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7 Steps To Craft An Effective Influencer Outreach Emails

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Email marketing, in and of itself, is something that very important in getting the clients and businesses. Keeping your brand in front of customers, clients, and viable leads is a vital part of almost every successful marketing plan. The concept of outreach emails is one that is gaining in popularity, mostly because of the upsurge of thought leaders and influencers, particularly on social media.

Those influencers have the power to catapult your brand into super-stardom, but only if you go about contacting and collaborating with them in the right way. So how to contact Influencers? Email is the best option. Influencer outreach email can have a very positive effect on any marketer’s ability to grow their audience and customer base, or they can fall completely flat.

The messaging of an outreach email, and how it is presented, is very important. This is why we think you should take the following advice and run with it. The odds of getting more than one chance to make a good impression on an influencer are slim. Keeping the following seven tips in mind and acting on them can increase those odds considerably. With that, let’s start looking at how to get best the job done and get your brand on the map quickly.  

influencer outreach strategy

1. Understand The Trial-And-Error Aspect Of The Influencer Outreach Email

Always remember that a successful marketing strategy rarely, if ever, get a majority of positive response. Successful email marketing campaigns net 3% positive response or better. If yours do better on average, you are doing something right.

To reach influence, it is also advisable to at least consult with professional writers to ensure the best quality. Academic writers, in general, are very good at spotting the fine details and helping make the messaging tighter and more focused. Consider working with best online essay writer – one who knows how to present ideas persuasively – to either proofread, edit, or write your emails from scratch.

To make this experiment as successful as possible, several considerations need to be made. First, choose influencers in order of… well… influence. With the first few outreach emails, try targeting those with smaller spheres of influence until you get a response.

If the target doesn’t respond or doesn’t respond in the intended fashion, try to determine why and modify the approach on subsequent attempts. How to send a follow up email after no response? Well, in this case try tweaking the subject line a little and resending. If it gets open but no response, wait a week or so and send a new email presenting your message in a slightly different way. This is an essential part of the process. Don’t pester, but do persist.

2. Take Note Of The Types Of Posts And Comments To Which The Recipient Responds

This is where spending some time on the social media becomes necessary. It is needed to get into the head of the influencer, and that means observing what that person does when interacting with his or her audience online. What kinds of posts get a response? At what point in the conversation does the influencer decide to join in? What types of comments net positive responses?

It’s these kinds of details that will help you figure out how to craft the right messaging in an outreach email to a specific influencer. If certain themes or ideas keep getting the person’s attention, remember them when deciding how to word the follow up email subject line. Then, be sure that the messaging in the subject line matches the content of the body. Jab as many of the ideas in which the influencer demonstrates interest as possible without going off on tangents or getting too verbose.

3.Interact On The Recipient’s Social Channels, Blog And Forums

Another way to help raise the odds of an open through influencer outreach email is to become someone with whom the influencer and his or her audience are familiar. Interact and engage positively on the influencer’s channels. Here are a few of the behaviours and tactics that work well.

  • Join live chats, hangouts, and webinars
  • If given the opportunity to send questions or comments during a live conversation, seize it
  • Don’t use cutesy usernames
  • Don’t incite argument or controversy
  • Express genuine interest in the influencer’s opinion
  • Get the influencer to engage with you directly, if possible
  • Add a professional email signature to interact with your recipients
influencer outreach email


4. Use The Recipient’S Name In The Subject And Body

Not much has changed about people since Dale Carnegie’s day. While the way we interact might have changed a bit since How to Win Friends and Influence People, the psychology of those interactions hasn’t. There is the real power in using proper names. People still place plenty of stock in their names, and they appreciate people who take the time to learn them and use them politely and respectfully.

This is why using influencer’s name is such a great idea. It is likely that the target is constantly barraged with emails that are nothing but straight marketing. Using his or her name in a subject line where your name is also visible is a kind of virtual handshake. It is also a much warmer greeting than they get with most marketing communications. The likelihood of an open goes up considerably when those pieces of the puzzle are in place.

5.Get Right To The Point

Don’t beat around the bush – the target will probably get hundreds of emails the day you send yours. Even if your subject line nets an open, a brick of text in the body can kill any interest you’ve piqued in short order.

Short, concise messaging is key here. 100-200 words should be plenty. Present the text in small one or two sentence chunks with line breaks. Doing that makes it look like there is less to read and also increases the chances of communicating your key points even if the reader skims the text.

6.Mention Common Contacts, Friends Or Colleagues

This goes right back to the concept of names. Once you’ve earned an open and formatted the body of the message for easy consumption, drop a name or two of any mutual contact or person of influence whom you think the influencer might notice.

There is a critical word of caution here, though: don’t fake this part. If you drop names and can’t make a good association with the person, it will be evident that your circle of influence isn’t as big as you’re suggesting. Don’t try to pull a fast one on an influencer; that person got where he or she is for a reason.

7. No Attachments, No errors, No selling

Finally, keep things simple. Don’t attach your white paper. Don’t try to sell anything with this email message. Mention your brand and the work you do in a purely informational and introductory fashion.  

Also, spell and grammar check the messaging for fluidity (or get a professional to do it for you). Don’t get hung up on the excellent points of grammar, though. If it sounds good spoken aloud, the presentation is most likely acceptable and should be well-received.

As a final takeaway, remember the following

  • Missing the mark on the first few attempts is to be expected
  • Be persistent but don’t become a nuisance
  • Treat the influencer like a person; don’t grovel or adorn with overwrought praise
  • Be a valuable part of the influencer’s community and interact favorably with his or her followers

All of the above advice serves as a great recipe for a successful email outreach campaign. Be sure to also tap into other valuable ideas and resources provided by the email providers optinmonster, newoldstamp.com etc.