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Top 10 Easiest Pets To Take Care Of – For Kids & Seniors

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Humans and pets have a strong bonding since ancient times. Pets are in the need of love and nurture, we the human beings are in the need of companionship. This mutual need forms a beautiful relationship between a pet and its owner and this relationship has no demands and complaints. Having a pet in a home is really a long-term commitment. It’s a sweet responsibility. But as opposed to the general belief, not all pets require an extensive maintenance. Ranging from Hedgehogs to lovely rabbits, we have listed a handful of easiest pets to take care of. Believe it or not, there are some low maintenance dogs as well.

Along with the listing, we have also included the traits, lifespan and the level of maintenance required for each pet. Needless to say that this list makes best pets for kids and senior citizens as well. Let’s see the list.

Although the listed are all low maintance pets, they need our affection,attention and care to the core.All the pets just need a food and clean shelter to live.But “keeping them happy and feeling happy” is what we require by growing pets with us.So this must be under our “Required maintenance” as point number 1.

Top 10 Easiest Pets To Take Care Of 


easiest pets to take care of

Ferrets are highly energetic and adorable pets. They are indeed a bundle of curiosity and this behavior sometimes turn out to be a big responsibility for a pet owner.

If you are planning to have a ferret as pet, it is recommended to turn your home a ferret proof else they might get caught underneath, behind or in between the things. Ferrets are intelligent and social pet among the small group.

Ferrets are suitable for the homes that have kids above 12 years of age.

Required Maintenance

  • An annual checkup is recommended for ferrets after age 5.
  • Regular consulting with the veterinarian is recommended to keep them in proper shape.

Lifespan: 6 to 13 years.


easy petsto take care of

 Hedgehogs are animals with a back covered with sharp spines which essentially defend them from predators.

At first, it looks unbelievable to have an animal with sharp spines on their back, playing with your kids. But the truth is your kids will stay safe around hedgehogs. These animals are quite shy and nervous in nature. They are not aggressive. They don’t attack their companion, they just use their spines for defense.

Hedgehog is fun to watch. Hedgehog can be suitable for the kids after age 12 or more. They are prickly. When Hedgehog is threatened he will curl up making a ball. It’s not easy to unfurl hedgehog’s spines after it’s curled up. It will take your time and patience.

Required Maintenance

  • Regular cage cleaning
  • Availability of fresh water and food

Lifespan: 3 to 8 years


easy pets to take care of

Rabbits are most beautiful and most interesting animals in the world.  There are around 60 breeds of rabbits available which vary in the size and color. They are adorable and require no more human intervention. They are very sociable and gentle in nature.

It’s good to have kids playing with a rabbit in elder’s supervision. The reason is, they are independent and they don’t like to be held high for longer. Moreover, Rabbits are very delicate, the mischief of kids can hurt their back or legs. Kids may also get hurt due to the sharp nails of rabbits. (Rabbits wouldn’t hurt your kids or anyone intentionally).

Nature of Rabbits used to get varies same as we, the humans. Some are playful, some are rambunctious while others are somewhat reserved and shy. It all depends on the breed you choose.

Required Maintenance

  • Weekly hair brushing, nails trimming.
  • Cleaning maze on regular basis.
  • Must contain hay in regular diet.

Lifespan: 8 to 12 years


easiest pets to take care of

Hamster is a small, beautiful, handy and furry animal. They are cheap to buy and they live in a cage.

Hamsters are easy to take care of pets and they need to be treated with patience and care, as they are nippy, quiet and aggressive by nature. If you choose hamsters to be your companion, then it’s better you choose larger breed like, Syrian hamster which can grow up to 17 cms. Just like fish, Hamster can also be left alone for a week or few days. They are confined to cages, so they won’t bother much.

If you are planning to have a couple of hamsters, prepare yourself to accommodate a large family of hamster soon, as they reproduce very quickly. The breeding period for this pet is just 2 weeks.

Required Maintenance

  • Regular cleaning of the cage
  • Food: Fresh grains, seeds, nuts, corn.
  • Freshwater ( to drink).

Lifespan: 2 to 3 years


easiest pets to take care of

Parrots are talkative, colorful and cheerful. They are affectionate and like to cuddle with the person they trust. You can find over hundreds of species among the parrots.

Parrot is a bird, not a four leg animal, so you will need to put extra effort in order to learn its body language. Be warned! Learning the language of feathers and beaks is a tricky task. If you miss understanding their behavior of wanting to go back to its cage and keep kissing him, you may end up getting a bite or scream.

Taking care of your parrot’s diet is easy and necessary, it should be pelleted and formulated. Parrot’s ability of talking, noise, and temperament depends upon the kind of species you choose.Parrots are small pets that are easy to take care of and they are very smart.If you train well, it can repeat what you say.

Required Maintenance

  • Regular cleaning of Parrot house.
  • Good understanding of parrot’s body language.

Lifespan: It varies anywhere from 5 years to 100 years, depending on the kind of species you choose.


small pets for kids

Turtle is very affectionate reptile that you can choose to have one at home. They live longer than any other pets and they are certainly one among the easy pets to take care of. They are decent and silent. Your kids would like it and enjoy spending time by observing them and feeding them. It is a kind of pet for which you can think of having a pet insurance.

You need to take care when your kids are playing with a turtle. Though they seem to have tough sturdy exterior, their organs and internal parts are more prone to injury.

Required Maintenance

  • House and food according to turtle species and size.

Lifespan: 30 to 40 years. Sea turtle can live up to 80 years.


best pets for kids : squirrel

Squirrel is extremely adorable and cute animal. If you try to get an answer from Google whether it’s a good idea to have a squirrel at home, you may need to deal with the big chaos. Because everyone has a different experience of having the squirrel as a pet.

If you want to have one squirrel at home, it’s better that you raise this pet from a baby. If you train your squirrel well, it will be really cheerful to have such active animal in the home. You’ll be needing a special care of squirrel’s teeth and nails.

What more is, an adolescent squirrel will require a special care and patience, as they can behave aggressively during mating season. Aggressive squirrel can bite or scratch any human being. Just need to make sure that you’ll train them well starting from their early age.

Required Maintenance

  • Need to be trained at an early age.
  • Home: You can have one cage or you can let them play around in the house.
  • Nuts and junk food to eat.

Lifespan: vary from 4 to 7 years.


good pets for kids

If you don’t afford much money and time for having a pet, fish is the best fit for you. It is definitely one of the best small pets for kids and it is easy to take care of. Your kids would love to watch colorful fishes and their activities every now and then.

All you need is a little effort during the initial setup, like setting up an aquarium, water plants, setting up the water filter, food pellets etc.  Once you’re done with the initial setup, you only need to feed them once or twice a day. You can even leave them alone at home if you’re planning to go out for few days.

Required Maintenance

  • Cleaning an aquarium
  • Regular feeding

Lifespan: It can vary depending on the type of fish


best pets for kids - dogs

You won’t be needing any suggestion if you are going to choose a dog as a pet. Dogs are loyal, adorable, easy to train, and adaptable in nature. They can spread happiness and safeguard you and your home. There are a variety of dogs, starting from miniature to gigantic ones. Calm to the naughty ones.  If you are a first-time pet owner, choose the one that is polite in nature and stay away from the naughty ones.

Dogs are indeed the very easy pets to take care of. They can do jobs for you. All you need to do is just the solid initial training. Train them at an early stage of life. Dogs are playful, your kids will feel joyous and secure with a dog.

Required Maintenance

  • Home
  • Medical care, Vaccination
  • Food
  • Toys

You’ll be needing to have a long-time commitment when you have a dog at home.

Lifespan: 10 to 15 years


easy pets to take care of

Cats are also social animals like dogs. You will enjoy the company of this fluffy animal because of their friendly nature. Cats are like an ornament that many people would like to have at home.

There are many breeds of cats are available. Some of them are Persian cat, Ragdoll, Scottish fold, American Bobtail, Bombay cat etc.

Required Maintenance

  • Regular medical care
  • Vaccination
  • Home
  • Toys

Lifespan: 12 to 15 years or longer

Hope we gave you the contended idea on the top 10 easiest pets to take care of. Off all the best small pets for kids and adults, which one you think is the best fit for your home? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.



  1. BC June 6, 2018

    I can’t agree that the animals on this list are easy to care for. Parrots in particular require even more attention than dogs– they are very social, intelligent animals and go nuts if neglected. Turtles require carefully controlled temperature, humidity, and full-spectrum light. Even friendly, hand-raised quirrels bite and tear the house apart. No animals are really easy to care for.

  2. Lisa Williams June 6, 2018

    Whether it’s a parrot or squirrel all they need to live is just a shelter and a food. They don’t demand anything more than these. Regarding the turtles, only Aquatic Turtles need the things you mentioned.

  3. Alin N. July 1, 2018

    Probably BC is saying that you don’t want a big screaming parrot :). The small ones are probably a good idea, but the bigger ones presume some extra responsibility and reward most likely.

    I also heard and saw people having trouble with ferrets, as in they are very active and trash the house.

    Other than that it looks like a good list.

    Good luck

  4. Ki November 30, 2018

    Let’s take this step by step, 1. Ferrets and rabbits are extremely active and require play time with social interaction for 4 hours a day plus the constant cleanup of the cages. 2. Squirrels SHOULD NOT BE PETS they are very skittish creatures and require ALOT of human interactions throughout their lives. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THESE ARE LIVING BREATHING CREATURES.

  5. Lisa Williams December 3, 2018

    Hi Ki

    All are living breathing creatures. There’s no doubt in it. But the topic here is “Easiest pets to take care of”. If you properly train them it wouldn’t demand a time required by the dogs. Of course it needs a little time but not overly.

  6. Julia December 12, 2018

    Cats are not ornaments, nor is any living creature, and a guide about how to take care of them is the last place I’d want to read that.

  7. Lisa Williams December 13, 2018

    Hi,Cats are like lovely ornaments everyone would love to have in their home. It’s just a metaphor.As its only the easiest pets to take care of we didn’t elaborate it much.

  8. Nessia Shalom January 13, 2019

    Im pretty sure rabbits are not low maintanance if thats how to spell maintanance:p. My rabbit died in about two weeks after I got him! I paid so much attention and care so much it died

  9. glock January 26, 2019

    “Whether it’s a parrot or squirrel all they need to live is just a shelter and a food. They don’t demand anything more than these” That may be all they need to remain alive but people should have MUCH higher standards than simply keeping a pet alive, especially intelligent animals like dogs & parrots etc. Some Parrots will pluck every feather they can reach out of their body & become ill with stress when feeling neglected or unhappy. Dogs are extremely social animals that need attention or will also become stressed & unhealthy so you should absolutely not buy these thinking that they simply need food & shelter & nothing else.

  10. Lisa Williams January 28, 2019

    Hi Glock,

    You are right. Pets should be happy and should be given high, clean standards for live. Although we have given this info through a different text, it’s been highlighted again. Thanks for giving this valuable feedback.

  11. Keely February 3, 2019

    Hedgehogs are very hard to care for, they are prone to cancer and require a good healthy diet.

  12. Jay June 18, 2019

    Parrots are not easy. Nothing about them is easy. Even birds that are considered lower maintenance like cockatiels require a huge amount of interaction, and their cages require a lot of work. You could not be more wrong about their diet. Birds need a varied diet that includes a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts that need to be chopped fresh daily. They are incredibly messy!! I love them dearly, but they require so much more work than any dog I have ever owned!

  13. Me June 20, 2019

    NO bird is an “easy” pet. They require a large cage AND time out of it every single day, at least 3 hours. Along with new toys every month or two to keep them entertained. They also shouldn’t be without another bird (that they get along with) to keep them company. Without these things, they will become depressed and lonely, which will lead to feather plucking and other health problems. Please don’t see any bird as an easy pet..

  14. Andi November 1, 2019

    Guinea pigs are easy enuf. Cleaning the cage is a royal pain.
    Rabbits are great if you get them young. & litterbox trained.
    They need a big enuf cage & need to spend time out of the cage. They both need hay, daily.

  15. Sophia March 19, 2020

    Literally all turtles are aquatic, you’re thinking about tortoises if they aren’t.

  16. ww April 13, 2020

    tortises are turtles

  17. Theodor April 22, 2020

    All pets in this list are HIGH maintenance! It’s disgusting how Lisa Williams is trying to downplay the care for these living beings.

  18. Ember May 11, 2020

    Actually ww, they are not the same tortoises have more some shaped shells while a turtle has a more compressed shell. Also tortoises are primarily terrestrial and turtles are almost always found by water. There are so many other ways that show that they are not the same and you should probably do research before you say this.

  19. Ember May 11, 2020



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