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How To Jumpstart A Car Battery Using Another Car ?

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You are already late, rushing towards your office. You keyed in the ignition but nothing happens. If this situation arise due to your weak battery or dead battery, instead of waiting for the mechanic to reach your place, you can quickly jump start a car battery and drive it to your destination or to a service station if it requires an immediate fix. So shall we get started with our guide?

Things You Will Need

  • Jumper Cables

How To Choose The Right Jumper Cable ?

In order to jump-start a car battery not many tools are required; all you need are just a jumper cable, proper how to knowledge and another willing car owner. Finding the right cable and the right terminals of the battery is a tricky task but practicing it properly will help you in the long run. Jumper cable is the most affordable tool that is available for jump starting a car. One can store it easily or find it at any local store. Getting a jumper cable that is 10-20 feet long will do. Longer cables might be helpful but they tend to lose a lot of energy/power to attenuation and noise. Gauge six is the most preferred size for the jumper cables.

why wont my car start If you think that your battery is perfect and some other things cause the starter issue, you can still fix the problem by yourself. You can utilize our dedicated tutorial, written on this stuff.

Why Wont My Car Start – Problem Diagnosis & Repair

Safety Measures To Be Followed Before Jump starting A Battery

Jump-starting a car with a jumper cable may sound like a child’s play but in real, it’s a serious one and should be carried out with caution. One needs to ensure a proper security measure before actually performing it. Ensure that kids and other family members are at a distance from the engine when connecting two batteries. Reading the car manual is more recommended as different cars require different methods for jump-starting.

Remember one thing, the primary job of the jumper cable is to transmit energy from one battery to another one. Hence, the moment you connect one battery it will start to conduct the electricity. So it’s advisable to connect the other end only to the specified target. Ensure that no other things that are capable of conducting electricity come in contact with the cars in operation. If you feel too nervous and not feeling confident, call a mechanic rather than making a mess.

How To Jumpstart A Car Battery ? 

Step 1 : Prepare For The Jump

  1. Park the car by the side of highway/road. Ensure that you have enough space on your back so you can jump and run, in case anything goes wrong. Ensure that the two cars maintain enough distance between and also ensure that no kid is playing around the car.
  1. Applying the parking break is always suggestible because it restricts unwanted movements of the car.
  1. Remove the keys and ensure that both the engines are turned off.
  1. It is now time to set down the jumper cable; ensure that the two ends are not in contact with any good conductor of electricity apart from the battery terminals. One wrong connection can make electricity run across the whole outer body of the car. So be careful and stay safe.

Step 2 : How To Connect A Car Battery

Clean the terminals of both the batteries to ensure a proper flow of electricity/power.

how to jumpstart a car battery

  1. Attach the positive (+) clamp of the cable to the positive (+) terminal of your battery. In order to ensure a solid connection between the clamps and cable, you might have to wiggle the clamps once or twice.
  1. Attach the other side of the positive (+) clamp to the positive (+) terminal of the working battery (another car)
  1. Connect the negative (-) clamp of the cable to the negative terminal of the working battery.
  1. DO NOT CONNECT the other end of the negative clamp with the negative terminal of your dead battery. Again I insist, DO NOT CONNECT the negative clamp with the negative terminal. Doing so will create unwanted electric shocks which may lead to the undesired results we don’t even want to imagine. Instead of connecting the negative end of the working battery to your battery’s terminal, connect it to some unpainted part of your car. This way you will be able to charge your battery with great ease. 

Step 3 : Jumpstart A Dead Battery

Now you and your car are ready to jump-start. Follow the steps below and jumpstart a car battery.

  1. Turn the ignition of the jumping vehicle.
  1. Depending upon how long ago the battery died, you may have to keep the working battery running for one or two minutes.
  1. After a minute or two, turn off the ignition of working car and try starting it with the dead battery. If it starts, well and good enough, otherwise restart the working car and let it charge the dead battery for a minute or two again.
  1. If the dead car starts running, remove the jumper cables very carefully. Ensure that they are not touching other parts of the car; it may invite unwanted electric shocks.
  1. Take the car with dead battery for a round and let the battery get charged up. This way you will be able to turn the battery self-dependent.

I recommend you to check out the helper video below before starting a jumpstart.


Credit : Youtube/artofmanliness

What To Do If The JumpStart Fails ?

If your car refuses to start after a jumpstart, then battery may not be the problem. Try diagnosing the problem using our tutorial mentioned above. It will help solve your problem.

If our tutorial helps to overcome your worst day, we are so happy about you. But remember, you should never attempt to jumpstart a car more than once or twice just because you know how to jumpstart a car battery. Don’t take this battery problem light and wait for this same to happen again. Take your car to the service center and fix the battery permanently.


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