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200 Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend – Eng & Other Languages

cute names to call your girlfriend

Other Language Nicknames

If you think that the terms Honey, Baby, Darling are all overused, why don’t you borrow some sweet words from other languages? People who live in other parts of the planet have more creative and expressive words to represent their love.

Like how some of our English words of endearment like Cutie Head or Sweetie Pie can’t be translated into other languages without missing their own charm, other languages also have their exclusive terms that surpass our English romance.

Here we have compiled a collection of such unparalleled words from various languages. Take a quick look and enjoy picking a new name for your girlfriend.

If you have difficulty in pronounsing the other langugae words, go to google translate and listen how to pronounce the word.

Sweet Italian Names To Call Your Girlfriend

Italian is the most expressive language that ever exists in the world. So are the Italians!. They won’t hesitate to use the terms “darling or dear” even on a complete stranger. Such an adorable people!Though this language is pre-loaded with thousands of cute endearment terms, these people often come up with their own unique terms while naming their significant other. So if you want to sound purely romantic, we suggest you to go with Italian.

Italian Nickname English Translation
(Mi) Amore (My) Love
(Mi) Bambino (My) Baby
(Mi) Bella (My) Beautiful
(Mi) Cara (My) Dear
Mi Cucciolo (My) Puppy
Ciccino Darling
Cuore mio (My) Heart
Pasticcino Cupcake
Sei Unica One in Million

Cute French Names To Call Your Girlfriend

We are all familiar with the term “French Romance”. Yeah! The French and Romance are two inseparable things. So if you ever wondered which words would be used by the French speaking people while calling their significant other, check out the handy list below. Though many of these French words sound weird to the English speaking crew in real, all of them are utterly sweet and romantic and Hey it’s fun to call! Put it to the action.

French Nickname English Translation
Mon Ange My Angel
Mon Amour My Love
Ma Belle / Mon Beau My Beautiful
Mon Bique My Lamp
Mon Chou My Sweet Bun
ChouChou Comes close to Mon Chou
Ma Chèri My Darling
Mon Coeur My Heart
Doudou Cuddle Thing
Ma Fraise My Strawberry
Ma fée My Fairy
Mon Minou My Kitty
Ma Pauce My Flea
Mon Papillon My Butterfly
Mon Tresor My Treasure
Mon Lapin My Rabbit

Sweet Spanish Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

Spanish is the most romantic language in the world. Without any doubt, calling your significant other with a Spanish nickname is going to sound romantic too. If she knows Spanish, she will definitely admire your effort of acknowledging her personal likes. However, if she doesn’t know Spanish, clearly communicate her the meaning of the name you are going to call her with. She will get impressed for sure. Here we have compiled a collection of cute Spanish nicknames to call your girlfriend along with their meanings. Go through the list. Happy choosing!.

Spanish Nickname English Translation
(Mi) Amor Bello (My) Beautiful Love
Amiga Friend (Girl)
Bonito/ Bonita Pretty/Attractive
Bizcocho Sponge Cake (as sweet as)
(Mi) Chiquito (My) Little Girl / Baby
(Mi) Cielo (My) Sky / (My) Little Heaven
Hermoso Beautiful
Osito Little Bear / Teddy
Nene Baby
(Mi) Reina (My) Queen
(Mi) Sol (My) Sun
(Mi) tesoro (My) Treasure
(Mi) Perrito (My) Puppy

Popular German Names To Call Your Girlfriend

German terms of endearment is quite different. They use cute animal names to call their significant other. But everything has intense meaning. So these names must be seen along with their meaning to realize its value. To help you out to adopt this style, we have given a short description along with every nickname. Pick the one that best suit your girlfriend.

Here the german names and english names are given in the following format.

German NicknameEnglish NameDescription


Schatz Treasure

Süße Sweetie

Schnuckiputzi Cute Pie

BieneBee =  For a girl who is busy all round the clock

Hase  – Bunny(Young Rabbit) = Bunnies are beautiful. Hence this name

Schnecke Snail = Shows your desirability to get under her shell

SchnuckiDarling (Closest One) = Germans use this cute sounding term on someone they love truly

Liebling Favourite = In general , this word is used like a prefix to denote the favorite things. When it is called on a favourite Person, meaning of this word would come as close to the term “Darling” in English.

MausbärMouse Bear = Mouse, Bear what’s the connection? Nothing. But it’s best for a girl with distinctive personality

Greek Endearing Names To Call Your GF

Like Italian, Greek also has a vast vocabulary of love terms. But most of them would fall meaningless when they are not used in the right context. However, given below are some of the most common Greek terms of endearment used by the Greek couples in everyday life. Check out the list and choose the one of your choice.

Greek Nickname English Translation
agápi̱ mou My Love
agapOUla mou My Little Darling
AnghelE mou My Angel
Doro A Gift
morO mou My Baby
koukla mou My Doll
kopela mou’ My Girl
I Zoi Mou My Life
meli mou My Honey

Things You Can Consider While Choosing The Nickname


1.Consider Her Personality To Form A Cute Nickname

Give the nickname based on her personality. Consider what type of woman she is. Is she calm or talkative? Is she playful ? Is she kind ? etc.  Based on that you can form a cute name. For example: if she is talkative giving the names like talky, chatter box will suit her.

2.Choose Based On Her Physical Traits, Positively

Create cute names to call your girlfriend based on the physical traits.This can give a great opportunity to express your love and compassion. At the same time, it can even decompose your love when said it in a wrong way. Specify only the positive traits to avoid the misconception. For example, Do not call your girlfriend “fatty” for being bit weighted, instead you can call her “Pumpkin“. These both have the difference although they mean the same.

Use the names like Butterfly, Beautiful, Brown eyes, Cutie, Pretty, Angel and compliment her physically.

3.Consider Her Career To Form A Cute Unique Nickname

It is the most common one.  What type of field she is in? She may be in the medical industry or may be in the IT industry. By considering her job, you can give a nickname. Don’t be too silly in choosing the nickname. Just think creative.

Is she into fashion, name her like “Vogue” or If she likes cooking name her “Chef” or If she is singer call her “Song Bird”.

4.Consider Her Mannerism

How she behaves under different situations can be used to frame a nickname. If she behaves like forgetting something frequently, you can name her “gold fish”. If she work only 8 hour per day, call her “9 to 5“, Giving such names will require your further explanation of why you did call her with those names anyway. Try to give a beautiful nickname. Never go with the undesirable names. Because you are about to give a cute nickname for your girlfriend.

5.Consider Most Memorable TV Character

Right from Cinderella to Elsa, Minnie Mouse to Hello KittyDaenerys Targaryen to Nora Dust, there are many fictitious characters which are most memorable to us.  Choose the nickname based on those character’s role. You should consider your girlfriend’s looks and personality with character’s.

If your girl friend  is more like an angel and behaves sweet, give her the name “Cinderella“. If she is brave and born with leadership quality, call her with the name “Dany”.

6.Create Cute Pair Nicknames

These type of nick name creations are really the cutest ones. Right from Romeo and Juliet, we know many pairs. When your girlfriend calls you with one of the name, you call her with just opposite. If she calls you “hero”,  then you call her “heroine”.  Because she is the heroine of your love story. If she calls you “Tiger”, you call her “Tigress”.

Some of such cute pair nicknames are:

1.Romeo – Juliet

2.Khal and Khaleesi

3.Fire – Ice

4.Milk – Cookies

5.Sweet – Sour

6.Yin – Yong

7.Cowgirl – Cowboy

8.King – Queen

9.Salt – Pepper

10.Batman – Robin

7.Take Initials Of Her Name

When you are not comfortable with any one of the idea listed here, try to take the first 2 initials of her name. Her first name and middle name, Her first name and surname anything it can be. It is not for all the names though. Names that end with the letters “J”,”D”,”T” can make use of it. Example : “KJ” from Keira Jane.

 8.Part Of Her Name Can Be Her Cute Nickname Too

Take this idea as only your last option to create a cute nickname. Try to find a cute pet name with her own name. Some names have lots of name with it. For example the name ” Elizabeth” has the names “Liz”, “Beth”, “Lizzie”, “Izzy”, “Liza”, “Betsy” or “Libby”. Go creative with the following ideas.You can use nickname generator too.

  • Take truncated version of the name. Truncate at least one or two syllable from the end of the name and use the minimal. Example: “Bea” from Bea Saw.
  • Add the characters “ie”,”i” or “y” to the end of the short name. Example: “Jessie” or “Jesy” from
  • Add a character the silent “e” to the first short name. Example : “Kate” from “Katarina”, “betty” from Elizabeth.

Things You Shouldn’t Do While Creating Nicknames


1.Don’t Call With A Name That Makes Her Upset

The purpose of creating the nicknames are to strengthen your relationship. It should explore the love and affection. So be kind enough when you create a name for her. Once you create a nickname, call her once in one-on-one. Based on how she reacts to that, you can either continue to call on or drop that fully. Ask whether the name you used to call, bothering her in some way or the other.

2.Nickname Should Be The Shortest One and Easy To Remember

Nicknames you create should be the easiest one to remember and to pronounce. A definite no to the nickname that is longer than the original one.

3.Do Not Recycle The Old Nicknames Your Ex Had

If you want to create a nickname, do it fresh. Never take the one you used for your ex. Not every girl would accept it. When she comes to know that you are using the same name for both of them your condition may worse.

4.Choose Any Nicknames, But Keep Only One (To Match All The Situations)

To make the nickname appropriate in all situations, keep one unique nickname and use that in front of all. In private, you can call her with any nickname of your choice. But remember when you introduce her to your family, you should introduce her with a decency. I hope you know it! For example you can’t introduce your girlfriend as “Hottie” in front your parents. It will embrace both of them.

So, how do you call your girlfriend? Of all the cute nicknames to call your girlfriend, which one you like the most? Let me know guys!


  1. Sherly alvarez January 18, 2016

    Love it

  2. Prince June 15, 2017

    Bree sounds like a face slap it sounds too much like another girls name but I liked monkey muffins and tiger toes the best she said she wants to sleep in between my legs thanks! 😀

  3. Tanto July 11, 2017

    I used a combination of Sugar baby monkey muffin and my girlfriend just melted. Thanks for the article! 🙂

  4. Uzi August 3, 2017

    i called my girlfriend my tigress and she got mad at me….

  5. Lisa Williams August 4, 2017

    lol. Then call something sweet 🙂

  6. Lisa Williams August 4, 2017

    You’re Welcome Tanto 🙂

  7. Adrienne December 18, 2017

    I called my boyfriend “All Mine”, and “Tinkerbell”, and he laughed.

  8. Cookie February 12, 2018

    I am only 10 and I have a wife.

  9. Lisa Williams February 13, 2018

    hey kiddo, how do you call her then?

  10. Billy Goat April 4, 2018

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  11. Andrew April 8, 2018

    Probably not at this age. Maybe when you’re 16. You can give her a promise ring.

  12. Gosan April 26, 2018

    This saved my marriage.

  13. loverboy1234 April 27, 2018

    i called my girlfriend super girl now our relationship is better than ever thanx

  14. Anmol Chawla April 30, 2018

    My girlfriend said that sweetheart is too sweet and darling = divorse…

  15. Anonymous May 5, 2018

    hey billy, i got mine a ring and she was so damn happy that i cant tell…. you can try that…

  16. JEP May 17, 2018

    I called my gf “sweetie”, “beautiful”, “baby”, “babe” but when I noticed her best friend who is a guy calling her “baby” I decided to only call her by her name and no more pet nicknames… maybe I’m wrong for thinking like that… maybe i can come up with a nickname no one else used with her

  17. Lisa Williams May 18, 2018

    Hi Jep

    As her friend calls with the name “baby”, it is better to call her with a unique cute name. Baby is one of the most common names used among the friend circle. So frame a unique name based on the things listed here.

  18. Eshmi June 4, 2018

    I call my girlfriend Lovey and Love all the time… Probably because of my english grandparents lol.
    She calles me sweetheart and it just makes me melt ^v^
    I’m fifteen and have been thinking about promise rings recently… But because we’re both female(and us female couples tend to take things too fast RIP) I’m scared that I’m goin too fast :C
    We’ve been dating for… 3 months on the next 11th C:

  19. Lisa Williams June 4, 2018

    I am glad you thinking to give a promise ring with just 3 months of dating.But don’t do this now since you are only 15. Wait for a while. Soon you will reach your 16. That time you can give her your promise ring.

  20. Ur mom July 2, 2018

    Hello, I would like to thank whoever wrote this EXTREMELY inspiring article. This article saved my marriage and made my life 100 times better. Me and my cousin/husband are very happy together with our inbred children

  21. Lisa Williams July 2, 2018

    Wow. What great comment. Thank you for this. Live your life happily with your family. Cheers!

  22. Shourya gandhi July 4, 2018

    Hey can u also make a list of some cute indian names to call ur gf btw i like to call my gf twinkie,
    my tigress, sugar nd she’s just mad at me

  23. Lisa Williams July 4, 2018

    Thanks for your comment. Sure. I come with an exclusive post with Indian cute names to call your girlfriend. 🙂

  24. Ankesh Wasnik July 5, 2018

    wowww lisa those are awesome .incall my gf with more than 25 different names and i m in a long distance relationship from last 1 year.we haven’t met yet . i call her with some names which u also gave lisa.he is adorable .i found some sweet names above i called her by those names she didn’t say anything i felt she liked them too.

  25. Lisa Williams July 6, 2018

    Hi Ankesh, thanks for your comment. I am really proud that you both liked the cute names.

  26. Daniel July 31, 2018

    I called my girlfriend peaches and she melted thanks so much for this article! It was so hard to pick one that i loved the best cause they were all amazing

  27. Lisa Williams July 31, 2018

    Thanks a lot for your like.

  28. Iyke Jeshurun August 13, 2018

    Mine found out I saved her phone number with her name and she got upset. Can I use either of them?

  29. trinnady September 18, 2018

    will i call my girlfriend baby girl and then now i dont know what to call her other then that

  30. Kelly September 21, 2018

    I’m sorry but “baby girl” is creepy as hell.

  31. Tank September 23, 2018

    Baby girl isn’t really creepy. I think it something that you should use in a close relationship. It is pretty endearing.

  32. Linda October 13, 2018

    I call mine Hottie and she call me sugar and spice and that make me melt

  33. Jay October 16, 2018

    why he call me ‘mom’!

  34. Lisa Williams October 18, 2018

    Maybe you care her like a mom 🙂

  35. Zuriam November 17, 2018

    Hi, thanks for this amazing article, But I have a girl who I like her so much and there is things stuck between of us, I really need some help please, I want to talk to anyone can help.
    Thanks again.
    Wish I find some help.


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