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How To Get Rid Of Forehead Wrinkles Fast Naturally ?

how to get rid of wrinkles on forehead
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All of us hate wrinkles as they damage the healthy look of our skin. As a sign of aging, they used to appear on people who are in late 40’s. It is natural. But if you are getting it in your 20’s or 30’s, it is not something natural and you have to do your best to get rid of those wrinkles promptly.

For those who ask how to get rid of forehead wrinkles instantly, the common suggestion is to use Botox but be warned ! It could break your wallet. This treatment is expensive and the solution is temporary. At the maximum, it lasts for 3 to 4 months. Decide yourself before spending your hard earned money on such temporary treatments. Luckily, many home remedies are available that can help us to restore our healthy looking skin. All it takes are just a bit of your valuable time and little patience.  When it comes to skin care, always remember that those good old natural remedies are the best. You don’t need to worry about the side effects as well.

In this article, we have included the well-known home remedies and also taken the liberty to suggest you some lifestyle changes for good. When these tips are followed as instructed, without any doubt you would soon be looking at a wrinkle-free reflection in the mirror.I wish you all success!.

Causes of Forehead Wrinkles

The causes of forehead wrinkles / premature aging vary from one to the other. There are various reasons behind this skin destruction. Main reasons are listed below :

  • Aging
  • Stress, Anger and Tension
  • Direct Sunlight Exposure
  • Improper diet (taking low protein, high carbs)
  • Genetics
  • lack of sleep
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Depression

How To Prevent Wrinkles On Forehead?

You can prevent forehead wrinkles from appearing at your early ages. You can’t prevent aging and its associated signs but you can still make a choice between aging fast and aging gracefully. By introducing just few lifestyle changes, you can turn yourself way younger than of your age. Give a proper care to your skin and discover the new you with soft, supple and wrinkle free skin.

How To Get Rid Of Forehead Wrinkles ?

Part 1 : Home Remedies 

how to get rid of forehead wrinkles

No 1 : Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • You will need extra virgin olive oil for this purpose.
  • Gently message your forehead with warm olive oil in circular motion.
  • Do this for around 5-10 minutes.
  • Make sure you don’t make the oil too hot or else you will end up burning your skin (extra damage !).
  • You can also add few drops of coconut oil to enjoy the benefit of extra nourishing properties. 

No 2 : Citrus Fruit Juice

  • Vitamin C and E properties found in Citrus fruits are known to help preventing the wrinkles and fine lines from forehead inside out.
  • Besides to the direct consumption, these fruits can be used in external applications as well.
  • Use lemon or orange juice on your forehead where wrinkles are found. Keep it for few minutes before rinsing off.
  • Apart from reducing the fine lines, this application will help lessen other skin problems like aging, dark spots and saggy skin. 

No 3 : Use Petroleum Jelly

  • Beauty benefits of petroleum Jelly are just countless. It is one of those must have beauty essentials in every girl’s wardrobe.
  • Apply a light coat of petroleum jelly on your forehead right after the evening face wash. Do this on a regular basis.
  • Soon you can see those fine lines disappearing from your forehead. 

No 4 : Use Home Made Facial Mask

You can use homemade Facial masks (using 100% natural ingredients) to get rid of wrinkles and freckles.

Regular application of the following DIY facemask will help reverse the effects of aging. 

What Will You Need ?

  • Aloe Vera Gel – 2 Tbsp
  • Rose Water – 2 Tbsp
  • Lavender Oil – 5 to 6 drops

Aloe vera has abundance of Vitamin E and antioxidant properties. It also stimulates the elasticity of skin tissues. Being a natural toner, rose water helps in soothing  your skin against any kind of inflammation. Lavender oil provides skin nourishment which leaves your skin smooth and shiny. 

How To Apply ?

  • Mix all the ingredients and apply this paste on a clean face.
  • Gently massage your forehead using your index and ring finger in circular motions.
  • Keep it applied for 30 minutes and wash your face with a cold water.
  • Repeat this once per day until you get the desired result. Hopefully, you will start seeing the result within a week. 

No 5 : Flaxseed Oil

  • Flaxseed oil is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients. Upon regular consumption of this oil, you will entail for numerous health and beauty benefits.
  • Start consuming 1 spoon per day (usually in mornings). You can slowly increase this dosage to 2 to 3 tbsp in the upcoming days.
  • The reason is taking 3 tbsp on the whole, may disturb your digestive system and lead to stomach upsets.
  • Castor oil is another alternative to Flaxseed oil which is also effective in reducing the wrinkles. You can try this one as well. 

No 6 : Aloe Vera and Egg White

Both Aloe Vera and egg whites are rich in Vitamin E.

  • Make a fine paste of aloe vera and egg white. Apply this paste gently on your forehead.
  • Leave it on your forehead for around 10-15 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Pat dry with a clean towel. Trust us, it works. 

How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles On Forehead ? 

Part 2 : Drug Store And Medical Remedies

how to get rid of wrinkles on forehead
We advise you to consult a certified dermatologist before giving a try with any of the chemical treatments listed below.

No 7 : Anti-Wrinkle Cream

You can use anti wrinkle creams to reduce your forehead wrinkles. There are various anti-wrinkle creams are available in the market today. Get expert opinion and do a proper research before investing in these commercial products. Some common constituents of anti-wrinkle creams are hydroxyl acids, skin tightening agents, skin rehydrating agents.  For best results take advice from a dermatologist, he will be able to suggest you the best anti wrinkle cream for your skin type. 

No 8 : Botox

Botulinum toxin A or Botox works by relaxing the muscles that lie just underneath of wrinkle. As this arrangement allows the skin above to settle comfortably, it will make appearance as if it regained the healthier look again. However, this flawless look will wear out in 3 to 4 months. To preserve the look, you have to take up this treatment on a regular basis.

No 9 : Retin-A

The topical prescription cream Retin- A falls under the broad  category of retinoids. This medication has been prescribed by dermatologists since ages to fight against Acne, photodamage and wrinkles/aging. Scientific studies suggest Retin-A for improving the underlying collagen production, thereby reversing the aging effects and wrinkles. Out of all commercial products that claim to remove wrinkles, Retina A stands out by proving its efficacy. However, you have to know to the right procedure to use this product so you can reap the benefits without any side effects.

No 10 : Chemical Peels

These peels are helpful for removing top layer of the wrinkled skin. Consult your dermatologist to know whether you require a chemical peel and if so, inquire about the type of peel that will best suit your skin type. 

No 11: Dysport

Dysport is alternative to Botox. It works  in the similar way as Botox but it is claimed to offer a long lasting results. But to stay safe, it is advised to visit your dermatologist before taking any further move. 

Suggested : Lifestyle Changes

Having an overall healthy lifestyle is very important for general well being of a person. Healthy lifestyle includes the adoption of well balanced diet, regular exercising habit, getting enough sleep & rest etc. Here are some tips on making simple lifestyle changes  to propel you in the right direction. 

Adopt A Balanced Diet

It’s important to have a balanced diet that composed of adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins etc. Make sure to take  lots of green leafy veggies, fruits, soy and  fish . Include a salad containing veggies compulsorily with every meal. When I say a salad, it doesn’t need to be hi-fi with expensive ingredients, dressings etc. Even a simple salad containing lots of fresh veggies and basic seasoning like salt, pepper will do.  If you are a non vegetarian, you can include fish, meat and eggs in your diet. To treat the wrinkles specially, include the foods rich in Vitamins like A, D & E. 

Quit Smoking

We get it, when you are young, you think smoking is cool. But truly, smoking isn’t cool in its after effects. It causes your skin to die and age early, making you look older for your age so that you look like an old man or woman with a cigarette than the young and fresh guy you really are. 

Drink Plenty Of Water

When we say drink lots of water ,we really mean a lot. You can never have enough of water, considering the fact that your body consists of around 60% water. As your age progresses, the skin tends to become more and more dry. It’s important to have adequate amount of water so that your skin (and your body as well) can stay hydrated all the time. Having lots of water helps our skin remain moisturized. 

Avoid exposure to Direct Sunlight

UV rays of the sun (ultraviolet rays) is another reason for getting wrinkles on your skin. Make sure your skin is not directly exposed to UV rays. Apply sunscreen of a reputed brand while venturing out in the sun. If possible avoid going out in direct sun. You can postponed things to do later in the evening, prefer this time. Use umbrella, sunscreens & sunglasses to protect your skin from the direct exposure. Choose the right sunscreen SPF according to your skin type. 

Avoid Stress

Stress and anxiety are the prime contributors to forehead lines and you should really avoid being stressed out about every single thing for the sake of both, your physical and mental health. Use stress relieving and stress bursting techniques. Spare a little portion of your mornings in yoga or meditation and stay stress free to the rest of the day. 

How To Get Rid Of Forehead Wrinkles Instantly ? 

The Makeup Trick If you have a party to attend in the next morning, instead of waiting for the remedies to restore your skin health, you can choose to hide them using a makeup trick. Wrinkles on your forehead can be easily hidden using an illuminating face primer. Before applying your favorite foundation, apply a thin coat of face primer over the  moisturizer. By doing so, you are making the sparkly minerals found in primers to settle down into the fine lines. This layer further reflects light away from its applied spot so helps you attain an appearance of reduced wrinkles. Don’t worry, people will only notice these lines when they  see you with microscopic eyes.</div>

From my personal opinion, I strongly suggest you to try out the home-based remedies in combination with the healthy lifestyle changes. Always remember, the old & natural ways are the best and are bound to give long lasting benefits when follow them rigorously. There are no shortcuts to attain a true health and beauty.Form the healthy habits and let your beauty radiate from inside out.

Do you follow any other remedy to get rid of forehead wrinkles ? Looking forward to your comments in the section below.



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    i had forehead acne cyst coz i was stressed out!!!

  2. LizzReviews January 3, 2020

    Nice article! There is huge amount of wrinkles on my face and I want to rid of them. So this article can be great for me. I will definitely follow your article. Thanks for sharing.


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