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How To Bend Rebar Professionally & Manually

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The term rebar is used by the experts in the construction field to denote the steel or steel rod. The rebar is used in the construction of bridges and buildings, and almost all constructions as an unseen element. It secures the walls and strengthens them. There is no doubt in it when used in the buildings and sculptures, we need to bend rebar. We can do this using the professional rebar bending tool or manually. Instead of using straight rebar, when it happens to bend it and use, this article how to bend rebar, will help you to achieve it.

There are some drawbacks of bending steel rebar manually. Bending steel or any metal makes it weak but when it was done professionally, the damage to the material can be controlled to some extent.  There are so many rebar bending machines available in the market these days, knowing the size and the grade of the bar can help you to find the right machine.

A common mistake done by most of the benders is that they try to re-bend the already bent metal and end up getting a weaker bar with reduced strength.

Let us learn some effective ways of bending.

How To Bend Rebar Using Professional Tools

 1. Note Down The Minimum Bend Radius Before Bending

manual rebar bender

 There can be structural issues when a bar is bent manually. Let’s do this professionally. When a metal is bent, it loses its strength to some extent. So, when you are bending metal according to your project’s need, you are changing its structure but actually keep in mind that you are weakening its properties. But this damage can be reduced and the strength can be protected to a considerable extent when the rebar is bent following certain rules and precautions. Keep these things in mind when you start bending rebar:

  1. Check the size and grade of the bar against the bending machine, if you really want to get some positive outcome.
  2. Consult your engineer before you actually start the bending process.
  3. Make sure your bending requirement meets the minimum bend radius. It’s the radius below which the object should not be bend.
  4. If you are not ready with this information, you must wait and get the information first.

Never ever try to rebend rebar. Once you have bent it, your job is done. Working continuously on the same bar would decrease its strength and make the metal of no use.

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2. Look For Manual Bar Benders

rebar bending tool

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If you don’t want to invest much in your project, just get a manual bartender. If your project is big and metal bars are of larger diameter then go for the electric or hydraulic rebar bending machines. If using a manual bending machine like the one shown above, the rebar will be clamped down by the machine. You can then pull the free end of the bar and bend it as per your needs and requirements. The only problem with these types of bending solution is that they are slow and can bend only one bar at a time.  Another thing is that they bend bar with small increments of 90degress only. That means you must guess bending size for other angles while using this bending solution. But if you see price wise, this method is cost-effective and can handle small-sizes and low-grade bars only. The overall cost of this bar bender is somewhere between $200-$500.

3. Power Bender Can Be A Good Idea

rebar bending machine Buy Now

Another option for bending rebar is power bender. This option is mostly used by professionals who are more focused and dedicated toward giving perfect hooks and bends to the metal. These Power bending Rebar is either driven by electricity or gasoline. Construction projects that demand accuracy and consistency in every bend use this bender only. Some power benders come loaded with cutter also so you can cut metals equally. They are expensive and heavy but essential for handling big construction projects. Using it is very simple. All you need to do is to set the required angle and length and your power bender is ready to give you the desired size and bends.

Price can be a questioning factor but if perfection is your goal, then this power bender is one of the best options that can handle any size and any grade of steel bar. The overall cost of this bar bender is somewhere between $3,000-$5,000. The one shown in the picture comes around $3,588

4.Recoating After Bending

Re-coating or molding the metal after bending is one of the final steps of bending rebar. It is generally seen that bending rebar causes coatings to flake off. Recoating the rebar would make it seamless as you touch rest of the rebar, you couldn’t find any difference.

How to Bend Rebar Manually Without Using Any Of The Professional Equipment?

Bending rebar manually without using rebar bending tool or machine is a simple one, at the same time you can use it only for smaller projects like to fulfilling your home needs. Ensure to wear proper safety gears to protect yourself from accidents.

1.How To Bend Rebar Using Pipe

We need 2 steel pipes to bend rebar. Lay the first pipe on the ground and slide the rebar into this pipe. Mark the point on the rebar where you want the bend to appear. Now insert the second pipe on the rebar. Leave the mark to appear visible outside. Now step on the first pipe and take the second pipe where you would be using your muscle strength in picking up the second pipe. While using your strength you can see the rebar is bending on the mark you want the bend to appear. To get a clear explanation on this, check out the video here.

2.Your Own Inexpensive Rebar Bender

You will need a forged eye bolt, a piece of lengthy wood and a pipe to create your own rebar bending machine. Fix the forged eye bolt in one side of the wood. The space between the eye bolt and the rest of the wood will be like 1:3. Insert the rebar through the eye bolt. Insert it up to the point where you want the bend to appear. Now put a pipe and insert it on the rebar. Take the pipe standing on the same side. You can stand and move along the pipe when you bend the rebar. Check out the video below and get an idea on rebar bending this way. To do this rebar bender all you need is just $4.

3. How To Bend Rebar Using Old School Style

how to bend rebar

Courtesy: adobohamburger.com

To bend rebar in this method you would need a lengthy wood set up in a standing position and 4 small rebars fixed on the wood. These 4 rebars must be fixed like the one below. Insert rebar into the bars fixed on the wood. Insert the pipe on the rebar. Hold the pipe and bend it at the point where you want the bending to appear.

Some of the uses of bending rebar is building cages for plants and animals, plant hangers and other garden supporters. So when you get your next project of bending rebar, consider multiple ways of bending it in multiple shapes and sizes.

Why You Should Never Heat Rebar?

As you know, steel is the main ingredient of rebar. This is one important material that often consists of other wealthy elements including zinc, lead, or tin. Though heating a bar makes it easy to bend, it will also weaken its elementary composition to some extent. If you are dependent on your rebar in your construction project and rebar supports the weight, you shouldn’t take a risk of re-heating it. Since the weight of your project is supported by rebar, any type of negligence or carelessness can affect the safety of the people involved in your project directly or indirectly.  Rebar can be manipulated by heating but it often results in injury or even worse.

A Rebar can be bent manually or professionally. When the number of rebars isn’t much, bending manually or using hands can be a good idea but when the construction project is big and you have to bend multiple rebars then it is always a smart idea to go for professional bending techniques. Because professional bending techniques are fast, reliable, accurate, and time-saving. Though expensive, spending too much is worth maintaining your company’s reputation in the construction market. If you know few more ideas on how to bend rebar please leave it at the comment section. We are happy to add new ideas from our readers.