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6  Hot New Small Business Ideas Worth Trying In 2019

best small business ideas
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Are you ready to rock the world with your brilliant ideas? Why don’t you take on an entrepreneurial venture this year? As the finance, social media, crowd funding and everything got into a stable place, it’s absolutely the right time to launch an entrepreneurial start up now. If you are keen in starting a business and yet not sure about where to start, explore the list and get some inspiration.

Hot New Small Business Ideas

1.Drone Manufacturing



new business ideas

Drones are nowadays rage for the new generation. They are great for both security and entertainment purposes . There are huge demands for commercial drones in the industries like photography, delivery and logistics, scientific research, surveillance etc. So it is needless to mention that starting your venture in drone manufacturing is the hot new business ideas that can take off now and yield a good return in all the upcoming future.If you step into this domain, with some intelligence and hard work, you can become successful in no time at all.

innovative business ideasSome people are born creatives blessed with entrepreneurial skills. If you think yourself fall into this category, starting a venture in the creative domain is the right choice. Check out our dedicated post written on Top 10 Innovative Business Ideas and get some inspiration.

2.Instagram Consultant 


Most companies are now focusing on their social media platforms for business development, popularity and also for earning revenues. As per recent survey, Instagram is one of the most happening marketing tools these days that are popularly used by big and small companies alike. If you can learn and explore your career in social media platform and have passion for photography and marketing, Instagram Consulting is a domain to look out for. It is indeed a great way to make money in business while you are all set to help other businesses with their photography, content improvement and marketing.

3.Artificial Intelligence

best small business ideas

Artificial Intelligence is the technology that includes machine learning which is a rage in this present generation. In fact, Artificial Technology has a massive impact on different types of industries and domains. Most of the AI activities include the automation of the information processes that are gathered for a specific business. If your background is science and you have a keen interest in what future holds for the world, Artificial Intelligence might well be a domain to start your entrepreneurial journey this year.



Health and medicine is such a platform which will only grow in leaps and bounds over the years. The present day health care domain is reflecting and focusing on the women’s health, femininity, gender identities and also women empowerment. Starting a venture that focuses on the various needs of women, health care, and a framework that connects all the important health care resources and products can make for a successful business venture in a short period of time.

5.Fraud Detection


There is a huge rise in fraudulent transactions over the past few years because of the abundance of online business and transaction processes. It is imperative to say that such fraudulence has given rise to a higher demand for the fraud detection software. Increasing number of websites and online business platforms are in constant need for such fraud detection software and thus it is a great domain to explore on your very first venture.

6.Corporate Wellness

new business ideas-6

Corporate houses whether big or small are now focusing on the overall health care for their employees so that they can cut down the cost of health care facilities. Designing and developing various work place programs that promote healthy behavior can always make way for success especially for the new ventures. So if you are concerned about the healthy well being of others, and have a keen interest in medical domain, you can choose this domain for your first business venture.

We welcome the new entries on hot new small business ideas to this list. Start commenting!


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