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How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Nose Pierced – All 10 Types

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If you are wondering how to add some wow factor to your regular fashion life, you gotta try some creative nose piercing ideas without a second thought. Choices are, you can either go with the traditional style nostril piercing with a beautiful chic jewelry or you can stand out with creative types of nose piercing like double piercing, septum piercing, vertical piercing, Nasallang piercing etc. Whichever the route you wish to take, there are some basic things like cost, hygiene of the parlor and skill set of the piercer need to be considered before getting your nose pierced.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Nose Pierced?

Nose piercing cost highly varies based on your piercing choice (nostril, septum, surface etc), Jewelry choice, standard of piercing studio, piercer skills, Location of piercing studio and the many. Approximately, the cost of nostril piercing (the most common piercing) ranges from $25 to $65 while the complex piercing types like septum and earl piercing costs $40 to $90. Some studios offer their piercing package in the combination of “Piercing cost + Piercing Jewelry” or “Piercing Cost + Piercing Jewelry + Aftercare Product”. This package would include a basic nose jewelry, upgrades and other specializations would incur extra cost. So when inquiring about the piercing cost, ask what’s included in their package.


Tips : Needle or Gun ?

As it’s highly dangerous and unhygienic, you should never pierce your nose with a piercing gun. If someone claims to pierce your nose with a gun, don’t go for it. In some states, using guns on any other body part except ear is considered as illegal.

It’s strongly recommended to get pierced with a qualified piercer or tattooist using a sterile, one time piercing needle. Pain level of nose piercing is almost the same with both needle and gun. You would only feel a pinching sensation. However, getting it pierced with a needle lowers the risk of infection and healing would be much faster. Check out our dedicated post written on “does it hurt to get your nose pierced” and get a detailed pain and aftercare instructions.

If you already pierced your nose and got the holes closed, then re-piercing is a best option as it involves less chances of infection.

Factors Influencing The Nose Piercing Cost    

how much are nose piercings    

  1. Where You Planned To Get Your Nose Pierced
  2. What’s Included In The Package
  3. Type Of Nose Piercing
  4. Material Of The Jewelry
  5. Geographical Location Of The Piercing Studio

1.Where You Planned To Get Your Nose Pierced ?

Cost of nose piercing definitely matters. But you should never overlook the professionalism and trade your safety with inexperience piercers for saving those few bucks. Not to mention, the Professional parlors / studios would definitely charge more than your local piercer. The reason is, they use sterilized needles and sanitized equipment and offer the implant grade jewelry in their package that lowers the risk of getting infections. In most cases, it lifts the cost of piercing.

Where Can You Get Your Nose Pierced?

You can get your nose pierced at any professional piercing/tattoo studio. You can also find skilled piercers at the local shops in your area but if you take up the second route, be careful with their standards and cleanliness to avoid the infection.

When getting your nose pierced, choosing a reputed piercing parlor should be your top priority. The professional piercer mark the location of piercing on your nose with a surgical marker and then he/she will do the piercing. In such cases, choice of needle would be more accurate. The local piercers at the malls may directly start piercing as per their knowledge and experience. This may sometimes lead to a wrong piercing on wrong location. You don’t wanna get infected and suffer down a week. Professional parlors sterilize the needle and maintain a proper hygiene in their environment. You can’t expect this same at your local piercer. However, if he/she has enough expertise and maintains proper hygiene of every tool used in piercing, you can go ahead and get your nose piercing done it there.

Finding the right parlor in your area should not be a tough task as long as you have an active internet connection. Google the phrases, the places that do nose piercings in ” your city name “.It will throw up a long list with entries on where to get a nose piercing near your place. Check ratings and reviews for all entries. Short list the professional studios and make a call to them. Enquire “how much are nose piercings “at their studio, “how good are they in hygiene” and other safety standards and get to know them better. If you are satisfied with their responses, pay a visit and find out whether the parlor is certified for health and safety standards.

The popular body piercing studios like Claries, Walmart, Icing and Piercing Pagoda do not offer nose piercing services. They do only ears.  So if you are a loyal follower of these studios, for your nose piercing you have to go with other parlors.

Few piercer’s will even fix an appointment on a phone call. Just don’t rush yourself to get it done with the very first shop you come across. If price is your more concern and still want to get the best, as with anything you have to shop around to get the best deal.

2.What’s Included In The Package

Most of the piercing studios include a basic jewelry by default in their piercing package. Some may charge additional $10 – $50 for jewelry. Any upgrades on a basic jewelry will cost you additional charges. It’s advised to stick with the default jewelry. Once its healed completely, you can separately purchase any nose jewelry of your choice.

Besides to the piercing jewelry, Some piercing/tattoo studios include aftercare services (Guidance + products ) in their starter kit. Aftercare service may add $20 – $60 to your final bill. Some piercers suggest the aftercare products like non-iodized and H2Ocean  to fasten the healing time.

So ask what is included in their piercing package prior to signing up with any studio.

Additional Cost

As long as nose piercing is concerned, offering 5%-15% gratuity for the piercer is considered as the standard additional cost.

3.Type Of Nose Piercings and Associated Cost  

Have a detailed study on the types of nose piercing before settling for the most common nostril piercing. Other types like septum, surface, bridge and septril are bit complex but when adorned with beautiful jewelry, it will give you a more stylish look.

However, based on the type of nose piercing and difficulty involved with, piercing shops may cost you little higher than the regular nostril piercing package. And again, price of nose piercing varies across the globe, from one city to another and from one country to another. Even in within the same city, different shops offer different price and packages. There’s no fixed price rate for nose piercing. From the data collected from forums and users around the web, we have compiled an average cost for various nose piercing and presented below in the table. Besides to the nose piercing price, we have also specified the most popular jewelry choice for every type of piercing. Check it out.

How Much Do Nose Piercing Cost ?

Type of Nose Piercing Price Of Nose Piercing * Jewelry
Nostril piercing $25 to $65 Labret Studs, Nose Bones, Nose Hoops, Captive Bead rings, L-bend nose rings, nostril screws,Circular Barbells,Fish tails,plugs
High Nostril Piercing $50 to $80 Studs,Nose Bones, Nostril screws or L-shaped pins
Septum / Bull nose piercing


$40 to $50 Captive Bead rings, circular barbells, U bends, Septum rings, Pinchers, septum retainers, bent barbells
Bridge Piercing $40 to $90 Straight / curved barbells, Micro bent barbells
Surface Piercing $50 to $90 Surface barbells
Septril Piercing $ 40 to $ 60 Labret Studs / Nose bones, curved barbells, eyelet or flat back studs.
Nasallang Piercing $ 50 to $ 100 Fish tails, Straight barbells
Vertical Nose Tip / Rhino Piercing $ 50 to $ 100 Curved Barbells, Straight barbells
Double Nostril Piercing $60 to $85 Studs or rings
Triple Nostril Piercing $60 to $100 Studs

* inclusive of jewelry

The piercing prices stated above are just approximate values. Actual prices may cost you little high or low in your particular location.

Some parlors give discounts for the repeated customers. Ask for deals and membership cards.

4.Material Of The Jewelry

Stainless steel is the most common initial Jewelry material that comes with the starter kit. However, if you have allergy prone skin, make sure that you get an initial stainless steel jewelry made of “316L implant-grade*”. Not all Stainless steel jewelries are skin safe. There exists different grades in stainless steel.

* Material that is considered to be safe to implant on human body are known as “Implant-grade”

Cheap stainless steel and sterling silver has high percentage of Nickle in it which can create adverse allergic reactions. If you are allergic to nickel, it’s pretty safe to avoid these 2 metals in your jewelry choices.

Jewelry Material Type Skin Safe ? Starting Price (Nose Stud)
Implant Grade Stainless Steel Yes $3.50
Implant Certified Titanium 6Al4V ELI ASTM F136 Yes $3
Sterling silver No $7
14kt Gold / Rose Gold Yes $28
Solid Platinum or Platinum Diamond Yes $62
Genuine Diamond Yes $70

 Always choose smooth “hand finished” nose jewelries  over the poorly finished ones.  It will make you feel uncomfortable and slower the healing.

5.Geographical Location Of The Piercing Studio

Geographical location of the tattoo/piercing studio plays a crucial role in determining the nose piercing cost.

If the parlor is situated in urban area, due to the tough competition imposed by the other near shops, there are chances to avail for attractive discounts. But keep in mind that finding the lowest price do not necessarily mean that they always offer the best deal. They may lack in offering a proper service and following the safety standards.

Never forego professionalism and the safety standards of the piercing/tattoo parlor just for saving few bucks.

Some parlors offer significant discounts for the consecutive (2nd, 3rd ..,)  piercings. Not only for nose piercings, when you get your ears pierced as well. So ask for the membership and the discount details if there is any.

Since nose piercing cost highly varies based on those 5 main factors, to get a best deal, you have to go out and shop around. When you find your best deal, please come back and tell us how much does it cost to get your ears pierced in the comment section (specify your place, price and the shop name that offers the best deal).


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