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How long is a Dissertation – Both Duration & Word Count Included

how long does it take to write a dissertation
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How Would you define a dissertation ? let me put it in this way. A dissertation is like a written documentation of the knowledge you have gathered so far and it’s a research work to which you have put forth your time and soul. It’s a decisive part for your studies. so take time and do it right. It doesn’t mean you need to lose yourself or break your head in getting your dissertation perfect. Go with Trial and error i.e. ‘write, re-write, read, re-read, fine-tune it and perfect it’. This is what works for bringing a good dissertation work. Before seeing how long is a dissertation both the pages wise and the duration, just go through few important dissertation writing ideas we have shared here. It will help you to do it right from the dissertation introduction to Dissertation Conclusion or you can lend a dissertation work to the dissertation writing services you can find on the Internet. Whatever your dissertation subject may be their well educated professional writer team would help you to complete.

How To Write A Dissertation ?

( From Planning To Writing The Conclusion Part)

Simple and easy planning steps will save your time in writing a good dissertation. So go through the simple ideas we shared here to help with your work. Philosophy, Computer science, Law or management  whatever your subject is, follow this as a sample template.

1.Spend Quality Research Time

The first step for a good dissertation to come to life is up to the student/the researcher. The knowledge, data, facts, theories, principles, samples, case studies, examples etc. everything related to his/her research work is going to be in that dissertation. If there’s no true effort from your side, you will not find even simple words to put it in your abstract of dissertation. The knowledge you gained is what comes out as words in your dissertation, so do it right. Utilize your research time well and gain more knowledge. Your dissertation from start to finish is what lie here in the Research time.If you want to see a sample dissertation you can see those by clicking here.

2.Prepare a Rough Dissertation Index

Buy yourself a notebook especially for your dissertation purposes and use them for all the works related to it so that you don’t need to search here and there. Jot down everything related to dissertation in that notebook which will really help you. Spend some time or even a month/two to prepare a good dissertation index i.e. make a rough note on things you want in your dissertation, the references you need or used, the things that needs more focus in your dissertation area,a rough intro and conclusion, research work ideas, how you want your dissertation to be or if you happen to have too many fact sheets, pictures, case studies, diagrams etc., then please make a clear index of them too. A rough dissertation index will help you focus more, lets you plan well and reduces the time taken to write your final dissertation. You can use this rough index to fine tune your final dissertation drafts and table of contents also.

3.Good Bibliography Is A Part Of Good Dissertation

Acknowledging the outside research references, research works, ideas, proposals and texts is very crucial within your dissertation. The works cited, facts/case studies taken, the picture/graphical references, research work basis ideas and consulted information should all be included in your dissertation. The outside reference ideas and thesis is going to play major part in your dissertation, so take time to draft it first. Acknowledging the outside research help is a very good manner, and recognizing the outside work will make you move stronger in backing up your research theme. Before you being your dissertation draft, just write roughly the bibliography section and fine tune them on the go. It will reduce your dissertation working time. References in  a dissertation is very important.

4. Look For A Sample Dissertation Reference

You should spend time in looking for dissertation works done by senior research fellows or see previously done dissertation in your same research area. Make note of how they have written it so that it can save dissertation writing time. If you could get direct help, then have a chat with the research fellow and gather ideas of how he/she did the dissertation work. Go to libraries and refer multiple dissertation works even if it is not related to your research area. Final dissertations in libraries will be perfect to begin your work, so start seeing them from first. Looking through multiple dissertation works will bring you good discipline in drafting your dissertation and saves time.

5.Follow Guidelines / Format If Any

Dissertation writing guidelines and formats varies with different universities and with different research area/fields. Follow the guidelines set for writing your dissertation or sometimes the format style depends upon the preferences of committee/dissertation reviewing panel. The main formats like typefaces, margins, white spaces, line spacing, headings, pagination, title page, copyright page, order of sections etc. should be followed according to the dissertation guidelines. The choice of style manual is usually up to the researcher/student’s choice but still consent from the committee will be good. You can verify the recent editions of style manuals for dissertation/ scholarly writing from libraries.

6.Padding Your Dissertation Is A Big NO

Padding might seem an easy way to fill the dissertation to the required format but trust me; it’s never going to be fruitful. Padding your dissertation with pretentious content will make your work look very bad and week to back it up. Sometimes, we might feel dry of words to fill and that’s why we tend to pad the dissertation with texts. Avoid them at any cost.

To Avoid Dissertation Padding Here Are Few Simple Tips

  • Good literature study and annotating will help you lot. Gathering more literature knowledge is important for your dissertation.
  • Doing dissertation work in the last minute will make you do this padding work, so plan your time. So instead of researching on how long a dissertation should take, take small steps. It would make big progress over long time when it comes to dissertation writing.
  • Know what is important instead of what is relevant. Note the difference. Requirement is more important than relevancy, so don’t fill your dissertation with more relevant content. Write what is really required, important, in line with your core research thesis and to the point of your research work.
  • Write down all the relevant works separately and use it further just in case you are in need. Until then, stick to what’s really important for your dissertation document.
  • Alternate viewpoints or opposing viewpoints might help with word count but use only if it’s needed to increase word count instead of padding with irrelevancy.
  • You can add more examples, case studies, graphs or other ways to illustrate your research points so that it will help you fill your dissertation in a good way instead of text padding. They will also ensure that you have gained good insight too. Tables, diagrams, examples will help increase word count.

7.Don’t Worry About Perfecting Your Dissertation

There’s no perfect dissertation at first step itself. It takes time, effort and an open mind to changes on your way from seniors or fellow researchers. You need to write, re-write and finally perfect it from dissertation abstract to conclusion. To start early and write on the go is a very good habit to follow. As you start writing early, you will surely bring in more confidence in the work instead of incomplete/tensed feeling while rushing your dissertation at the end time. Begin early and write so that you can bring in more changes and ideas. You and your dissertation evolve as you write and learn.

How Long Is A Dissertation ( By Pages) ?

The length of the dissertation depends upon different factors. The question of ‘How long a dissertation should be’ involves little to big factors and it could use few fine tuning ideas. Take a look.

  • The dissertation length varies with respect to different research fields and core areas.

Quantitative areas like Mathematics, bio statistics, economics will not need a lengthy dissertation (an avg. of 100-150 pages) while social studies, politics, history, psychology, engineering research works will demand at least few hundred pages of dissertation (an avg. of 270-300 or even 400 pages).

  • Length does not determine the efficiency of dissertation. Write a compact yet clear dissertation but please don’t make it as a book.
  • Ideal dissertation length can be anywhere between 150 – 300 pages and not more than that unless and otherwise the research work demands such lengths and the committee demands too & don’t mind the length.
  • Length depends upon each type of dissertation i.e. for PhD students, lengths of 200-300 pages are usually recommended. For scholarly writings/ undergraduate or post graduate dissertations, the length can be even less for a 100- 250 pages are suitable.
  • Follow the format/guidelines set by the committee regarding the dissertation length.
  • Refer previous dissertation works in your research area. Look into recently accepted dissertation for reference and length. The length of dissertation, the format and length of dissertation without index, bibliography, references can be taken note of.
  • Refer an approved dissertation work. Make note of dissertation length without bibliography, references, see for the tables/ pictures/graphs pages, the references, acknowledgements, into/conclusion, table of contents etc. See how many pages the dissertation’s literature and research part comes. It will help you a lot.
  • There’ll be a little confusion in number of pages. For Ex: if the guidelines say 300 pages, the chances are sometimes people might draft their dissertation for 300 pages. But the actual idea meant might be ‘including all content it needs 300’. In which case you need to sit and trim more than 1000’s of words. So read the guidelines carefully.

How Long Does It Take To Write A Good Dissertation?

The more you put in your hard work, the more sincere you are to your research thesis, the more knowledge you gain the faster you can write the dissertation. Let’s go through few ideas we have shared to help you with writing a good dissertation with less time.

  • Get organizational tools like a planner, notebook and good files/folders for storing study related Knicks and knacks. Carry them with you. Write down all your research work related thoughts, ideas, viewpoints and references in them so that it will save your time in writing your dissertation.
  • The time it takes to write the dissertation varies with different topics. It depends upon factors like the availability of resources, the research proposal acceptance, study/literature works related to your research area and the like. It would take nearly one month for the selection of topic itself.
  • Know your deadline of dissertation submission. Start writing early.
  • Study well. The more you study, the more you understand and learn your research area, the faster and better you can write the dissertation.
  • Lack of research skills and lack of writing skills will hinder your dissertation work so see to it.
  • Make a rough note on structure of dissertation proposal you have in mind. It will help you focus and write dissertation in less time.
  • Allocate at least half an hour each day to study your literature and to take notes of it. The more you study, the easy it will be to write the dissertation’s literature part. Usually literature and research part takes more time even though you’re very clear with it. So start early and fine tune on the go. It would take nearly 5 months in the researching the topic and other relevant stuffs alone.
  • If you are thorough with all the guidelines and conditions for writing your dissertation, then you can begin the work quickly and save time. Starting from draft to the conclusion it would take another 1 year. So it would take nearly 12 to 18 months to write a dissertation.
  • Consult your research guide, senior research fellows from time to time and show them your dissertation work and keep fine tuning it. This method will ensure that your dissertation will take less time in finishing.
  • If you sit down to write and if you feel restless, then stop the topic and skip to another part. Feeling relaxed will help you focus better and finish quick.
  • Be a third person and keep reading your dissertation. Edit and proof-read your dissertation now and then to correct mistakes.
  • Every now and then check for spellings, grammars, style checks etc. last minute will make you miss things. So correct on the go.

Final Thoughts

Research knowledge, the resources/references/related works/research backup’s availability, meeting proper guidelines and format, in line with your research mentor, starting early are few notable factors that determine how long does it take to finish the dissertation. Have in mind that your dissertation work need not be a book. Even though you have more data and knowledge to put in to words, always stick to specified number of pages for your dissertation.  The length of the dissertation depends upon your research work and ideas so take it as an advantage and work well. Dissertation is just a part of your study and not what you are capable of, so work hard for it but not too hard to lose focus on yourself.

Hope here we have explained everything on how long is a dissertation  in word count wise and the duration wise. Did miss I miss to add any important point? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.