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300 Beautiful Cute Nicknames To Call Your Girlfriend

cute names to call your girlfriend
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Other Language Nicknames

If you think that the terms Honey, Baby, Darling are all overused, why don’t you borrow some sweet words from other languages? People who live in other parts of the planet have more creative and expressive words to represent their love.

Like how some of our English words of endearment like Cutie Head or Sweetie Pie can’t be translated into other languages without missing their own charm, other languages also have their exclusive terms that surpass our English romance.

Here we have compiled a collection of such unparalleled words from various languages. Take a quick look and enjoy picking a new name for your girlfriend.

If you have difficulty in pronouncing the other language words, go to google translate and listen to how to pronounce the word.

Italian Nicknames For Girlfriend

“Italian” is the most expressive language that ever exists in the world. So are the Italians!. They won’t hesitate to use the terms “darling or dear” even on a complete stranger. Such adorable people! Though this language is pre-loaded with thousands of cute endearment terms, these people often come up with their own unique terms while naming their significant other. So if you want to sound purely romantic, we suggest you go with Italian.

Italian Nickname English Translation
(Mi) Amore (My) Love
(Mi) Bambino (My) Baby
(Mi) Bella (My) Beautiful
(Mi) Cara (My) Dear
Mi Cucciolo (My) Puppy
Ciccino Darling
Cuore mio (My) Heart
Pasticcino Cupcake
Sei Unica One in Million

French Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend

We all know the French Romance. Don’t we? If you ever wondered, how the French Speaking people call their significant other, read on the list below. The terms they use is really a vast one. We have handpicked only a few of them. Though these French words sound weird to the English speaking crew, trust me in this. These all words are utterly sweet and romantic and hey, it’s fun to call!

French Nickname English Translation
Mon Ange My Angel
Mon Amour My Love
Ma Belle / Mon Beau My Beautiful
Mon Bique My Lamp
Mon Chou My Sweet Bun
ChouChou Comes close to Mon Chou
Ma Chèri My Darling
Mon Coeur My Heart
Doudou Cuddle Thing
Ma Fraise My Strawberry
Ma fée My Fairy
Mon Minou My Kitty
Ma Pauce My Flea
Mon Papillon My Butterfly
Mon Tresor My Treasure
Mon Lapin My Rabbit

Spanish Nicknames For Girlfriend

cute names to call your girlfriend

Spanish is called as “Passion Infused Language“.  In Spain their Dating customs, the PDA, Poetry, Romantic Gestures are all playing an important role.So obviously there is no shortage of romantic cute nicknames to call your girlfriend!.

So if you or your partner know Spanish, then calling her in a Spanish nickname will be a big plus. If she doesn’t know Spanish, you clearly communicate the meaning of what you call. Here we have compiled a list of Spanish cute nicknames for your girlfriend with meaning. Happy Choosing!

(Mi) Amor Bello(My) Beautiful Love

Spanish Nickname English Translation
Amiga Friend (Girl)
Bonito/ Bonita Pretty/Attractive
Bizcocho Sponge Cake (as sweet as)
(Mi) Chiquito (My) Little Girl / Baby
(Mi) Cielo (My) Sky / (My) Little Heaven
Hermoso Beautiful
Osito Little Bear / Teddy
Nene Baby
(Mi) Reina (My) Queen
(Mi) Sol (My) Sun
(Mi) tesoro (My) Treasure
(Mi) Perrito (My) Puppy

German Nicknames For Girlfriend

We can’t talk about the German without looking at some of their popular compound words. Although we separate noun and adjectives in English, in German they used to combine it to form a beautiful nickname. That’s the specialty of the German language. In German, they also use cute animal names to call their significant other. But everything has intense meaning. Here we have given some popular German endearment terms to try on girls or girlfriend.

Schatzi Little Treasure

Knuddelbär – Cuddle Bear

Barchen – LittleBear

Mausebär – Mouse Bear (Here the word “mouse” does not depict a”rotten” or computer apparel”. It’s used as a popular endearment term for a wife/girlfriend).

Liebling – Favorite (If you call someone as Liebling, it mean something like “dear” or darling” ).

Süsse Sweet (Suss is an adjective. If it’s a girl add “e” if its boy add “er”)

Schnucki For this word, there is no exact word in English to translate it. But it’s a German way denoting someone you love.

Schnuckiputzi Cutie Pie

Schnucki Darling (Closest One)

Greek Endearing Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend

Like Italian, Greek also has a vast vocabulary of love terms. But most of them would fall meaningless when they are not used in the right context.However, given below are some of the modern Greek terms of endearment used by the Greek couples. Check out the list now.

Greek Nickname English Translation
agápi̱ mou My Love
agapOUla mou My Little Darling
AnghelE mou My Angel
Doro A Gift
morO mou My Baby
koukla mou My Doll
kopela mou’ My Girl
I Zoi Mou My Life
meli mou My Honey

How To Create Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

Make sure she approves, she enjoys and basks in love whenever you use the nicknames. If she doesn’t like the nickname you call her, then no worries. Our list has pretty good plenty of nicknames, She can never say NO! You can even create a unique ,cute the best nickname for a girlfriend using these.

1. Consider Her Personality To Form A Cute Nickname

Give the nickname based on her personality. Consider what type of woman she is. Is she calm or talkative? Is she playful? Is she kind? etc. Based on that you can form a cute name. For example: if she is talkative giving the names like talky, chatterbox will suit her.

2. Choose Based On Her Physical Traits, Positively

Create cute names to call your girlfriend based on physical traits. This can give a great opportunity to express your love and compassion. At the same time, it can even decompose your love when said it in the wrong way. Specify only the positive traits to avoid the misconception. For example, Do not call your girlfriend “fatty” for being bit weighted, instead, you can call her “Pumpkin“. These both have the difference although they mean the same.

Use the names like Butterfly, Beautiful, Brown eyes, Cutie, Pretty, Angel and compliment her physically.

3. Consider Her Career To Form A Cute Unique Nickname

It is the most common one. What type of field she is in? She may be in the medical industry or may be in the IT industry. By considering her job, you can give a nickname. Don’t be too silly in choosing the nickname. Just think creative.

Is she into fashion, name her like “Vogue” or If she likes cooking, name her “Chef” or If she is singer, call her “Song Bird”.

4. Consider Her Mannerism

How she behaves under different situations can be used to frame a nickname. If she behaves like forgetting something frequently, you can name her “goldfish”. If she works only 8 hours per day, call her “9 to 5“, Giving such names will require your further explanation of why you did call her with those names anyway. Try to give a beautiful nickname. Never go with the undesirable names. Because you are about to give a cute nickname for your girlfriend.

5. Consider Most Memorable TV Character

Right from Cinderella to Elsa, Minnie Mouse to Hello Kitty, Daenerys Targaryen to Nora Dust, there are many fictitious characters which are most memorable to us. Choose the nickname based on those character’s role. You should consider your girlfriend’s looks and personality with the character’s.

If your girlfriend is more like an angel and behaves sweet, give her the name “Cinderella“. If she is brave and born with leadership quality, call her with the name “Dany”.

6.Cute Couple Nicknames

These type of nickname creations are really the cutest ones. Right from Romeo and Juliet, we know many pairs. When your girlfriend calls you with one of the names, you call her with just opposite. If she calls you “hero”, then you call her “heroine”. Because she is the heroine of your love story. If she calls you “Tiger”, you call her “Tigress”.

Some of such cute pair nicknames are:

Baby Boi Baby Gurl
Romeo Juliet
Khal Khaleesi
Fire Ice
Milk Cookies
Sweet Sour
Yin Yong
Cowgirl Cowboy
King Queen
Salt Pepper
Batman Robin
Bonnie Clyde
Babyboo Babycakes
Beauty Beast
Pooh Piglet
Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum
Jack Sally
Scooby Shaggy
Mami Papi
Tom Jerry

7. Take Initials Of Her Name

When you are not comfortable with anyone of the ideas listed here, try to take the first 2 initials of her name. Her first name and middle name, Her first name and surname anything it can be. It is not for all the names though. Names that end with the letters “J”, “D”, “T” can make use of it. Example: “KJ” from Keira Jane.

8.Take Her Official Name And Shorten It

Official name that cut shortened into the cute Nickname is liked by most of us. Often we create the names for others using this way. When creating a nickname for your girlfriend, you should be little careful since all others will be calling her with this way. Anyhow put your imagination power into this while creating a name for her. For example you can create a cute name Frankie if her name is Francesa / Franklin/ Frankie. If her name is Julie or Juliet, you can create a nickname Jules, If she is Charlotte you can create cute name Lotty from it.Likewise you can pour your imagination and made her official name into another name.

9.Part Of Her Name Can Be Her Cute Nickname Too

Take this idea as only your last option to create a cute nickname. Try to find a cute pet name with her own name. Some names have lots of name with it. For example the name ” Elizabeth” has the names “Liz”, “Beth”, “Lizzie”, “Izzy”, “Liza”, “Betsy” or “Libby”. Go creative with the following ideas. You can use nickname generator too.

  • Take the truncated version of the name. Truncate at least one or two syllables from the end of the name and use the minimal. Example: “Bea” from Bea Saw.
  • Add the characters “ie”, “i” or “y” to the end of the short name. Example: “Jessie” or “Jesy” from
  • Add a character the silent “e” to the first short name. Example: “Kate” from “Katarina”, “Betty” from Elizabeth.

Don’t Do These Things While Creating Nicknames – A Big No

1. Don’t Call With A Name That Makes Her Upset

The purpose of creating nicknames is to strengthen your relationship. It should explore love and affection. So be kind enough when you create a name for her. Once you create a nickname, call her once in the one-on-one. Based on how she reacts to that, you can either continue to call on or drop that fully. Ask whether the name you used to call, bothering her in some way or the other.

2. Nickname Should Be The Shortest One and Easy To Remember

Nicknames you create should be the easiest one to remember and to pronounce. A definite no to the nickname that is longer than the original one.

3. Do Not Recycle The Old Nicknames Your Ex Had

If you want to create a nickname, do it fresh. Never take the one you used for your ex. Not every girl would accept it. When she comes to know that you are using the same name for both of them your condition may worsen.

4. Choose Any Nicknames, But Keep Only One (To Match All The Situations)

To make the nickname appropriate in all situations, keep one unique nickname and use that in front of all. In private, you can call her with any nickname of your choice. But remember when you introduce her to your family, you should introduce her with decency. I hope you know it! For example, you can’t introduce your girlfriend as “Hottie” in front of your parents. It will embrace both of them.

One though from our end though. Calling your girlfriend “champ, boss, my cute fighter” will give her more joy than calling her babe, doll face, sweetie, cutie-pie and such. It’s not a feminist thing but calling with nickname more than a typical female stereotype can make her think that you are seeing her more than the beauty. It’s important. So, how do you call your girlfriend? Of all the cute nicknames to call your girlfriend, which one you like the most? Let me know guys!


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  16. Lisa Williams May 18, 2018

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