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50 Unusually Cute Ear Piercings For Every Fashionista

cute ear piercings for females
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As a fashionista, you must have already known the pleasure of getting a new look with the new haircut and a trendy cloth. Now it’s time to try out some unusually cute ear piercings(If you haven’t yet). Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see someone with the multitude of mix n match ear piercings in the same ear itself. Using 12 different types of piercings, you can find more than 24 spots to place your jewelry. However, since some spots are more complicated than the others, usually the healing time and pain level varies from one piercing type to the other one.

Potential Ear Piercing Spots


Potential ear Piercing Spots
To give you some idea of the potential choices, here I have added a beautiful collection of cute and unusual ear piercings. Take these pictures as inspiration, choose one for yourself and get pierced at a professional salon. Who knows, with your new look, you may start inspiring the people around you!
If you find it hard to understand the ear piercing terminologies, scroll through the bottom and check out the brief explanations given on each ear piercing. It’s time to update your fashion vocabulary!.

Cute Ear Piercing Ideas Just To Inspire You

Ear Piercing Types

via thechaingang.com

50 Cute Ear Piercings

1. Simple Yet Elegant. We <3 This !

Single Earlobe


Via chicandshine

2. Sometimes Two Opponents Can Create A Good Pair

Triple Lobe With Ear Cuff + Tragus

cute ear piercing
Via Cued.com

3. Sweet Excuse To Get New Earrings

Quadruple + Snug + Tragus + Industrial Piercing


4.Even Your Granny Would Approve

Triple Lobe + Auricle + Helix

Cute EarPiercing

5. The Art Of Adornment

Ear Lobe + Multiple Helix


6. Stars Can Dazzle In Your Ears Too…

Snug Piercing


7. Who Would Refuse To Get Tied Up?

Single Earlobe + Double Helix


8. Sometimes, Simplicity Is Better

Standard Earlobe +Helix


9.All You Need Is A Single Earlobe

Standard Earlobe


10.Make A Bold Statement. Silently…

Tragus + Triple Lobe+ Conch + Helix

Via : jcolbysmith

11. Here Comes A Crazy Frog To Talk About Your New Style

Standard Earlobe


12. Eye Catching Combo

Triple Lobe + Daith


13. Leaf, Plant,Ring – For A Nature Lover

Tragus + Triple Earlobe + Helix


14 .To Exhibit An Illusion

Double Earlobe


15. Because Single Earring Is Not Enough

Anti-Helix + Double Helix+ Conch + Double Earlobe


16.Array Of Helix


17. For The Mother Of Dragons

Single Earlobe


18. If All You Can Get Is Just One Another Earlobe

Double Ear Lobe + Helix



19.For Your Next Harry Potter Party

Single Earlobe


20. Classy Time Wining Combo

Triple Earlobe + Snug


21. For Every Beauty Queen

Double Forward Helix + Auricle + Earlobe


22.Quadruple Cartilage Piercing +Double Rook


23.For Every Kitty Lover

Triple Lobe + Industrial Piercing

cute ear piercing

24. Double Checked. Your One Ear Is Enough

Double Industrial +Sung + Tragus & Anti Tragus

Conch + Forward Helix


25.Yet Another Classy Combo

Triple Lobe + Ear cuff + Tragus


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