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Does It Hurt To Get Your Nose Pierced ?

do nose piercings hurt
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Getting your nose pierced is quite a big decision. In body piercing, nose piercing holds second position after ear piercing. Few follow it as a part of their custom and tradition, and few get their nose pierced just to flaunt in style. Not to mention, the trend of nose piercing has a rich history. Whichever the reason may be, when you decide to get your nose pieced, you would definitely have this question in mind “does it hurt to get your nose pierced?”. Asking this question is a completely normal thing because almost all of them are pain intolerant.

If you ask me, does nose piercing hurt, my answer is definite YES. But the pain level can be kept under control based on few crucial things. Go through the post and learn to get it right.

Does It Hurt To Get Your Nose Pierced ?

Yes. It hurts a little when your nose get pierced. In fact, each and every kind of piercing hurts so be ready to experience a little pain when you get your nose piercing job done. It hurts when the sterile needle breaks the nose skin. Typically, you will feel a pinch like pain just for few moments or it may last till the nose jewelry is inserted. The process may seem tedious but it hardly takes 30 seconds for a professional piercer. The process of nose piercing is little painful as compared to other body piercing as the nose piercing involves jabbing the needle through the fatty nose tissue, while other body piercing involves jabbing through cartilage.


Regardless of the type of piercing you get, everyone will  experience a  dull ache or throbbing sensation post piercing. It is normal that you may flood your eyes during the process. It is an anatomical response given by the body and there is nothing to be ashamed of.  This involuntarily tear up is natural and its okay!

Factors That Influence The Nose Piercing Pain Level

It hurts when your ears get pierced. It is a general rule of thumb. But how bad does it hurts is totally depend on the following factors.

Does It Hurt To Get Your Nose Pierced

Size Of Nose Jewelry

A smaller piece of nose jewelry will give less pain than the bigger jewelry piece as it does not cause more traumas to the newly pierced and tender nose.

Type Of Nose Jewelry

A nose ring will tend to give less pain than a stud. As for stud jewelry there is presence of small bulb at the other end. This bulb portion is forced into the nose hole so as to hold the stud in its place. For a newly pierced, the best option is the nose ring as it is less painful as compared to other options.

Generally, lot many people complain pain after septum piercing, which continues afterwards terribly. It simply means that the piercer made a hole in between the end of the septum and the Columella. In such cases, it is best to remove your nose jewelry and clean the nose with sea salt solution. After complete healing you can get your nose re-pierced by an experienced professional.

Piercer Skills

Choosing an experienced professional for the nose piercing is a better decision or else you may end up in pain of the job that  is not done perfectly.

Choice Of Nose Piercing Jewelry Material

Apart from this, pain can also be triggered by using a wrong jewelry. Usually, plated jewelry item have nickel or gold or silver metal. It may be unsuitable for few people who are allergic to these precious metals and they may trigger allergic reactions. So, if you are allergy prone, use nose jewelry made from titanium, niobium or stainless steel.

Nose Piercing Infection

Before going for the nose piercing process, check for the piercer’s autoclave methods and spore test results. This is to ensure that the piercer follows sanitary practices. A non-sterile needle will lead to infection and hence, it is important to have a quick look on the autoclave results and cleanliness of the shop.  Check that the needle which is used for your nose piercing is new and then sterilized so as to zero down the chances of infections.

Generally, just after piercing, the tender nose may have some amount of swelling. It may leak pus and bleed, if not cleaned properly the fluids might develop a crust. If proper care is taken, they will stay infection free. However, even if it gets infected a quick visit to doctor will help you relive the infections and so the pain too.

Few other common symptoms such as excessive redness and pain, prolonged bleeding, and continues pus and fluids discharge should be checked for infection.

The piercing pumps generally occur due to the trauma to the pierced area. The bumps are red and raised. This bump should not be left untreated or else it may develop into scar after infection.  Remember, every bump is not an indication of infection. There is always a chance of granuloma which is harmless.  This harmless granuloma appears red in color and it bleeds easily or discharges yellow or colorless fluids.

When the bump occurs due to infection, it looks like a pimple, pink in color, tender in nature and have pus. The pus infection should be treated immediately.

Usually, the infections related to nose piercing occurs in the healing phase, post piercing.  Hence, stringent aftercare should be followed.

Nose Piercing After Care

The after care is important especially during the initial weeks post nose piercing.

  • Cleaning of the dry debris, dirt and infected materials is a must.
  • Unless it is recommended by the doctor to remove the nose jewelry, the nose piece should not be removed no matter how much the pain occurs due to infection. This is because of the fact that, Infection will lead to an abscess. The infection gets trapped beneath the skin and causes pain and swelling.
  • Washing your hands is mandatory before touching the newly pierced nose, so as to avoid infection. Cleaning with a saline solution or antibacterial soap twice a day is recommended. Apart from cleaning, maintaining personal hygiene, nutrition and rest should be included in the nose piercing aftercare Avoid sleeping on the nose pierced side. Regularly change your bed sheet so as to avoid infection and re-infections.
  • Alcohol and tobacco should be avoided during the healing phase as it delays the healing process. Using a seat salt solution soaks can be helpful. Piercing after spray solution are also available which can be used in between soaks. It is advised to minimize those activities which have carry the high potential for causing injuries . Example : Sports and swimming.
  • Using beauty products on or around the newly pierced area is a big NO! NO!! Attention should be given while wearing and removing clothes. These are some simple and easy to follow remedies if you are thinking on how to take care of a nose piercing.  Lavender oil, tea tree oil helps in healing of the nose piercing.

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Treatments & Home Remedies

  • Antibiotics help in healing the infection. So, it is a great idea to seek doctor’s attention when you find symptoms of infection.
  • Moist heat is helpful in treating the infections caused post nose piercing. Heat facilitates healing by stimulating blood circulation and immune system of the body.

How Long Does A Nose Piercing Take To Heal ?

It is another question that might be haunting your mind by now.  The healing time varies from person to person based on the type of nose piercing, proper after care and health of an individual.  Apart from this, if the nose piercing process is resulted in some kind of damage to the tissues, it may take more time for healing. A quality piercer will not damage your skin tissues while piercing.

Based on the above factors, one may require more or less time for complete healing. Following is the average estimated time taken to heal:

Type of Nose Piercing Healing Time
Nostril piercing (Regular) 4-6 months
Nostril piercing (high) 4-6 months
Septum Piercing 6-8 weeks
Rhino Piercing 6-9 months
Nasallang Piercing 4-6 months
Bridge Piercing 8-12 weeks

Hope I gave you the contended idea on your question, does it hurt to get your ears pierced. So which type of ear piercing you are planning to get ? Let us know in the comment section.


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  1. Amber February 7, 2019

    My experience with rings vs. studs in my new piercings was the opposite – although it sounds like you may be describing a nose bone which is something I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone recommend for a new nose piercing. I don’t experience very much pain healing a piercing with a stud in it unless it catches on my hair or clothing. But rings have always been much harder to heal for me because the “crusties” get pulled back through the piercing throughout the day causing pain and irritation.

    Hoops are awesome once the nose piercing is healed!


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