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Get Free Perfume Samples – 14 Guaranteed Ways That Work !

free fragrance samples
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Are you interested in trying out the free perfume samples? People who receive the free samples are of three kinds. The first one is “Real Perfume Testers”. They want to invest in the perfume but before buying it, they want to test out the silage, projection, how it smells on their skin etc. The second one is “Just Testers” they try this perfume just because “it is free”. The third one is “Might Become A Customer” They just try it out, if they like it very much and receive the compliments from people, they will purchase. Tester becomes a customer!

Whichever way you fall in, filling your wardrobe with new perfume samples is not that easy. You have to find a right way to get them. Perfumes are incredibly expensive that’s why the scarce for samples.

Here I have provided 13 different ways to grab the perfume samples. Some are as easy as getting those from the beauty stores. Some are as difficult as signing up to the brand’s Facebook page and waiting for the sample email alert to come in. In this case, your patience is the main thing. However, we have tried every method and received the samples while writing the post. Try with 100% confident.

Where To Get Free Perfume Samples? – Try These 14 Ways!

free fragrance samples

1.Become A Member Of A Beauty Consumer Panel

free fragrance samples

Companies love to hear feedback from the consumers. It’s the reason why they are giving out products for free and ask the consumers to test and give their feedback.  Join in a consumer testing panels like L’oreal Usa and allure beauty enthusiasts

To become free perfume testers, type a word “beauty consumer testing panels” in Google; it will come up with tons of results. Sign up to the maximum websites as possible because some will send out the samples occasionally.

2.Check Out The Manufacture’s Official Website

free perfume samples

Go to your favorite perfume brand’s official website and see whether they have a link to perfume samples. If they launch any new perfume, they may display the sample with a link or text box asking the email id and other posting info. If they don’t launch any new perfume, the chance for giving out the samples is less. Anyhow, search the “free samples” link in the footer or inside some tabs.

Some perfume companies while launching the new scents, send out the free sample link to their email list. So sign up for your favorite brands and start getting the emails from the brand. For fragrance companies, sending the free samples in test tubes or cards do not cost them much since these are produced in bulk.

Sign up with the companies like Hermes, Ralph Lauren, Gabana, Burberry,Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein etc. They are known for sending the free samples to their mailing list.

3.Subscribe The Free Beauty Magazines

free fragrance samples

All the women magazines especially those who offer free subscriptions, send out free product samples to all the subscribers. Although you can’t expect to get a perfume sample every month, definitely you would receive the offer once in a while. However, getting these magazines would not make you suffer unless otherwise, you enter the credit card details while signing up. Every month you would receive one or more free samples.

You can see the free magazines list on a freebie websites like ValueMags, mercurymagazines. These offer the free magazines with no strings attached (Completely free). Sometimes you can get up to one year of free subscription. If you are asked to complete a survey, answer it properly so you can receive the samples.

4.Shop at Sephora

free perfume samples

Sephora is one of the perfect places to obtain the freebies and samples. If you haven’t check out the sephora.com, do it today to get that great experience. It’s a place that sells skincare, hair care, and makeup items. With your every purchase, you will get 3 free product samples. Even without purchasing anything, you are avail for these free samples. Here is how.

  1. Know which and all are available for the free samples. You can check this out at the bottom of the page “ways to shop beauty offers
  2. Shop the perfumes you wish for and click “add to basket” button.
  3. That’s all. Now without paying anything, you can enter your address to receive the sample.


To receive the samples from Sephora, you must be in any one of the following countries.

Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, United States

Sephora Offline Purchase

Not only online but Sephora offers its samples to its offline customers as well. Enter into Sephora store and you can walk out with the bag full of free samples. You should ask the person at the bill counter to give you the free fragrance samples. They will happily assist you in receiving the samples.

5.Free Perfume Samples By Mail

free perfume samples

If you don’t find the link to “fragrance samples or perfume samples” anywhere on the website, look for the Email id of their customer support. You can find it at the bottom of the homepage. Write a mail to them asking the sample of perfume you want. While writing a mail, don’t forget to mention how much you like their brand and tell them why you want a sample.

Words have the power to make you or break you! So write a letter with caution.

6.Join Waltmart’s Store Sampling Event Program

free fragrance samples

Walmart.com’s sample program conducts the free sampling event every weekend with the hope of customers will purchase a full sized product in the near future. Sometimes these products are a new launch or it’s in available status for long. However to avail this offer all you need is your first name, last name, and your birthday date. There may be other limitation such as your age group, gender and nearing special occasion. Based on this, you might receive the offer.

If you sign up for Walmart email list, you will also receive the free sample list. Once you order it, it will be at your doorstep within 4 to 5 weeks.If you gave them your email address, they will contact you if there’s a shipping delay. Both online and offline offers are available to the United States only.

7.Join The Ulta’s Free Catalog

free perfume samples

“When shoppers are giving a chance to test the free products, it will lead to sales in the long run”. This is the realized truth by Ulta.  Like Sephora, getting the free samples at Ulta is very easy. You can sign up here to get the free samples you want.

Also, you can subscribe to their mailing list and place a request to receive their monthly free catalog. They will send you a catalog every month that contains a box of free fragrance samples.

To create your account and to subscribe the mailing list you can sign up here.


During the signup, you would be asked: “Want to be rewarded?”.Sign up to this link as well. With your purchase, you are avail for 1 point for every $1 spent. During your birthday month, this will be double that is, for every dollar spent you would receive 2 points. (Another way to receive the free perfume samples!).

8.Ask At The Departmental Store Counter

get perfume samples

Where to get perfume samples? Check at the department stores. These are yet another place to obtain the free samples. They are willing to give you the samples before you buy them. It is true in the stores which have the makeup counters like macy’s and Nordstrom. There you can find the fragrance samples in vials, scented cards and in bottles. Trust me, makeup counters have ṭhe ability to send you home with a bag full of free samples. All you need to do is, ask nicely.

You don’t necessarily need to visit the retail shop every time you want to purchase the samples. Just give a visit to the local drug store and ask for a sample. However, you can’t find the samples of expensive perfumes here.

9.Bring In The Empty Vials To Fill In

free perfume samples

Source : boisdejasmin.com

If the department store does not have the perfume sample of what you want, ask whether they will fill in the empty vial for you. Tell them nicely, you want to buy this perfume but before that, you want to try out how it works on your skin. Some stores would happily do that for you while some others do not. It totally depends on the place you are asking.

Stores like Nordstrom, Sephora, and Ulta give you the pre-made samples if they have, else they will let you do samples in the empty vials as much as you like. So ask for the sample, it wouldn’t hurt them at all.

10.Free Fragrance Samples Given Out On Facebook

free fragrance samples

A lot of perfume and makeup companies give their samples out on their Facebook page. Whether it’s an event or any new launch, their Facebook page is the first place which gets updated first. So, sign up with the facebook page of all perfume companies or sign up with your favorite companies.

11.Look On The Freebies

free fragrance samples

 People are often finding free stuff online and share happily to their friends and family. Freebie websites fall under this kind. A lot of trustworthy product sample websites are available but for fragrance, it’s limited. Bookmark and look at the below websites on a regular basis. Here you can find the perfume samples often. When you sign up with the freebie website do not give your real birthday date for security purposes.



 Obtain Partially Free Perfume Samples

What is that partially free? Don’t confuse yourself. Here you can’t get completely free samples as in Sephora. Instead, you need to spend a little money on either a purchase or in bidding amount.

12.Get Perfume Samples As A Purchase Gift

get free perfume samples

When you place an order online at perfume stores or makeup stores, they will allow you to place a free order to get the samples. At Sephora, you are allowed to choose three samples and at smashbox, you can choose 4 samples. This count varies with every website. The following are the sites that send the complimentary samples with your order.

During the checkout, you will be asked to choose the free samples. If they sell whole makeup items, their selection will be like skin care, hair care, and fragrance. Choose the fragrance and pay the amount only what you have been ordered.

13.Place The Lowest Bid At eBay

free fragrance samples

At times, you could see that $500 perfume is sold for just $1 at eBay. It is happening through eBay auction. You can’t expect to get the perfume samples at the same $1. But based on the competitiveness you could receive the perfume at the lowest prices. If you are a smart bidder, you could bid an amount that only accounts for shipping and handling of the product. You could read the complete bidding guide by clicking here.

Obtain Free Fragrance Samples But With Little Work

14.Write Reviews And Get Free Samples From Amazon

free perfume samples

You can shop anything from Amazon. Now you can also get the free product samples at zero cost from Amazon. Don’t you believe? It can be done via review writing. Writing reviews about a product will help in product ranking. It boosts the sales. If you like the product you will suggest your friends and family to buy the product too.

Having the partnership with the Amazon sellers, these amazon review websites offer the free product samples. These products are shipped and fulfilled by Amazon. So for shipping, you are responsible!. Most of the reviewers are part of amazon prime so shipping charge is also zero. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it today.

Following are some of the best Amazon review website. Sign up with them start earning your rewards. Not only the perfumes, you can also get the products ranging from makeup items to household things. In these sites, you will get free samples and discounted products of about 70-99%.



Secret deals club

Before providing your personal information online, make sure the website you are dealing with is the trusted one. When you request fragrance sample from the manufacturer website, the things are pretty safe. But when it’s a third party website, they may join your email address to their email list and you will start receiving the unwanted emails. They will also entice you to the offers that deal with the expensive brand name but in real, that is not worth your time and money to get your ‘free perfume samples’.