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Inbox By Gmail Now Suggests Smart Replies Based On The Body Text

google smart reply
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We are all using the predictive keyboards since ages. We know how it works. Now Google rolls out this smart reply feature to its Inbox app. It seems like they are going to add this feature to regular Gmail later this week.

How Gmail App Predicts Your Reply?

This feature scans the body of email and suggest up to 3 different replies based on the context. It is very useful for the mails that only require few lines of reply and for those who are in a hurry.

If you need to give an intense reply, this feature gives you a quick jump start. For example. If someone mailed you asking about your last week production report, Gmail will do the suggestions stating ” I’ll send it to you soon” or “It’s not ready yet, I’m sorry”. You can add further details to it or just send as it is. It’s all up to you.


Source : googleresearch.blogspot.in

This smart inbox  learns over the time so it will get better as you use it. If you want to know how this feature works, update your app by visiting the play store or ITunes store. Visit this page, if you want to dive deeply into the technical details of how it works.


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