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How To Improve Your WiFi Signal ? – 10 Easy Hacks You Should Try Today

how to improve wifi signal
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Like electricity and gas connection,nowadays  every single household has WiFi connection with at least 6 to 10 connected devices. Though enjoying the high speed internet with a wide coverage is the expectation of every user, most of us continue to complain about low speeds, poor signal reception and frequent disconnections without knowing the right tricks. Remember, fixing  your WiFi issue is as simple as playing chess. All you need is just knowing the right techniques and willingness to apply it in real time. Now, we walk you through 10 of the most common WiFi connectivity issues and the corresponding fixes. Keep reading.

How To Improve WiFi Signal ? 

1.Switch To The Most Recent Wi-Fi Technology

how to improve wifi signal

As of now, N type routers are the new arrivals. As you are looking to improve signal boost, we suggest you to replace your old device with wireless N router and N card. Why should you do that anyway ? Let me tell you the reason. Go through it and decide yourself.

Older wireless A or B or G type routers broadcast on the 2.4 GHz frequency band whereas Wireless N routers broadcast on 5GHz. Since all other devices like Bluetooth, mobiles and older A/B/G type routers operate on the 2.4 GHz band, N routers will only have less or zeo interference. Thus the high wavelength and less interference will result in a high speed WiFi.

The only problem with the 5GHz band is that, it cannot penetrate much through the walls.You can easily fix this problem by setting your router to “Dual Mode“. N routers primarily operate on the 5GHz band but it does not mean that it can’t operate on the 2.4 GHz.When you are in the same room as the modem, you will be connected through the high speed 5Hz band. When you are far away, your connection will be automatically switched to 2.4 GHz.

2.Find The Perfect Place For Your Wi-Fi router

how to increase wifi signal

May be wireless router in your home may look cute or maybe not. Regardless of whether it’s cute or ugly, if you want to increase WiFi signal strength throughout your home, place it at the heart of your house. Make sure no obstacles and walls interfere the tranfer path. Keep WiFi antenna perpendicularly in some high place of your house. (Few of my friends told that they found attic as the best place to place their router. Lol!).

3.Change The Location Of Households & Reduce The Interference

how to extend wifi signal

Make sure no heavy objects interfere with a transfer path. If you have furniture or electronic appliances (TV, microwave oven, washing machine, refrigerator) placed on the transfer path, move them closer to the walls or to some other places without disturbing the signal strength.

4.Change Your Adapter Settings

Set your Wi-Fi adapter setting to cover a major ground.

For example enable “maximum performance” in Power saving mode, Select “maximum” in  Transmit power settings and Enable “Throughput enhancement”. It will result in a bit of boost.

5.Choose The Right Wireless Channel

how to increase wifi signal


Chances are your neighbors wireless, may interfere with yours and cause a degrade. WiFi routers are designed to run on number of different channels. Choose a different channel (11 least used) over the most  popular ones ( 6 or 7). Our aim is finding the perfect channel with less interference. You can use the tools like “MetaGeek“or Wi-Fi Analyzer” to find the best channel.

6.Take Control Over The Bandwidth Consuming Applications

Video chats, graphic intensive online games, Netflix and torrent downloads are few culprits for the slower internet. If someone in your home use any of these services, you can’t say them to stop using that just because you want the faster WiFi. Luckily, we have something called QoS to deal with the bandwidth hogs. Through Qos, you can prioritize the important applications over the others . For example set “browsers over the video games” so that the prioritized applications will always get their own bandwidth.

7.Do It Yourself Trick To Increase The Range

As you want to know how to improve wifi signal, i believe that learning these tricks will yield a better result.These DIY tricks do not help you to extend your WiFi zone to another 32 meters but it will certainly help you to extend a  bit more distance than the actual range.

how to improve wifi signal

Take an Aluminum foil sheet or old beer can from your kitchen. Bend it like a curve and place it behind the router antenna. Since Aluminum is a reflective material, it grabs and reflects the Radio waves back into your room with full strength.

8.Learn To Improve Signal Strength using DD-WRT Firmware

Install DD-WRT firmware, it’s totally free and easy as well. In addition to providing the tons of security features and Qos service, this option act as the best WiFi transmitter. You can check out the detailed guide on how to install this software by clicking this guide. Make sure your router can handle this power increase. Most of the routers are designed in such a way to handle the power up to 70 mW without causing even a bit of issue.

9.Get A Range Extender Or Make It In Your Own

If all you need is just a wide coverage, you can easily fix this problem with a help of WiFi extender. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg. These are super cheap and you can get it in the range 20$ to 40$ depending on the brand and spec. If you have an old WiFi router, you can use it as a range extender by installing  DD-WRT firmware.

10.Upgrade Your WiFi Receivers

If you have done everything and still face the slower internet, it’s time to update your device. Because, to reap the benefits of your latest N wireless or AC type device, wireless receivers like smart phones, laptops and desktops should also be able to adopt the latest technology. If you are ready to invest some money, upgrade your processor and a RAM to enjoy the high speed.

So how do your improve wifi signal ? If you have any other proven tricks, please do drop your comments below. It will help us to improve this post even more.


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