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50 Unusually Cute Ear Piercings For Every Fashionista

cute ear piercings for females
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26.Who Told Skeletons Are Scary?. They Can Look Cute!

Triple Earlobe


27. Your Secret Complement Snatcher

Triple Lobe


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28.Fashion Comes In All Forms

Single Earlobe


29. Single Hole , Multiple Earring Appearance


30. To Show Your Modern Edge


Cute Ear Piercng Types & Terminologies For The Curious Minds

Helix Piercing / Cartilage Piercing / Rim

As it offers a lot of potential space to wear multiple earrings, the helix piercing is emerging as an ongoing trend among the fashionista right now. The helix is the portion of your ear that starts just above the lobe. Going forward, it curves up around the outer edge of the ear to meet the temple. Most common spots to place the helix jewelry are middle and top of the ear. When you get Helix piercing at the upper part of the ear, it is called as Pina Piercing and in the middle, it is called as Auricle Piercing.

However, you can even get the ear piercings on your helix at top or middle or lower part, depending on your own preferences.

The term “cartilage piercing” is also used to denote the Helix Piercing.

Piercing the upper helix, i.e., Pina Piercing is reportedly the dangerous one when compare to the ear lobe and all other piercings. The reason is, treating the infection caused by this piercing is bit harder. It does not respond to many antibiotics says, WEBMD.

Simple bars, dainty arrows, fancy cuffs, dream catchers or dainty arrows everything makes perfect choices for your helix piercing jewelry.

Daith Piercing

The Daith or forward helix is the place where the helix ends. This piercing passes through the inner side of cartilage fold and thus creating a comfortable room to place your jewelry. Don’t you think it’s extremely favorable? Since the placement of Daith piercing can captivate all the attention, choose this jewelry very carefully. It can really make or break the entire look of your cute ear piercing.

Captive bead rings, simple bars, curved barbells, and hearts all make perfect choices for your Daith Jewelry.

Industrial Piercing / Scaffold

Do you have the courage to make a bold statement? Go Get the industrial piercing. 2 Helix piercings pierced at the opposite ends make an Industrial piercing. Since it can accommodate an extended piece of hardware, arrows and bars are the favorite choices for Industrial Piercings.
However, you can even try the mixed style with chain, Thunderbolt or spiral.

Rook Piercing

The starting point of raised cartilage, in the helix orbital, is known as Anti Helix. The raised curved part just above the Daith and inside the Anti-helix is known as a rook. The piercing passes through vertically toward the top portion of Anti-helix cartilage. As the cartilage structure seems a bit rough at this point, this piercing is often considered as the most painful one.

With this piercing, you can display both sides of your jewelry. Popular choices for rook piercings include captive beads, bead rings, and barbells.

Conch Piercing

The inner portion of the outer ear, to be exact, the cup-like part where your finger can perfectly fit is known as the conch. Due to its visible and comfortable placement, the conch piercing is getting equally famous as the helix ear piercing. Depending on the final look you want to bring out, you can either wear a single bead or 3 to 5 small beads ( such that it makes a colorful pattern).

Wearing captive bead rings and micro barbells will make perfect choices for your conch jewelry.

Tragus & Anti-Tragus Piercing

The little raised part of cartilage that separates ear and face is known as Tragus. Anti Tragus is located at another raised flap just opposite to the Tragus.

Single studs, barbells, and captive bead rings are some of the popular choices for the Tragus and Anti-tragus piercing. Though you can place only a single stud, you can go out of the box and pick something like a key, a skull, heart, an infinitive sign, feather, cat face or anything.

Tell me now, don’t you think this cute ear piercing can keep you in the spotlight?

Tragus and dainty ear piercings are perfect choices to be used for daily wear. You don’t need to rethink to get pierced at these locations. Even your grandma would approve.

Snug Piercing

The Snug is located just above the Tragus, and the snug piercing is done parallel to the Antihelix. Since, at this point, the structure of cartilage tissue is harder, the snug piercing will give you a much painful experience but it totally worth it.

So feeling comfortable? Now, Go back to our piercing gallery and test yourself. As this style is going to stay with you forever, take your time before getting your ears pierced.

Few Suggestions To Help You Out

Though, these piercing ideas can add elegance to your style; you have to endure some painful days. So make sure the lovely combo you choose is worth the pain. You can get the lovely piercing jewelry from the websites like bodysourcejewelry.com, Etsy stores at affordable prices. If you can spend lavishly, check out mariatash.com. You can’t leave their site without purchasing one.

Whichever unique ear piercing you choose, just be careful with your saloon selection. Inquire about the professional salons in your area, ask people in person and see the ratings online. Check out whether the saloon you get your ears pierced has highly skilled professional, quality and hygiene. After ear piercing, strictly follow the aftercare instructions. It will help you get a faster and easy cure. Once it’s healed completely, you can start wearing any adventurous and unique ear piercing combo and inspire the people around you.

And.., Do not forget to send me your new striking look. I am very happy to make new additions to this cute ear piercings collection.


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