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How To Make A Fairy Garden – Using Fairy Garden Statues

how to create a fairy garden using statues
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A fairy garden is a type of garden, where you give life to your imagination and make it real. Fairy gardens are usually miniature, where you make a scenario of your imagination. The best way to make a fairy garden is to think of your favourite fairy tale characters like snow white, Cinderella, Rapunzel or Alice in Wonderland. These fairy tale characters are really wonderful when you add a statue of your favourite one in your fairy garden or you can use other garden statues that will attract the eyes of a visitor. In simple definition you can use any man-made element that is made up of stone, terracotta, concrete, iron and steel, copper, cast stone, bronze, lead or ceramic. One of the most important factor is the placement of your garden statue, so you must place your statue in such a position that will enhance the beauty of your garden and is easily visible at a first glance. One of the common mistake people make is by using excessive ornaments in their fairy garden, but remember that beauty lies within the simplicity.

Now I am about to tell you how to make a simple and easy fairy garden step by step and it will only take 15 minutes to build.

The Supplies You Will Need

  • A pair of gloves
  • A wide open 6-inch terracotta tub or bowl
  • Potting mix
  • A small cottage
  • A pair of miniature plants
  • Succulents or moss or grass
  • 3 to 4 fairy statues
  • Some small rocks
  • Mini bridge
  • A mini piece of wooden log
  • Micro blue crystals
  • Mini wooden furniture
  • A swing
  • Some animal characters like racoons or snails

Let’s Get To Work

  • Wear your gloves before you start.
  • Fill the terracotta tub with the potting mix.
  • Place the cottage off from the center as you need to put all other accessories in front of it.
  • Pull out the plants from the pots and loosen the soil a bit so that the roots of them can spread easily within the tub.
  • Dig out some potting mix for planting the plants beside the cottage and the level of the plant soil and the bed of potting mix must be same.

how to make a fairy garden

how to build a fairy garden using statues

  • Cut out a mini piece of plastic and place it a bit far away from the front door of the cottage and then fill it with the blue microcrystals which represent water.
  • Now place your mini bridge right over the top of the water for the fairies to walk to the cottage.
  • Put some small rocks in front of the door and make a walkway.
  • Place some mosses and lobelia beside the cottage and the pond.
  • Now cover the rest of the open potting mix with lush green grasses.
  • Place some mini wooden furniture for the fairies to sit in front of the cottage and hang a mini swing with a branch of a tree for the fairies to have fun.
  • Now you can place the fairy statues over the sitting area or over the mini bridge or wherever you feel appropriate.
  • Place a mini wooden log behind the moss and put a statue of racoon over it.
  • Additionally, if you want you can put a bird feeder with some cute little birds in it.
  • Finally sprinkle some water gently over your fairy garden so that your new plants may not be dehydrated.

One of the biggest advantages of building a fairy garden in such tubs or pots is that you can move it indoor or outdoor wherever you want as per weather conditions. But you can also build an outdoor fairy garden if you are thinking something big. You can follow the same basic instructions and build your outdoor fairy garden with your own magic touch. But there are certain criteria you need to keep in mind.

  • Select an appropriate location where the small scale of the fairy garden is not overwhelmed by the larger plants so that the beauty of the mini garden can be appreciated more.
  • Build you fairy garden behind some solid structures as the accessories in the fairy garden are tiny and fragile, which might be destroyed due to harsh weather conditions.

Now you can get to work and build your pixie garden indoor or outdoor wherever you like by adding some intricate details to it and make it a really adorable one for you and your friends to appreciate.