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How To Tell If Your Starter Is Bad ?

how to tell if your starter is bad
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Whenever your car fails to start, you do not always need to blame your battery.  Your starter can cause problems too. To help you catch the real culprit, here I have included a quick list using which you can identify whether starter is causing the problem.

How to Tell If Your Starter Is Bad ?

Though it is easier to spot the defects caused by battery, starter system needs a little expertise to locate the fault. It may seem little difficult to manage it at the beginning but trust me, you can do it very easily once you get an adequate knowledge on this component.

Components Of Starter

car starter problems

Rule Out The Problem – Is it Starter Or Some Other? 

Pay Attention to the sound that comes when you try to start the car.Depending the type of sound you hear, you can easily spot the problem causing component and arrive at a solution.

1.I Here A Cranking Sound

 If you hear a cranking sound, it means there is nothing wrong with your starter.  The actual problem must be caused by ignition or fuel system.

2.I Hear Some Weird Sounds Or It’s Complete Silence

When you turn the key in ignition, you here some funny sounds or no sound all. This situation signals an issue with the electrical system, wires, fuses or the connecting boards.  In this case, your car requires a visit to the nearest service center.

3.I Just Hear A Whirring Sound 

Every car system has a clutch and overrunning clutch. The overrunning clutch is bound to interlock the clutch when the ignition is turned on. Sometimes, this overrunning clutch fails to establish a connection with starter solenoid. In such cases, understand that your solenoid is worn out. It’s the reason why you hear whirring sound when every time you try to start the car. This issue needs an immediate fix otherwise, other parts will wear out too.

4.I Hear a Buzzing Sound

 If you get only a buzzing sound when you turn on the key, it is time for you to get a mechanic to look into the solenoid and the clutch plate. When every time you turn the ignition, the electrical current will reach out the solenoid but it’s the stubborn solenoid which fails to get activated.

This buzzing sound is produced because of the low electric current that flows through the battery. Recharging the battery might help overcoming this problem. If the problem persists, considering replacing the old battery with a new one.

5.I hear a Loud Click 

This is one of the most common car starter problems. When you turn the key in ignition, you will be hearing only the sound of a loud click. It indicates a problem related to the solenoid plate or starter motor. Though it is always the starter motor that produces the loud noise, it’s suggestible to get your solenoid plate checked as well for other issues. 

6.My Headlight doesn’t work 

You try to turn the ignition ON with the headlights turned ON but nothing happens. This situation indicates a problem with your battery.

Few Other Reasons Are

  • Presence of an open circuit in the starter system.
  • The terminals of the battery are corroded and are unable to pass the electricity. If it’s the case, cleaning the terminals will help.

Rash driving and improper maintenance are the two important reasons  for most  of the car starter problems. Hence keep your starter systems healthy by giving a proper maintenance and regular servicing.

Always check your starter before you go on a road trip off the city because it might leave you stranded in the middle of your journey at the weirdest hour of the day.

Everything listed here is an indication specifying that something goes wrong with your starter system. Keen observation is the key for spotting issues occurred with a faulty starter motor. In general, they are designed to produce extreme performances. Any alteration with the mechanism or extra pressure will ruin the interiors and in turn it will result in a starter failure. Remember, the starter motor is the one which ensures your safe ride through jungles and dilapidated highways. So never forget to give the proper care your car components deserve.

The chances are, I might have missed to interpret some least common scenarios that subject to cause the starter risks. So tell your unique situation in regard to the starter failure. How do you find your starter is bad ? I would like to read your comments.


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