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How To Care For Lucky Bamboo With Minimum Effort

how to care for lucky bamboo
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You might have bought or received a lucky bamboo as a gift. Not many people, however, are aware that it is also known with Chinese water bamboo, Ribbon Plant or Friendship Bamboo. It is one of the most convenient plants to take care of since it does not actually belong to the bamboo family but the lily family of plants. It is usually found in the tropical shady rainforests and is very easily grown indoors.

Lucky bamboo is known to bring good luck to the owner and hence a lot of homeowners keep it as a keepsake at home. Here are some quick tips on how to take good care of the lucky bamboo plant at home.

How To Care For Lucky Bamboo?

Caring for the lucky bamboo is very easy. Just make sure the following requirements are fulfilled so your lucky bamboo will grow healthy and lasts for a long time.


Always use filtered water or bottled water for the lucky bamboo plant. Any water that contains chlorine will destroy the plant and turn the leaves brown. Keep the water level at the 1-inch height of the tub. Submerging the 1/2 or 3/4th of portion underneath the water is not recommended. Make sure to change the water every two weeks to ensure that the roots do not get rotten.


Never place your lucky bamboo under the direct sunlight. It can bare only the indirect sunlight. Keep this plant indoor and avoid keeping it in the balcony or at the sunny windowsill. The direct heat will burn the leaves, twist it and turn it brown.


Lucky bamboo does not need any special nutrients or fertilizers to grow. It can grow for years with nothing but chlorine-free water. But feeding your plant with plant-based or organic fertilizers will keep it grow more healthy.

If you choose to fertilize this plant, make sure to do that at the time of changing the water. It is advised to change the water twice a week.


If you have planted it in soil, make sure to keep the soil moderately moist at all times. It is important to have good drainage for the lucky bamboo that is planted in the soil in a garden.

Lucky Bamboo Care: Most Common Problems & Solutions

What if the leaves of lucky bamboo turn yellow?

The most common factors that cause yellow leaves in a lucky bamboo plant are as follow.

  • High dose of chlorine in the water
  • High dose of fertilizer
  • Direct exposure to sunlight.


  • If it’s due to water, change the water immediately
  • If the tips of plant warp up and turn into yellow, move the plant indoors and change the water.
  • If it’s due to fertilizer, remove the water content. Don’t fertilize it for the next 4 months.


What To Do If The Roots Of The Lucky Bamboo Start Rotting ?

Change the container of the plant. Rotting of the root is common if the water or the container is contaminated. Change the container and put fresh water in it.

What To Do If Stalks Look Wrinkled And Dried?  

It simply means that the plant is deprived of water. Remove any soil or rocks from the container and put in fresh water into the container so that the roots will able to absorb more water and utilize it for its healthy growth.

What To Do If You See White Sticky Substance On The Stalks?

Although it is a rare problem, lucky bamboo can get infected with insects like spider mites and scales. The solution to this problem is to clean the container and rocks with soap and water. Rinse them thoroughly. Wipe the stalks gently with soapy water again and rinse them again. Fill the container with some fresh water and put the stalks back.

Prevent The Growth Of Algae In Water

Algae always grow in water that is rich in nutrient and has ample light exposure. If you notice the growth of algae in the container or on the plant, clean the lucky bamboo and the container with some soap and water. Place the plant in fresh water away from direct sunlight.


Since lucky bamboo plant does not require intensive care, you don’t need to worry about how to care for lucky bamboo. Just take care of its water and sunlight requirements. May this plant bring luck to your home as intended!.



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