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Do Dogs Get Headaches? – Watch Out These Symptoms

Do Dogs Get Headaches
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Possible Causes

Headaches are caused by a variety of things which include

  • Trauma or Head injury
  • High blood pressure,
  • Allergies
  • Sinus congestion and
  • Stress

Sometimes, they can also be caused by a side effect of some other medications.

Talkin Noggin

Consider the olfactory receptors of a dog, which are 20X stronger in dogs than they are in humans.

So what if the scent bothers our dog’s olfactory senses in the way it affects our human senses? Don’t you think our question, do dogs feel migraines make sense?

Safe Treatments To Treat Your Pet At Home

Pain can turn your loving pet into an aggressive one. Those poor creatures do not have any way to express their feeling other than vocalize or snap. So if you ever suspect, do dogs have headache by seeing their behavior try to assist him cautiously. He will not injure you intentionally, not in a million years, but unintentional strikeouts may happen.

Though it is strongly advised to treat your pet with the professional care, there are things which you can do to alleviate his pain at home.

Some Headache Treatments Include

Just in the case with our headaches, to treat the animal pain, there are many pain killers are available in the market. However, never try to administer any of these medications without consulting the vet.

Some mild headaches will go off on its own. Watch out whether your dog relieves pain within few hours or overnight. If it fails to improve, book an appointment with a veterinarian.

If your dog allows you to touch, you can help him with the following non-invasive ways.


As with human, there are few acupuncture points to treat headaches in dogs.


These sweet medications can be mixed up with water or food and given to your pet.


If your dog does not prefer to be left alone and shows the offensive behavior, you can improve his condition either by applying a wet cloth or by giving a gentle massage.

Though mild headaches seem something simple, if it occurs often, it may be a sign of other long-term illness like blood pressure. Never ignore these warning signs and never left it untreated.

As a dog owner personally, I give a gentle massage to his scalp and on a daily basis. He seems to enjoy it with his puppy eyes closed! Your pet deserves the one too.

When To See A Doctor?

If you suspect your dog has an ongoing headache, and it does not show the signs of improvement in next few hours, it is better to check with your vet. Do not try NASIDs on your lovable pet. Sometimes it may result in unexpected side effects.

The Bottom Line

So to answer your question, do dogs get headaches, my sensible answer is, yes they do.

Have you ever observed these symptoms in your dog? What did you do to make him feel better? Drop your comments and share your experiences.


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  1. Marlene September 28, 2015

    My dog Sully has allergy to summer and Falls pollen. At these times he hides under the bed. I believe he suffers from headaches.


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