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How To Improve Eyesight Naturally Through 4 Simple Steps ?

how to improve eyesight naturally
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Having healthy eyesight is as important as having a healthy heart. We all know how we ruin our eyes by staring at the computer and cell phone screens all day long. While it is not possible to reduce the usage of our modern gadgets, we can always do something to lessen the eye strains so we can preserve and improve eyesight naturally.

Without proper care, most of us have already started to use eyeglasses and contact lenses. Regardless of whether your eyesight is already ruined or you are reading this as a precaution, following this guide will help you achieve better eyesight through a steady course of time.

Make the required lifestyle changes, keep up with them persistently and start feeling the differences.

How To Improve Eyesight Naturally?

Eat right, reduce eye-straining, make few lifestyle changes and practice eye exercises. These are the only 4 things that need to be followed to keep your eyesight at its peak. What’s more? Taking proper care of eyes will even eliminate the need for wearing glasses or contact lenses.

  • Staring at the computer and /or cell phone screens and reading the small texts continuously (without taking any breaks).
  • Too much exposure to UV rays.
  • Watching digital screens or reading books under the poor light setting.
  • Not wearing the protective eyewear while working at the polluted environments that emit dust, smoke, and other chemicals.

Step 1: Eat Right To Get An Improved Vision

What could be a better way to care your eyes than feeding them with what they need to be healthy? Usually providing a steady supply of nutrient-rich foods and vitamins will keep your eyes and overall health at their peak.

Food Sources to Improve Eyesight

Vitamin A

Vitamin A deficiency reduces our body’s ability to create a pigment known as rhodopsin. It is needed for certain cells (rods and cones) in the retina to assist in the conversion of light rays into images especially under the low light and during the night times.

how to improve eyesight


The Mineral Zinc acts as a carrier in transporting Vitamin A into the retina. If you have zinc deficiency and take even a hell load of Vitamin A, you will still face the night vision difficulties. To avoid these complications, do add the zinc sources to your daily diet.

how to improve eyesight naturally


Antioxidants found in Vitamin C and E are known to reduce the risk of developing “Age-related macular degeneration” (AMD) and cataracts.

These antioxidants protect the retina cells from the unstable cells known as free radicals which destroy the healthy cells thus deteriorating the vision.

how to improve eyesight


Lutein And Zeaxanthin

These are 2 important types of pigment packed cells that are found in the layer of the retina. They protect the retina from the exposure of excessive light and thus doing a cut back on “light-induced oxidative damages”.

Studies published by the “Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science” state that these carotenoids prevent and slow down the progression of AMD and cataracts.

how to improve eyesight

Essential Fatty Acids – Omega-3: DHA and EPA

Omega 3 Fatty Acids (DHA and EPA) play a crucial role in improving our eyesight. It also lowers the risk of developing dry eye syndrome & macular degeneration.

How to increase eyesight naturally

2: Practice Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

You asked, how to improve eyesight naturally. We suggested you to eat right. But is that enough? No, You must follow some simple eye exercises so you can get your eyesight improved as promised.

1. Pencil Push Up

Draw a point at the center of the pencil. Concentrate on the dot as you are moving the pencil toward and away from your eyes. This pencil pushes up exercise is known to correct the double vision. It is all about focusing and refocusing. Do it at least 5 minutes per day.

2. Blinking

Blink your eyes 3 to 4 seconds for every 2 minutes. The brief period of darkness will help your eyes to cleanse & lubricate the eye surface.


Warm your palms by rubbing both of your hands together. Place it on your closed eyes and experience the dark for a minute or two. Open your eyes slowly and blink for a second. Repeat this exercise for 10 to 15 times twice per day. Especially in the hours when you strain your eyes the most.

4. Sunning

Practice this eye exercise at least once per day. Close your eyes and look straight into the sun or a bright lamp. Move your head from side to side slowly. Looking at the sun with closed eyes improves the peripheral vision.  Moving your head will increase the blood flow around the neck.


Stand up and peep outside the window to concentrate on some distant object. In the meantime, let your upper part of the body swing right to left and to the right again. Make sure the heels of your feet are Uplifted while doing this exercise. This exercise increases your eyesight and takes care of your back.

6.Vision Shifting

Everyone who is in the process of improving the vision and eager about knowing “how to improve eyesight” should never ignore this exercise. Whenever you are starring at the monitor for long hours, remember this fixed focus hurt your eye muscles so badly. Do yourself a favor by shifting your focus from near to your arm length and then to the out of the window. Do this at least once an hour.

7.Close Your Eyes

Your eyes deserve a short span of rest once in a while. Close your eyes to 2 to 3 seconds and open them at the same time. Repeat it 6 to 7 times every hour.

8. Scanning

From the place where you are sitting, try scanning the objects around you for a couple of minutes. (Television, desk, table, chairs, etc) located at different distances (Don’t stare at your next cabin member and scare them away anyway). The idea here is to move your eyes to various distance objects. Do a minimum of 3 to 4 scans thrice a day.

9.Massage Your Eyes

Close your eyes and give a gentle massage for your eyeballs and around in circular motion. Continue for a couple of minutes. Open your eyes slowly. Repeat this exercise twice per day.

10.Roll Your Eyes

Roll your eyes continuously in clockwise and in anti-clockwise for few times. Repeat it once per hour.

Step 3: Reduce Eye Strain And Increase the Eyesight

As how continues sitting hurts our back and continuous standing hurts our legs, continuous starring will hurt our eyes. When you strain them way too much, they will feel fatigued and painful. Luckily, we have some tricks to eliminate visual fatigue.

Give proper rest to your eyes whenever you feel it’s required.

Follow the popular 20-20-20 rule

  • Look at the object at 20 feet away for 20 seconds in every 20 minutes interval.

Keep your computer screens eye friendly

  • Reduce brightness, maintain an arm’s length of distance and increase the font size.

Step 4: Make Few Lifestyle Changes

Quit Smoking

I am not here to lecture about the negative effects of smoking. If I start to list, it will go on and on. Coming to the point, the harmful elements found in cigarettes increases the risk of developing vision loss, AMD and cataracts. So if you are into improving eyesight, quit smoking.

Quit Caffeine & Alcohol

Both caffeine and alcohol can interfere with our nerve system and prevent eye coordination. Replace your drinking habit with antioxidant-rich beverages like Black or green tea.

Wear UV Protection Glasses When You Go Under the Hot Sun

Providing the full 6 to 8 hours of tight sleep will help your eyes and body get a proper rest they deserve. If you have been a night owl, transform yourself into an early bird. Though this dramatic change can’t happen within a fortnight, it is still possible with continuous practice. Follow these 4 steps rigidly and increase your eyesight as promised.

Image source: aoa.org



  1. Bob April 15, 2019

    Interesting…does this actually work?

  2. Lisa Williams April 17, 2019

    yes Bob. It actually works


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