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How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text ? – 22 Rules To Know

how to flirt with a girl
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Maybe you are a newbie or an expert who want to learn some new tricks so you can add extra flavors to your flirtatious text. Either way, in this post, you are going to explore a whole new world of flirting with mind-blowing tips and tricks. Now, without wasting anymore time, let’s quickly dive into the topic and start flirting like an expert.

How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text?

No matter how many hundreds of messages filling your inbox every day, there is nothing like seeing a message with your crush name on your inbox. Girls are of no exceptions to this rule! In fact, they are more addicted to it. If the message you send is good, she will read it aloud to her friends. If it’s great, she will preserve it o her drafts and will read again when her mood is bad. Text messages you exchange can even promote your casual flirt routines to some new heights.

When it’s come to impressing a girl, there is nothing is as effective as sending the flirt messages. Planning a trap, sitting behind the phone or computer screen is much easier than flirting face to face .You can hide your shyness, you can talk bold, you can go flirty or talk anything you want to. That’s the magic of messages.

However, one of the worst things about the text messages is “once sent, it’s sent, there is no taking back“. So the future of your relationship lies only in your hands!.

No fear guys! We help you to betterment your personal texting skill. Pay attention to the expert suggestions below and make no mistakes. Add your creativity and let start disturbing her mind day and night.

22 Flirting Rules Every Guy Should Know Before Flirting With Girls

1.Be Unpredictable

Being predictable is one of the worst mistakes most of the guys do in their chat sessions. When you send a message, don’t be so predictable by asking the obvious questions like “how is your day going on or have you had your breakfast”. She will get these texts from so many. Find some unique content as such it gives her an urge to reply. If humor comes to you naturally, let that flow through your texts.

You can ask something like this. “Hey, you seem so perfect in everything you do. Where you drawn this Inspiration?“.

By asking such questions, you can grab her attention and turn it into a conversation as well. When every time you text her, she should receive something new, something interesting.

Initiating your conversation with a killer opening lines like, “Hey stranger, hey smile maker” will grab her attention as well.

2.Be Mysterious

Everyone enjoys the mystery. Be mysterious in your texts and make her chase you for more.

For example

If she asks you, “How was your day?”, Instead of going into every detail, leave a short reply stating I was totally flattened as the day was filled with a lot of unexpected sweet surprises.” Such vague reply will intrigue her, and she will press you for more in her next message.

If she inquire about your weekend plan, Don’t detail it unless otherwise you have got plans that worth the share. If everything you have is just a pending paperwork or a car repair task, it’s better to keep those untold. Instead, say something outlandish.

3.Initiate The Conversation And Turn To Be A Good Listener

As a guy, it’s your responsibility, to start a conversation. Once it’s started, become a good listener when she talks. Be the leader and be suggestive.

You can take control every now and then, but you don’t want to get identified as a control freak. There exist a fine line between a leader and a control freak.

4.Get Personal

  • Include her name whenever you say something in a complementary tone. It will create an intimate feeling and adds a personal touch to your messages.
  • Give her cute nickname according to her personality and use it often.
  • Example: The girl I try to woo now is a crafty person. She collects every tiny thing around her to make some DIY crafts. So I named her “Tinkerbell“. You can also give her funny nicknames like “Cutie, Missy or Trouble Maker”.
  • Using special nicknames will feel intimate like sharing an inside joke.
  • Reduce the usage of “me and you”. Instead, toss the terms “We and Us” in your flirt messages often. As it creates “Me and you against the world” atmosphere girls generally fall for these texts easily.
  • If she says something you are concerned with, instead of just ok, tell her “Ok cutie. Whatever you say…”.

5.Compliment Her

Girls like receiving compliments. You can find a million reasons to praise a girl. You can compliment her beauty, her hair style, her skills, outfit or her personality many more. But her hotness? A Big No! Since you haven’t taken your relationship to the next level, avoid saying her “hottie” even if she is the one. Most of the girls find it offensive when it comes from someone who is not her boyfriend.

Just like guys, girls love it when their smartness is appreciated. If she is smart, say her “You are one of the very few smart girls I have ever met in my life.” She will feel more happy. As it sounds, it’s one of the best ways to flirt with a girl.

Always give the genuine comments. Don’t say something just to get on her good books. Girls can identify the fake things even from miles away.

6.Tease Her

Tease her occasionally in a non-offensive way. By doing so, besides to establishing your fun side, you can show her that you are not a typical beta male who puts girls on pedestals. Make sure to incorporate this trick into your flirtatious talk.

She: “Hey, what about having a cup of coffee at 11?”.

You: “No, way. It’s too early, and I can’t stick up seeing you to the whole day. What about 11.02”?

It’s kind of flattery. Isn’t it?

7.Be Careful With Sarcasm

Our apps are yet to add a font that decipher phone sarcasm sounds more like face to face sarcasm. Text messages are entirely different than the direct conversations. It can easily be misinterpreted. It’s good, if she correctly picks up your funny text and laugh at your jokes. But what if she take this in another way?

You can’t blame her because in no way she can see your gesture or tone of your slang or facial expression to translate the text in a right way. So avoid the phone sarcasm when you flirt with a girl through text.

8.Update Her With Pictures

“A Picture is worth a thousand words.” If you have any picture that shows you doing funny things, turn it to be content for your flirting.

If you see a duck sitting in your garage, capture it to your mobile. Now you got one more thing to initiate a conversation.

9.Stick With The 3 Line Rule

Sending long text messages will show you over eager, and it will sound boring as well. Keep your messages short and sweet. Try to limit your content to the maximum of 3 lines.

Make sure that every message you send is either funny, sweet or clever so she will desperately wait to receive your texts.

Everyone who knows how to flirt with a girl over text never forget this 3 line rule.

10.Be Yourself

No one can play your role better than yourself. So be yourself. Don’t try to sound like someone you are not. Stick with your own personality, interests and talk with your own sense of humor. The purpose behind flirting with anybody is to set up a meet on someday or the other. So if you pretends to be someone else and seem entirely different in person, you will end up ruining all of your previous efforts.

No girl will want to base her relationship on a pure lie.

11.Don’t Drag Your Conversation

You can let your conversation running through hours, but none of you should lose the interest. When it gets little bore, you should either change the topic or should end the conversation for the day. Continuing with a dried conversation is like beating a dead horse.

12.Live An Interesting Life

No, I didn’t forget the topic of our discussion, “how to flirt with a girl”. It’s all connected. When you live an interesting life like going outdoor to invlove in camping activities or exploring new things, you will find lots of interesting things happening around you. Boom, new pictures and content to your messages!.

13.When You Run Out Of Content…

If you have nothing to share, say something like ” I saw you in my dreams yesterday, or I just saw a girl out there, she looked exactly like you”. or “I just remembered the way you looked in that blue and black dress, it was amazing”. When you say you remembered her, she will take it as a compliment. As she feels warmer, she will start think about you too.

Learn the trick of converting “nothing into something amazing”. All you need is some creative ideas to start your conversation.

14.Respond With Another Question

If you just answer her questions and hit a send button, your conversation will begin to stumble, and it can’t be continued. Whenever she fires some question, draft your reply as such it demands a follow-up.

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