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How Much Does An Alignment Cost – It’s Almost Free

how much does a wheel alignment cost
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What Is Wheel Alignment And How It Is Performed?

Before proceeding further on how much does an alignment cost, it’s good to know the basic things on what is a wheel alignment and how it is performed.

Wheel alignment is just not all about adjusting the wheels and tiers.But it is all about making adjustments in the front and rear suspension system of your car as specified by your car manufacturer. 

It is done by measuring and adjusting the suspension components like caster, camber & toe in/toe out angles. These suspension adjustments increase the wear and performance of your tiers.

In addition to that, wheel alignment offers a safe and comfortable ride which is free of vibration and pulling.

How To Do A Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment can be completed within 30 to 60 minutes of time.

how much does an alignment cost

Step 1

Before all the procedures start, the vehicle is placed on a platform like the one we see in the service centers.

Step 2

To achieve the high precision and accuracy, computerized system or infrared cameras will be fitted with each of the wheels. With the help of this equipment, they calculate the wheel orientation which is then compared with your manufacturer’s specification for that particular make and model.

Step 3

If it’s necessary, they make slight adjustments to the front and rear suspension systems.

This whole procedure will not take more than 60 minutes to complete.

Check out the video below. It will help you understand the process in a more precise way

Benefits Of Adopting A Regular Wheel Alignment

It Improves The Tiers Life Time

Performing wheel alignment on a regular basis ensures the even tire wear which in turn improves the tier’s lifetime. It also improves the wear and tear that occurs on the other components such as braking system and steering rack.

Enables You To Reap The Warranty Benefits

When the warranty or “lifetime certificate” is acquired at the time of purchase and the tires wear prematurely, unless otherwise wheel alignments are performed at specified intervals as per the fine print, you will lose its benefits and void the warranty. To avoid these complications, just stop wondering on how much does a wheel alignment cost and start providing the proper maintenance to your vehicle.

Helps In Rotation

You may rotate the wheels every 7000 miles once but If the wheels go out of alignment, tires will start to wear and will result in a premature shredding.

It Improves Handling

When your wheels have a proper alignment, it improves the handling, and it results in the incredible driving experience. So if you have your wheels perfectly aligned no matter how bad the roads are and what lie ahead on your road, you can just get going!

Improves The Mileage

Bad alignment makes your engine spend more energy than the required, so it results in the reduced mileage. On the contrary, If you maintain the perfect wheel alignment, it will cut down the fuel consumption thus improves your mileage and limit the MPG.

Do not let the improper wheel alignment spoils the overall health of your vehicle by just over thinking on how much does an alignment cost.

What If I Don’t Do Wheel Alignment?

how much does an alignment cost

It will ruin your tire’s lifetime and performance. Due to the increased wear and tear, new tiers may need to be purchased which will break your wallet so badly.

Technically speaking, running several hundreds of miles without alignment will result in a rapid tire wear which will not be uniform. Automatically it will lead to a mass imbalance which may lead to steering wheel lateral and vertical shake.

At extreme cases, as bad tire alignment makes you lose control, it may even put your life at risk. Don’t you think your life is more valuable than those expensive expenses?

Causes Behind The Frequent Misalignment

  • Whenever the suspension and steering components fail to work as intended at their preset angles, it will result in an out of alignment condition.
  • It may also occur due to worn out suspension parts (idler arms/pitman arms, tie rod ends/sleeves, coil springs, ball joints, sway bar links, struts/cartridges, bushings, rack and pinion units, etc..) or spring sag.
  • Road hazards, the parking block, hitting a pothole, etc.. are some other reasons for your wheels misalignment.
  • It’s a good practice to check the wheel alignment whenever new suspension components or tiers are installed in your vehicle.
  • It’s not possible to get your car wheels aligned properly with a worn or loose front end parts. As a part of wheel alignment procedure, mechanics will do an inspection on a full suspension system. When they spot anything odd, they will contact you before the procedure starts.

Hope you have got everything you wanted to know about how much does an alignment cost. How much you spent on wheel alignment in your area. Do you know some unique ways to cut down the cost? Your comments are welcome and appreciated.


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