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How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Ears Pierced ? – All 14 Types

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I love the idea of having a row of ear piercings with the mix of multi style like cartilage, daith, industrial, tragus, conch, helix and every other possible type to get a look of those girls we see in TLC. I hope you must have some inspiration too. That’s why you are here asking how much does it cost to get your ears pierced.

Fresh Piercing or Just Re-Piercing?

Usually, when you get your ears pierced for the first time, it’s suggested to get it from a professional piercer or from a certified tattoo parlor. From hygiene to experience, we can point out countless of reasons for this suggestion. If you trade yourself for the inexpensive options, bear it in mind that, you may end up infecting your ears just for few bucks. I have written a dedicated post explaining the importance of hygiene and how people get ear piercing infections in a separate post. I insist you to read it before proceeding with this post.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Ears Pierced

However, if you already pierced your ears and got the holes closed out of your laziness to replace the fallen earrings (they fell out easily), you can go with the options like Claire’s or wall mart. Since it’s only a re-piercing, chances for getting infection is usually less.

Usually for infant or baby girl ear piercings, it will only cost the maximum of $20 even at the professional tattoo parlor. At Claire’s and Walmart, you can get ears pierced at free of cost when you make a purchase of ear ring which usually comes in the range $20 – $25. Sometimes, you can find it as low as $12. Though you can get the piercing done for just $10 in malls, I don’t personally recommend it either for your kids or for yourself. If you are looking for inexpensive piercing, choose Claire‘s or Walmart or Icing. These are the best places for doing re-piercings and infant ear piercings. These professionals know how to deal with infections even if you get one in the worst cases.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Ears Pierced?

Factors That Determine The Ear Piercing Cost

  • The Place where you get your ears pierced
  • Type Of Ear Piercing
  • Cost of Piercing Jewelry (Most o the professional tattoo parlors include initial jewelry in their package).

1.Where You Get Your Ears Pierced?

You can pierce your ears at a mall or at a professional Tattoo parlor. It’s totally upto you.You can get the job done anywhere but how it’s done is all matters. Usually, professional parlors charge much more than the malls for a good reason. At the professional studio, they train the piercers at least for 6 months before they start to pierce the ears whereas in malls, probably the piercers attend one or two days of seminar and practice few times on cardboard by shooting at the dots. They have little more experience in handling the guns when compare to you. Do you think that this experience is enough to handle your ears? Talking about the ear piercing equipment, ear piercer at the mall typically uses the cheaper guns which are made with the high quantity of Nickel. For your info, more than 15% of total population is allergic to nickel. To add up the story, the only sterile equipment they may use at the maximum is earring studs. It will not count when the gun and gloves are not sterile.

Ear piercing is a simple, safe procedure but when it’s not done properly, it can cause severe infections. So ask yourself whether you want to get your ears pierced at a certified tattoo parlor or with some inexperienced unknown sitting at a mall?

2.Which Type of Ear Piercing You Are Looking For?

When you go to the professional studios, the cost of ear piercing varies based on the difficulty involved with certain types of piercings. For example, the difficulty involved with Tragus and Conch ear piercings are much more difficult than the double and triple lobes. It’s the reason why you see such variations among the different ear piercings below in the table.

If you are a newbie and do not know the differences between each ear piercing types, get familiar with the piercing terms by clicking here. It will take only a minute.

Along with the cost, I have also included proper jewelry choices for each ear piercing types. Take a look.

Ear Piercing Type Ear Piercing Cost Proper Jewelry Choice
Double & Triple Ear Lobe $10 and $60 Studs, Bead rings, Circular rings
Auricle Piercing $15 to $20 Labret Studs, Segment Rings, Ball Closure Rings, Horseshoe Rings, Barbells
Helix & Forward Helix / Cartilage Piercing $20 to $50 Labret Studs, Captive Bead Rings, Circular Barbells, Micro Dermal and Ball Closure Rings.
Orbital Piercing $30 to $40 Captive Bead Ring (CBR), Segment Rings, Circular Barbells, Ball Closure Rings
Helix Orbital Piercing $60 to $80 Labret Stud Or Curved Barbell
Rook $35 to $50 Captive Bead Rings, Curved Barbells, Hoop Ear Rings
Snug Piercing $35 and $55 Curved Barbells, Ball Closure Rings
Tragus Piercing $40 to$50 Curved Barbells, Ball Closure Rings, Labret Studs, Ball Captive Ring
Anti Tragus $40 Ball Captive Ring (BCR), Mini Barbell, Curved Barbell
Daith Piercing $40 and $50 Captive Bead Rings, Curved Barbells
Industrial Piercing $40 to $70 Industrial Barbells
Conch Piercing $45 to $75 Captive Bead Rings, Labret Studs, Circular Barbells

The ear piercing costs given in the table depict only an approximate value. It may go slightly higher or lower based on the reputation of the piercing studio you choose.

3.How to Choose Earrings For Sensitive Ears

Go With The Noble Metals – Expensive Option

  • Noble metals like Gold and silver rarely cause sensitivity issues. If these metals come under your budget, choose the earring posts with gold or silver.
  • You can use platinum but the price is too much than the gold posts.
  • Using titanium in jewelry is relatively a new trend. It is much cheaper than the platinum but bit costly than the cheaper nickel posts.

Opt For Hypoallergenic Earrings – Affordable Option

  • If you can’t afford noble metals, you can always go with other options in fashion jewelry. Since fashion jewelry can only be worn few time until you decide to change the way you look and replace the old one, personally I don’t recommend you to go with pricey options. You can find the earrings labeled as “Hypoallergenic fashion jewelry” in both physical shops and online. These are reported to work well with all kinds of sensitive ears.
  • These earrings are designed to have no nickel metal on the outer surface of the earring post. However, after several days of usage, the coated nickel will come in contact with the wearer’s ear lobe. So it’s good to change the earring once it gets old.
  • You can get these hypoallergenic earrings as cheap as $6.

Buy Surgical Steel Post Earrings

  • nowadays fashion jewelry come with the posts made of surgical steel or plastic. These cheaper options also work well with the most of the people with sensitive ears.
  • However, the disadvantage of the surgical steel is, its posts are thicker than the gold posts. It may increase the size of your ear piercing. And the plastic? They will get break very easily.
  • If you want to use surgical steel, choose the one with the thin post. If you want to use plastic and cut the ear piercing cost, handle it really safe.

The initial earring offered by your piercer will be slightly bigger and lengthier. They choose such earrings to ease the healing process of your new piercing.

Remember, when you prefer the professional tattoo parlors, they will test the sensitivity of your ears and suggest the earrings to your budget. They will also provide the antibiotic solution and aftercare instructions. Follow them carefully and keep your ears protected from all infections.

Take the average cost of ear piercing given at the table as a baseline. A knock at the best professional piercing studios in your area, check with their portfolio so you can get the best deal. Do tell us how much is it cost to get your ears pierced in your local area. If it’s the best deal, it will help our readers to enjoy the same too.



  1. Grace October 8, 2018

    I got my 1 year old daughters ears pierced at Claire’s. It cost $120 for hypoallergenic, with gold and genuine diamond earrings. This is in CT.

  2. Farah March 24, 2019

    Pls never believe in these pricings .. in the name of rapid after care solution u will be charged $12 more..

  3. Lisa Williams March 26, 2019

    Hi Farah

    Giving the exact value is not possible. I have included this “The ear piercing costs given in the table depict only an approximate value. It may go slightly higher or lower based on the reputation of the piercing studio you choose.” Read the post fully


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