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How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text ? – 22 Rules To Know

how to flirt with a girl
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15.Find Common Interest

Taking the classic route of flirting will help you as well. Ask her the “get to know” questions like what she likes, what is her lifetime goal, her hobbies, interests and so on. Never ask about her past relationships until she brings it up.

If you both have some common interest, you can pick up your conversation from there !.If there is nothing in common, you can ask her the recommendations at what she excels.

Example: If she likes, Demi Lovato music, you can ask her to suggest you some nice songs to listen. She will feel happy and appreciate your attitude. A new idea to the story, How to flirt with a girl.

16.Check Spelling And Grammar

I don’t say that your text should wear a suit and tie. Your messages can be in a casual tone but make sure it don’t contain any obvious grammatical errors. Read once before you send. Sometimes even putting “there” in place of “their” would become a real turn off.

17.Did You Get My Text?

Unless CIA tabs your texts, trust me, she will receive your all messages. If you sent a message and she don’t respond, wait until she replies. If a girl doesn’t respond to your text, it means either she is busy, or she don’t want to respond. No other way around. If she really likes you and considers you, she will send an answer in a flash unless she is busy.

Understand this and don’t try to ask her “Did you receive my text?” even in a funny way.

18.Don’t Over Do

You can flirt with a girl over text but don’t overdo it like throughout the day. She would think you jobless and will stop responding you.

Texting all day long can pose another risk too. It may lead to the unnecessary misunderstandings and fights at the end.

19. Don’t Try To Do Sexting

:Just because she is texting you it doesn’t mean, she would be interested in having sex with you. Don’t ask her any vulgar questions and don’t ask her like “I heard you hooked with (another guy name) last night?”, Even if it’s the case, it’s none of your business at this point. Stay away from anything that leads to a fight.

20.Don’t Text Her, When You Are Out Of Mind

Don’t text her when you are in half sleep or when you’re drunk. It would send out wrong signals about you.

21. Set Up A Date When It’s Time

  • No other mode of flirting can equal the sparks that fly when you both flirt in person, seeing eye to eye. Promote your flirt with a girl over text to the next level when its time.
  • Not too early, not too late. If she shows some positive signs of liking you, ask her out boldly.If you don’t have that courage, try setting up a casual meet by texting something like “None of my friends are interested in seeing (some recently released movie name). Would you down for me?“. As it sounds so casual, none of you will get hurt.

22. Don’t Act Different In Person

Once you both meet in person, behave exactly like how you perceived yourself in watsapp, snapchat or skype. If you sound more funnier in texts and acts shy in person, she would get the mixed signals. This is why, I suggested to be yourself while you are texting.

You can use your further chat sessions to discuss the last meet up or the next hang out. However, you will have some purpose behind your chats.

What’s Your Opinion?

So now I have told you everything, you supposed to excel the art of flirting with a girl over text. Apply these tricks in your chat sessions and conquer the world of flirting.

Do you have anything to add up this story, “how to flirt with a girl over text”? What’s your favorite text that can work like magic on any girl? Your inputs are welcome.


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