ideas On Art

  • Different arts in different times of history and their impact
  • Renaissance art and today’s modern art – similarities and difference and what they both say
  • Historical art and today’s contemporary art and the similarities and inspirations
  • Analyze anyone influential artist from the world and his works thoroughly – what he meant to say?
  • How Art influenced music? In what way music and art are connected?
  • Architectures and landmarks famous for art and music and why they are connected?

List Of Easy U.S (American) History Research Paper Topics

  • Does immigration happen since history?
  • Theft of historical artifacts and its place on the global market, theft of metal statues, etc.
  • Has race and class been there since ancient times and why is that.
  • Why the destruction of native’s identity, monuments, and traditions upon being conquered?
  • Different civilizations and their impact until today
  • Historical events and their impact on changing the history of the world
  • Cultures of different countries
  • Ancient tribes who still live today and follow their traditions,
  • Impact of ancient history
  • Un-accessed historical places
  • Legends and myths from history
  • Historical figures
  • US history and its impact on the world
  • Essay on historical books present till today
  • Historical monuments and what it portrays
  • Impacts of different colors to a different culture
  • Customs of different cultures
  • Ancient civilizations
  • Cave Man era i.e. Stone Age era time happenings etc.
  • Write on inventions and discoveries that shaped the initial era of human society,
  • Ancient discoveries that inspired today’s technology.

List Of Research Topics Based On Tourism, Travel, Culture

  • Traveling and its importance
  • Travel savings
  • Tourism boards in different countries and do they keep up their reputation?
  • Do celebrity ambassadors for countries/tourism have an influence on people?
  • People are traveling more in recent times and what could be the reason behind it – is its affordability, is it to gain more knowledge, is it to understand their limit and capability?
  • How premium brands have shaped youth culture?
  • Do Tags and Labels determine individuality?
  • Dressings of different cultures and is there any specific reason?
  • About Pop culture and its influence
  • Historical periods and cultures
  • About historical figure who changed the face of the culture
  • Cultural achievements of today’s society
  • The impacts of ads and commercials
  • Music and culture and how it is influencing?
  • Greek cultures, Mediterranean cultures, Asian cultures and core similarities in them
  • Racial discrimination origin in historic culture and how it came into existence?
  • Cross-Cultural psychology
  • How personality traits are different from each culture and what makes them different?
  • How music is unique to each culture?
  • How different cultures have their own signature style of music and how it is?
  • Is celebrity influence toned down a bit?
  • Is there a culture of Pre-Wedding, Post-Wedding, Pregnancy Pre and Post, celebrity-style, theme styled Photoshoots influence growing and why?
  • Food and culture
  • Travel and culture
  • Social ethnicity in different cultures
  • Culture influenced politics in different countries

Ideas On Argumentative Research Paper Topics

We all like to argue and prove our point so why not use it for the betterment by choosing healthy argumentative research topics to explore the possibilities like

  • Do we need more technology or is it enough with what we have already?
  • While countries still face poverty, unemployment they spend Tons of money into space research– is it good or bad?
  • Education – heading in the right direction or wrong direction?
  • Do we need more and more infrastructure or do we need more Greens?
  • Is social media doing good or altering the way of peer-peer connection?
  • Business and technology combined – is it heading in a progressive way or brings tangles and difficulties?
  • Why do we need to impart more mental health and psychology in the education system?
  • Government policies on different areas – pros and cons
  • Apps and Smart Phones make you easy but it fails in the chance of human-human interaction and bonding – agreeable or not?
  • Large Corporations are involved in policy changes – Is it Healthy or not?
  • Social Media and does it need more restrictions – Yes or No?
  • Are our personal details really secure – yes or no?
  • Corporates are doing more to the environment than what they take from nature & environment – agreed or not agreeable?
  • Do we need internet regulations for adults too – yes or no?
  • My laptop/work system/home system safe in all possible cyber ways – agreed or not-agreeable?

Research Topics Based On Law, Government Policies, Legal Issues

Law is what makes democracy still alive. So if you are interested in law-related, government-policies and legal issues, you can go through to get ideas from below for your research essay

  • Do we need any changes in the immigration laws?
  • Is the justice system ensuring equality and justice against all genders?
  • Should federal government agencies be allowed to restrict internet information?
  • Improved government policies to stop home ground violence
  • Public Health laws
  • US domestic laws and policies
  • Policies and Laws – what’s the difference?
  • Nuclear weapon policies
  • Airport security changes
  • Homeland security
  • Veterans of wars
  • Environmental laws should be taken more seriously and why?
  • Gun control and government policy changes – how they should be?
  • Are Non-Government Organizations interfering with Law?
  • Election turn-outs, budget methods
  • Foreign policy laws
  • Media and law
  • Anti-corruption policies
  • Voting patterns
  • Educational policies and what changes do we need?
  • Do we need to make any changes to copyright Laws and Intellectual property laws?
  • When it comes to Mass Media and Mass Communications do we need improved laws and policies to restrict television programs, reality shows, women portrayals, stereotypes, children programs, etc.?

Research Paper Topics and Ideas On Medicine And Science

  • Nano-medicines and their current stage of development
  • Medicinal advancements
  • Medical advancements in treating rare diseases
  • Affordable health care for each and every one
  • Life-saving drugs in the research stage
  • Pharmaceutical companies and their ethics
  • FDA approved medicine and food supplements that are OTC and how good are they?
  • What if there will be more technology-enabled surgical enhancements adopted in future and will that bring down the ratio of doctors for surgery?
  • Are the so-called herbal food supplements and medicines really does what they say?
  • Which are good – prescribed medicines and supplements for your health or OTC supplements?
  • Will Technology-driven medicines become the future?

Easy Controversial / Sensitive Research Paper Topics

As the name suggests be more cautious and has strong arguments and proofs to back you while discussing and arguing on sensitive and controversial research topic areas. So here are few

  • Is it right for governments/corporates to move to different countries and deplete their natural wealth and resources, make the natives pay for their own resource in the name of development?
  • Is terrorism and rebellion biting the hand that fed it?
  • Government cover-ups and their Zero-accountability on sensitive issues like national security, data theft, Human rights violations, manipulating the market values, weapon trades, theft of natural resources, creating surplus and deficit for own gains by corporates
  • Manipulating the democratic election with the help of social media platforms,
  • is election rigging becoming common?
  • Do governments become polished tyrants/dictators in the name of democratically elected leaders/governments?
  • Elected politicians are letting big corporations to handle policies or not?

List Of Interesting Research Topics

  • Art forms from different cultures
  • Expressions of human nature through Arts since ancient times
  • What would have been on the mind of an artist while crafting his art (can pick any famous artist for this)
  • Clothing and fashion
  • Clothing and art
  • Clothing and its cultural impacts
  • Jewels in ancient historical times
  • Jewels of different cultures and what they signify?
  • Pottery of different countries and tribes and cultures
  • The popularity and fan-base for anything handmade and hand-crafted arts
  • Crafts are gaining huge fan-base in recent times and why is it?
  • About traveling the world
  • About postage stamps of history
  • Peoples and hobbies
  • The art of calligraphy,
  • What lacks in kindle, audible and e-books that the original books give?
  • About coining of new terms and words,
  • Food and cuisines of different cultures, countries, tribes, local regions
  • Influential people across the world
  • Do folklores have some base of truth?
  • Have you wondered how folk tales of different tribes, cultures, and countries have so many similarities in them and why is that?

 Hope we have helped you with our list of easy, simple and best research paper topics and ideas that can help you with your college work. Feel free to pick one. Creativity has no limit so we welcome your own unique ideas.