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10 Hidden Safes For Home To Fool Even The Smartest Burglars

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We all have our little secrets right! Why not the same with the material things too? We might have some saved up cash, valuables, jewels, documents, pen drives or hard drives which we would like to keep it hidden from others. So if you’re looking for a place to hide your secret items and utilize some unused spaces in your home to make them your hidden secret room then go on further and read. The below 10 are some of the hidden safes for home. Write down your own ideas on hiding places for valuables.

10 Hidden Safes For Homes (In And Around) 

1.Hidden Bookshelf Doors

hidden safes in plain sight


The books are age-old hiding technique that never goes out of style. Cash inside some random books, cutting hollow space inside the book and storing them is a good idea. To have a bookshelf secret door is a charm till now since old times. You have tons of design and customizing ideas when it comes to hiding stuff in the bookshelf area. Automated bookshelf or Hidden Bookshelf Door is made up of Linear Actuators which allows the automatic opening and closing of bookcase doors. These linear actuators help you to design sliding fireplaces & bookshelves and cabinets and lot more. Hidden Bookshelf is one of the best places to hide money and other valuables. Isn’t it?

You can also customize your bookshelves with secret compartments inside, on the outside layers, shelf borders, in the valance.

2.The Kitchen Helps

secret hiding containers

The kitchen is yet another secret hiding places. It has many nooks and crannies to hide stuff. First, make sure you have secured your valuables of any sorts inside any of the plastic bag, Ziploc bag, small canisters or tins with regards to hiding in the kitchen. You can place them inside the ‘full’ cereal boxes, spice powder jars, dry fruits jar, protein powder packs or bottles, inside granola jars, which would completely hidden safes in plain sight. Kitchen jars that look full but inside you can stash your money or other sorts. You can hide them inside frozen peas pack, under the heap of onions or potatoes trays, fruit baskets, an empty wine bottle and place them in wine rack, roll your cash inside the aluminum foil wrap.

3.False Bottoms Can Be Your Best Hidden Safes

hiding places for valuable

Put the cash or important valuables in an envelope and tape them at the backside or underside of the drawer. Drawers don’t need to go all the way back to the cabinet, while chances are the underside of the drawers mostly has hollow space. Customize your home furniture with false bottoms in cabinets, drawers, coffee tables, sofas, chairs, storage places, if you have a separate fish tank and stand, find a way to hide there, check for adding some provisions of secret places in your bed, bedside tables.

4.Kids Rooms Have Many Secret Hiding Places

best places to hide money


Kid’s toys and rooms are good hideouts. It becomes difficult to search each and every toy for your secret money or valuables, so sneak some of them in any random toy or ‘hidden from the eye’ kind of place in the kid’s room. Make sure you remember the toy and place. You can hide your valuables or cash inside the kids’ study table, inside the Globe, inside the flashlight, inside the fountain pen, if you have any kinds of balls be it soccer, volleyball, tennis ball make a secret cut and insert your items. We have seen people design secret crawlspace access door like it’s one of the hidden safes in plain sight and not even bring a slightest of doubts or the feeling of hollow space beneath, which leads to a small underground room.

5.The Wall

hidden safes for home

The walls are the best hidden safes for home. Because all have much of them. You might have some unused wall compartments or power sockets/outlets. Open them and stash your valuables, cash. If power outlet/socket compartment is wired, then make sure you tape the wires with insulation tapes for safety and then place your sealed stash inside. You can design some wall compartments on different sizes for your secret hiding places for valuables or store money. You can make provisions on the door top to hide your valuables. Having Functional tile, décor tile pieces are a good way to give secret hideouts in the wall. People have begun to design functional hollow spaces inside the wall. It’s an old yet effective technique since it is very difficult to find them.

6. Your Desktop Can Be Your Savior Too

hidden safe ideas

If you have desktops which you barely use, then you could use it as the best secret hiding places to hide money and other valuables. Unplug it from power and place your valuables or cash inside CPU hollow space, stick some cash at the back of the keyboard, or unscrew old mouse and place some cash and re-screw it.

7.Potpourri Filling

hidden safes for home


You might have come across beautiful potpourris and you know how filling, clumsy and beautiful they are. Get few potpourris, empty them into a nice glass bowl or any décor items and hide your valuables like jewels, rings, diamonds, keys, pen drives or the money inside i.e. they should be fully covered by the potpourris. If you do so, there wouldn’t be any best places to hide money or other valuables. Since they are all dried flowers, herbs, petals they cover the valuables nicely and for plain sight, it looks just a sweet smelling item in a décor bowl. No doubt its one of the best hidden safes inside the home. There are varieties of big sized beeswax candles, soy candles & essential oil candles, get them, carve out the middle (don’t worry if the wick comes out), place your small sized but high value valuables like diamonds, rings, memory cards, pen drives, flash drives (cover them in any medium like Ziploc or plastic cover), place them inside and fill the carved out wax inside (at last cut the wick into small size and place them and level them so that they look normal).  Stash the candles but don’t burn them.

8.The Garage

secret hiding containers

Credit: theweek.co.uk

It might sometime be the first place to search or sometimes left behind, but if you plan carefully, your garage is enough as good hiding places for valuables and your saved cash and jewels. You can make a fake wall in the garage, functional floor beneath the place where the car stands, fix a fake pipe and store your valuables, hide rolled cash inside tool boxes, look some places on the garage door, i.e. depending upon the type of door, you can find places to hide cash. If you have old repaired power tools, then unscrew them place your cash and re-screw them, paint and polish and make them look like usual tools which cheat the eye for a normal tool.

9. Your Cosmetics Come For A Help Too

best places to hide money

Credit: blazeyouradventure.com

It’s hidden safes in plain sight, simple and yet very useful. Roll your cash or any valuables, hide them inside empty chapsticks, lip balms, finished moisturizer bottles or cosmetic containers, empty body lotions, old deodorant empties, empty pill bottles (line them up in the cabinet so often it gives the feeling of usual pill bottles line up and not any different). If you have empty shampoo bottles, clean them thoroughly. Place the ‘little sized’ valuables like cash or pen drives or jewels or rings and sorts into a Ziploc bag and roll it and rubber band it. Make sure they are secured properly. Put them inside the shampoo bottles, fill them up with some grains or anything and put them in the cabinets.

10.The Soil

best places to hide money

The soil, though an unusual way of hearing it as the secret hiding places, it helps in two ways. If you’re looking for some hiding place for quite a long time or permanently, then try putting all your cash, valuables and stuff inside an airtight jar, go to the backyard, select a place and dig in, place the jar inside and cover the soil and level it neatly. You can also hide your secret hiding containers under the soil. No one’s going to know except you. If you have some stuff that needs to be hidden temporarily, then place the cash or your desired contents into a Ziploc bag, roll it and rubber band it. Dig some soil from the flower pot or hanging flower pot or any sorts, place the bag and cover it. No one will notice anything but a simple flower pot.


It’s Just a fun thing. Next time you watch a spy flick or read a spy thriller make sure you pay extra attention because you might find ideas for a hidden place, ideas to store your valuables. look around you, look for places, sometimes your garden trees might be the best secret hiding places. If you’re in need of temporary places to hide, try bread or cake cut-outs, make sure the places are frustrating to look which is better, places that are barely noticeable are better.

Most importantly never say you have secret places, never say where the secret places are, if possible try changing them at times (in case of books, toys), never reveal your location or what you are up to Facebook and other social networks.

Reveal the secret places on the needed moment or during an utter emergency or you have no other way other than seek help from other people but after that change the location of the hidden items.

We might think these ideas as lame sometimes, but trust me many times we miss the simple things that lay very clear to the eyes. If we’re a little bit clever and careful, these unused spaces can be the best-hidden safes for home.