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Top 10 Emotional Support Dog Breeds

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Dogs are amazing for so many reasons. They behave more like a human than you could ever imagine and have great ways of showing emotion. That’s why you often hear about the term emotional support dog breeds. These dogs can be loving, affectionate, friendly, humble, and they are as human as you & me. If you try doing some research, you should be able to find actual studies on how awesome and helpful dogs can be to humans, owing to their various characteristics.

How To Make Your Dog An Emotional Support Dog ?

How would only some dogs can actually be registered and licensed to officially become emotional support animals?. That’s how amazing their traits and support can be. In other words, dogs are officially used in support of therapy, healing, and rehabilitation. In case you have a pet dog that you think is incredibly good at making one feel happy, naturally, you may want to think about getting him or her registered and recognized as a support animal. Click here to know more about emotional support dogs.

It could truly be a great feeling, knowing that your dog can support and offer happiness to anyone in need. Your dog could literally be saving lives out there, and nothing is more fulfilling than that.

While the whole idea may sound great, there are still a couple of things you may want to know and learn about before you can actually go ahead and prepare your dog for service. One of the key things is learning more about your dog’s breed, and finding out if he/she can actually qualify as an emotional support animal.

These 10 dog breeds are emotional support dog breeds.

emotional support animal

The Golden Retriever

They’re one of the beauties that could make your heart melt, even if you aren’t into dogs. The Golden Retriever is one of the most loved for many reasons. It’s a whole bunch of ‘furry’ love that you’d feel with this one. They can look quite big owing to their thick, long coat, but are extremely gentle and humble at the same time. That’s why they can give you the best hugs when you badly need some. This dog breed has a strange way of making anyone feel naturally better by simply being close to them. It can be one of the emotional support dog breeds.

The Labrador Retriever

Sharing almost all the same traits as the Golden Retriever, this one only looks a bit different. You may describe it as a Golden Retriever with just a shorter coat. This one’s just as amazing at offering companionship and making one feel happy loved and truly cared for by simply sticking around.

Old English Sheepdog

You certainly wouldn’t think twice when it comes to this dog. Being so fluffy and cute, the Old English Sheepdog is all you need to have lots of happy days. This breed is the best to fix to share your moods with, be it spending long hours slouched on your couch, or having some chill time outdoors under the sun. They’re full of fun and love. They are incredibly easy-going.

The American Pit Bull Terrier

This is another popular pet you’d often see in the movies. The American Pit Bull Terrier is the type that’s incredibly devoted and obedient. They’re can get unbelievably attached to the ones they love. They express sorrow, grief, and disappointment in ways you wouldn’t imagine. Parting with them can be quite difficult because of the attachment they develop. This is just the type of dog you’d want to look for if you haven’t felt loved or appreciated in a long time.

Irish Wolfhound

Just like its body size, the Irish Wolfhound is known to have a big heart. Even though their large size can be intimidating, they are very gentle, sensitive creatures. They are known for being graceful, lovable, and great fun to be with. They are quite swift in spotting and chasing objects, which can be entertaining, but they also need more attention owing to their size. They are also the type that protects their family with great love and care.

Yorkshire Terrier

Unlike the previous breed, the Yorkshire Terrier is little in size but has loads to give. They are highly attention-seeking, which can keep you fully occupied. They make great travel companions, too, not just because of their size, but because they’re friendly, fun, and entertaining!


The Chihuahua is another interesting breed that’s very small in size. Just like the Terrier, they’re small Tea cup sized one but full of love and fun. They’re dogs that demand and offer loads of attention. They’ll follow you around until you give them a satisfying snuggle. If dogs could speak, this is certainly the type that would say ‘I just want to be with you, wherever you go, whatever you do!’. Such an amazing feel you would have if you own Chihuahua


The Collie is famously known for being highly sensitive to the feelings and needs of their favorite humans. They also make great companions for children. They can seem calm and introverted, but have plenty of love and affection to offer, coupled with a sense of responsibility. They’re great to take breaks and chill with outdoors.

The Great Dane

This dog is known as the ‘gentle giant’ and is a favorite among young people. At first glance, they may even frighten you a bit. However, this is one big boy who’s got loads of love to give. Great Danes make a great playmate, especially to kids. They have a silent, yet touching way of showing love to those around them.

English Bulldog

Like in the movies, these flabby-looking cuties are incredibly affectionate, devoted, and great to have around in your house. No matter what you do, they’d be keen to be involved as long as it makes you happy. Just being with you, no matter how boring it can be, is what they want!

No matter how amazing the bond you share with your dog, it certainly wouldn’t be the same when he or she has to bond with others. In other words, if your dog is your ‘best friend’, naturally, it’s because of the special bond you’ve developed with each other over the years. This may not really mean that he or she can make everyone feel the same way. All the above dogs are recognized as the emotional support dog breeds. They are serving many human lives and they offer the support to all the one those who are needed.